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Best schools in London for foreign students

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Best schools in London for foreign students

Elite schools in London for foreign students

Currently, a high level of English proficiency is an integral element in the life of every student and adult. In this connection, the overwhelming majority of foreign students decide to undergo education in the UK in order to fully immerse themselves in the new linguistic and cultural environment and improve their language skills.

Directly school age is optimal for improving English proficiency and acquaintance with British culture. By deciding to study at private school of the UK, you are creating an excellent base for receiving advanced education abroad.

SMAPSE exprets note such an interesting fact that, directly reaching the age of 11-13 years, in the UK, students are just starting to receive a complete advanced secondary education. At the same time, in order to successfully enter a rating school in London, a foreign student of 12-13 years old will need to undergo additional education for unhindered exams.

Below you will find information about the process of studying in high school at a prestigious school in London.

9th grade of a British school –13 years old student

In accordance with British law hign schools' education is compulsory. 13 years is the optimal age for a foreign student who plans to get a top higher education abroad. So, during the period of secondary education in London, the foreign student will have enough time to adapt to the new language environment, quality education, focused on the successful passing of entrance examinations and further enrollment in a ranking university. Upon reaching 13 years old, a foreign student enters the 9th grade of a high school in London. A distinctive feature of the British educational system is the holding of a large number of practical classes, discussion clubs, teamwork, etc.

10-11 grades of a leading school in London - the age of a student is from 14 to 15 years

Upon reaching 14 years old, quality education is being conducted within the walls of the best schools in London aimed at successfully obtaining a certificate of secondary education, General Certificate of Secondary Education GCSE. For two years, foreign students have been studying under the GCSE education program, which provides teaching from 5 to 10 academic subjects, knowledge of which is required for passing. At the same time, some disciplines are independently chosen by students, other disciplines are general educational.

Grade 12 in London - 16 years old

Upon reaching the age of 16, a foreign student begins the final stage of compulsory education. So, having a GCSE certificate in hand, you can take up a career, or as an alternative, you can continue your studies at the UK advanced professional college. Or even become a student at an elite English university after completing a preparatory pre-university program lasting 2 years. Two types of educational programs are offered for the choice of foreign students, namely A-level or International Baccalaureate (IB). In the case of the international baccalaureate program, in addition to compulsory subjects, from 3 to 4 additional disciplines are studied, students themselves directly choose from the proposed list of subjects in order to meet their goals, preferences, interests.

How to effectively prepare for admission to the top school in London?

The overwhelming majority of prestigious schools in London have developed various preparatory programs aimed at successfully enrolling in a British ranking school as part of the competition. As for the duration of preparatory programs, it varies from 1 trimester to 1 year. In addition, some elite schools in London have developed summer educational programs that take place in July and August.

The main goal of these programs is the quality studying of foreign students in academic subjects and the English language for education in the best schools in the UK. It is at this stage of education that foreign students are given a truly unique opportunity to get to know British traditions, culture, stay in a hostel, and, of course, gain invaluable experience in communication in an international environment.

Preparatory programs include modules, the duration of which varies from 10 to 12 weeks, which, in turn, is 1 trimester. In order to successfully and unhindered transition to a leading London school at the age of 13-15, SMAPSE experts advise a foreign student to take a preparatory course, the duration of which is 2 modules or trimester. In the case of 3 semesters or one academic year, a foreign student can enter the preparatory A-level pre-university program after reaching the age of 16.

As for the duration of education, it is determined by such parameters as the level of knowledge of the English language, general academic preparation, academic performance, the age of the student, the choice of a particular educational program.

Once again, SMAPSE experts note that educational programs, within the framework of which effective preparation is made for enrollment in an advanced high school in London, combining the study of English and academic disciplines, namely mathematics, computer science, computer technology, physics, chemistry, biology. In addition, there is a harmonious development of essay writing skills, preparation for the successful passage of an interview with a member of the selection committee, as well as passing entrance exams.

