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2019-11-07 00:04:09

Best high schools in Monaco for foreign students

Best high schools in Monaco for foreign students

Prestigious high schools in Monaco for foreign students from 11 to 18 years old

It is worth starting with the fact that the Principality of Monaco is a dwarf state, which is associated with France and which is located in southern Europe, directly on the picturesque coast of the Ligurian Sea. As you can understand, on land is the border with the territory of France. Monaco is assigned the status of the smallest state among all countries of the world, while Monaco is characterized by the highest population density. The fame and popularity of Monaco is due to the presence of a casino in Monte Carlo, the ballet of Diagel, as well as the regular holding of the stage of the Formula 1 Championship “Monaco Grand Prix”.

The educational system of Monaco is fully similar and corresponds to the French educational system , which applies to the structure of school education and the certificate of secondary education. Upon reaching 6 years, the stage of secondary education begins in Monaco, and ends at the age of a foreign student 16 years old. The duration of education in the elite high schools of Monaco is 11 years.

Preschool education for foreign students

You can get pre-school education in two types of educational institutions, namely:

  • Day nursery

  • Day Care Centers.

So, children at the age of three are admitted to studying. Classes for kids are conducted by experienced and professional teachers and psychologists. Within the framework of classes, the development of the basic skills that are required for further successful education and communication takes place.

Secondary education in Monaco for foreign students

Please note that, like France, Monaco practices the reverse numbering of classes.

As you can already guess, at the age of 6, children become pupils of the 6th grade, whose name is preparatory. The initial course of study falls on grades 5 and 4. Directly in the third and second grades, students take the middle course of an elementary school in Monaco. In case of successful completion of education at the prestigious elementary school of Monaco, a transition to the middle level of education, which consists of two stages, is provided. So, foreign students have been studying at the college for 4 years, after which 3 years the education at the lyceum lasts.

So, while studying at a leading college in Monaco, foreign students 13 years old actualize and deepen knowledge in academic subjects. It is worth noting that the final stage of obtaining compulsory education in Monaco is the first year of study at a ranking lyceum. In this case, the predominant number of students decide to continue their education.

Passing studying in the advanced Lyceum of Monaco, foreign students are given the opportunity to obtain a general technical or vocational education in the following areas, namely accounting, hotel business and others.

It is worth noting that on the territory of Monaco there is practically no distinction made between full secondary education and special education. The reason for this situation is due to the adoption of educational standards that provide students with the opportunity to get an education in the field of interest after graduation. Thus, adolescents choose an interesting profile of study and specialty, in case of successful studying, graduates are given a prestigious diploma.

The best schools in Monaco - a list of educational programs offered

Due to the small size of Monaco, a small number of state educational institutions successfully operate on its territory, namely:

  • 7 elementary schools

  • 1 high school

  • 2 lyceums - Lyceum Albert I (students receive general and technical education) and the Technical Lyceum of Monte Carlo (studying in tourism and hotel business).

As for the elite private schools in Monaco, 2 educational institutions sponsored by religious communities are invited to the attention of foreign teenagers, namely the Francis of Assisi Nicolas Barre Institute and the Dominican School, as well as the International School of Monaco, the teaching of which is conducted in accordance with international and British education standards.

Foreign students can study at the top private schools in Monaco through one of the following educational programs:

  • IGCSE - an international certificate of secondary education, corresponds to studies in grades 10 and 11. This international educational standard, the development of which is based on the British GCSE, is very popular among foreign students. In the framework of teaching, it is provided that both the study of compulsory academic subjects and disciplines of choice. In addition to studying, the development of sports and creative skills of schoolchildren is provided for, teachers also pay attention to the personal development of each student individually. Final exams are characterized by rigor and complexity, in case of their successful passing, it is envisaged to go to senior classes for education in ranking education programs.

  • IB Diploma Program - corresponds to studies in grades 12-13. The international baccalaureate program has received widespread recognition among all countries of the world, and is very popular among foreign students. The program provides for the teaching of disciplines at a standard and advanced level. At the same time, various specialized theoretical and practical courses are organized. In the case of successful completion of the international baccalaureate program and excellent results for exams, graduates freely become students of ranking foreign universities.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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