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Best language camps in Spain for foreign students

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Best language camps in Spain for foreign students

The best language camps in Spain for foreign students

If you are choosing an excellent option for your child to spend school holidays, then you should pay attention to prestigious camps in Spain, which provide accommodation for foreign students on a comfortable campus or in host families. Effective and rapid improvement of the language skills of a foreign student is achieved due to constant communication with foreign peers who are representatives of different countries of the world, intensive studies, exciting leisure activities, as well as the friendly atmosphere prevailing in the walls of the leading language camps in Spain.

If the foreign student has the goal of developing various skills related to listening and speaking in Spanish, then you just need to go to the elite language camp in Spain. The main goals that are set for each leading children's language camp in Spain are the following:

  • Teaching English or Spanish in a Multicultural and Friendly Environment;
  • Substantial improvement of language skills through complete immersion in a new linguistic and cultural environment and supervision and mentoring by experienced teachers and counselors;
  • The participation of all foreign students in sports and cultural events;
  • The establishment of useful and interesting contacts by students, the acquisition of new friends, at the same time the development of such personal qualities as the communicative skill of free communication in society, a sense of responsibility;
  • Getting bright and positive emotions from your holidays in Spain.

Leading language camps in Spain - classification

In Spain, there are several types of children's camps:

  • Children's language - Spanish and English camps are successfully functioning
  • Sports - football, basketball, tennis, horse, surfing, golf, motorcycle and cycling are offered to foreign students
  • Creative - dance and vocal camps work
  • Seasonal - spring, summer and autumn camps have been created.

In terms of the cost of education, it is worth highlighting the cheap language camp in Spain Camp Riapl. Affordable tuition is offered at Enfocamp's leading Spanish youth camps, based on organizations such as Enforex or don Quijote.

As for the geographical location, the vast majority of the elite language camps in Spain are concentrated in cities such as Barcelona, Marbella, Malaga, Valencia, Madrid, Salamanca, Seville.

In the framework of another classification, the leading language camps in Spain are divided into two types, namely:

  • Providing accommodation - foreign students during their studies live in the territory of the language camp, the organization’s administration is responsible for resolving emerging organizational issues.
  • Practitioners of a full-time educational program - during the school day, the student stays in the camp, and in the evening he leaves home for the night.

You will be surprised, but the predominant number of the leading language camps in Spain is teaching English, not Spanish. So, many ranking British schools in Spain are developing summer language programs aimed at foreign students.

In addition to education, the summer program of the prestigious language camp in Spain includes a variety of sports and leisure activities. Regardless of the degree of intensity of classes, all Spanish camps are developing an active leisure program that takes into account the age of the student, the location of the camp, etc.

How is the educational process organized in the best language camps in Spain?

The first half of the day is devoted to conducting classes in Spanish or English; in the afternoon, various sports classes are provided. As for weekends and evenings, the prestigious Spanish language camps organize educational excursions and trips to nearby cities, visiting beaches and amusement parks.

The period of work of the summer camps in Spain falls on the last Sunday of June, and ends in the middle or end of August. As a rule, the duration of education is 2-4 weeks. Foreign students aged 5 years to 21 years are accepted for education.

As for accommodation issues for the period of study, students live in comfortable rooms for 2 to 4 children, in which there is a private bath. In rare cases, accommodation in rooms designed for 5 to 14 students is possible, while amenities are only on the floor.

When deciding on a vacation in Spain, your child will receive a vivid and unforgettable experience. You must admit that it can be more beautiful than a mild climate and bright southern sun. In addition, staying on the beaches on the Mediterranean coast, relaxing with surfing on the Atlantic coast, exploring the breathtaking sights and architecture of Spain, delicious dishes of national cuisine - all this will be received by your child as part of education in a top language camp in Spain.

List of the TOP-4 best language camps in Spain

It is worth noting that the predominant number of prestigious language camps in Spain has international status due to the fact that, as a rule, about 50% of students are foreign students. Thus, within the walls of ranking language camps in Spain, a combination of cultures and traditions takes place, which creates a unique atmosphere in the walls of Spanish language schools.

Below are the top Spanish language camps, which are very popular among foreign students:

  • Enfocamp Summer International Camp

This summer camp Enfocamp was founded in 1989, during the 20 years of its functioning it has earned huge popularity among foreign students. Among all students, the share of foreign children representing countries such as Russia, the UK, the USA, Ireland, Italy, Germany, France, and Japan is 40%.

The main parameters of the language camp in Spain

Language camp branches operate in Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Marbella, Salamanca, Seville, Valencia

Duration of education varies from 2 to 7 weeks

Target audience - students aged 5 to 18 years

Ability to stay on school grounds

The cost of education for two weeks is 1,500

  • Summer international language camp Top school on the Costa Blanca

Popular among foreign students, the summer school for children in English Top school is located near Alicante, education is organized on an annual basis. The key characteristic of this camp is due to the fact that both classes and communication with peers are conducted in English, which contributes to a significant improvement in the language skills of foreign students.

The main characteristics of the institution

Duration of education varies from 1-2 weeks in July

Target audience - students aged 8 to 16 years

Possibility of living at a school residence

The cost of education is approximately 700 per week

  • English summer camp in Catalonia

The year 1980 was marked by the creation of the English Summer SA family company, whose goal was to organize effective language courses and summer language camps in Spain. During its 30 years of operation, the prestigious English summer camps have gained popularity among foreign students. According to statistics, an average of 60% of foreign students who have been educated in a Spanish camp decide to visit again.

Key Features of the Language Camp

Branches work in Prades, Tamarit, Valklar, Poblet, Serdany

Target audience - students from 5 to 16 years old

Duration of education varies from 1 to 3 weeks

Possible accommodation on school grounds

The cost of education for a week starts from 500

In Spain, elite English schools have been created, the teaching of which is conducted in accordance with the British educational system. So, at the end of education, graduates are issued a British school certificate. A predominant number of British language schools have developed effective summer language programs suitable for students of any age. Teachers are teaching on the school grounds. As part of the education, foreign students will be able to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of ranking schools in the UK.

Key Features of the Language Camp

Duration of education varies from 1 week to 1 month in July, in rare cases in August

Based on the age of the student and the level of knowledge of the English language, the formation of language groups

Full-time educational format

The cost of education per week is an average of 300-400


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