Ranking of the best schools in London based on the results of passing exams in the A-level program according to 2018

For a quality choice of the best school in London, you should be guided by the rankings of the best British schools. When forming rankings, exam results are taken into account. The rankings are based on the results of the following exams, like GCSE or A-level. In some cases, International Baccalaureate exam results are compared. However, in the UK you can find a few elite schools that teach according to the international baccalaureate program, so their number does not exceed 300. Thus, the rankings based on the results of the International Baccalaureate are not so popular and in demand.

TOP-3 best schools in London for girls

  • St paul's girl's school

The elite school is located in the Hammersmith district, located in the west of London. The educational institution takes a leading position on the basis of exam results among other British schools for girls. According to 2017 data, the proportion of A * marks for A-level exams was 59.8%, while 89.9% of the marks were A * and A. When deciding to enter an elite school in London, get ready for the difficult admission procedure. So, as part of the admission, there is a requirement for foreign girls to write entrance tests in English and mathematics, as well as an additional exam, which combines several sciences.

  • Guildford High School for Girls

According to 2017 data, graduates received A * rankings for the A-level exam, whose share is 47.3%. As for the percentage of rankings A * and A, it is 85.8%. Directly in 2018, the leading school took a leading position in the list of TOP-10 of the best schools in the UK .

  • North london collegiate school

Elite school is located in the north of London. According to 2018 data, the share of the highest ratings of A * and A under the A-level program amounted to 84.8%. In addition, the walls of the rankig school provide an opportunity for foreign girls to study under the international baccalaureate program. Graduates demonstrate an average passing score of 42.4. If we compare with other countries of the world, then the average mark for passing the exam in the international baccalaureate program is 30.

Due to the remote geographical location from the center of London, a large territory with modern infrastructure is at the disposal of the ranking school. In particular, a center for creative objects was built. It is also worth noting that the school is admitting girls who have reached 4 years of age, alternatively, you can do after reaching 7 years of age.

TOP 3 best schools for boys in London

This elite school, occupying the top positions in the rankings, is located in the very center of the British capital. Please note that starting from the 6th grade, girls are being accepted for education. Therefore, this school can also be included in the list of educational institutions with a joint educational format. According to 2018 data, the results of the A-level program included the following estimates, namely, the share of A * was 57.5%, and 88.1% was the percentage of rankings of A * and A. Upon reaching 7 years, a foreign boy can enter the top school in London, and finish the educational process at the age of 18.

This prestigious school in London is located in Wimbledon. Over the past two years, foreign girls have been admitted to the last two years of education. As for the results of exams on the A-level program, the share of A * marks is 45.4%, the percentage of marks A * and A is 78.6%. In addition, the walls of the elite school of London are effectively preparing for the exams of the international baccalaureate program. So, the average score was 41.09 out of 45 (maximum).

Boys over the age of 7-8 are accepted for education. So, on an annual basis, an average of 400 students strive to get one of 40 places, which indicates the enormous popularity and relevance of this British advanced school! As for the geographical location, the elite school is located in the Barnes area. The main characteristic of this school is due to the ownership of the largest territory among other schools located in central London. Young sports fans will be able to engage in various sports on an ongoing basis, and creative individuals will be able to play in their own theater. In addition, truly unique opportunities for creative studies and hobbies have been created for foreign students.

TOP-10 of the best schools in London in a joint educational format for foreign students

Ranking position

School name


A-level grades


Latymer Upper School

London Hammersmith and Fulham

The share of rankings A * - 33%, A and A * - 66%


Alleyn's school

London Dulwich

A * - 36%, A * and A - 74%


Highgate school

London Haringey

A * - 39.1%, A * and A - 75.8%


Kingston grammar school

Kingston upon thames

A * - 30%, A * and A - 66%


Bancroft school

London, Redbridge

A * - 35%, A * and A - 69%


City of London Freemen's School


A * - 27%, A * and A - 66%


The Perse School


A * - 48%, A * and A - 83%


Brighton college


A * - 39.5%, A * and A - 82.5%


Sevenoaks School


The average mark for the international baccalaureate program is 39.6


Wellington college




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