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Academic camps in Switzerland for foreign students

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Academic camps in Switzerland for foreign students

Academic camps in Switzerland offer the study of subjects instead of language for foreign students, the opportunity to obtain a certificate from prestigious universities and educational centers abroad.

Switzerland is a small, but economically and culturally developed country. Tourists are attracted by ancient cozy cities, historical sights and beautiful lakes, ski slopes, small cozy hotels in the Alps. The Swiss produce world-famous chocolate, delicious cheese, and also invent things that are far from gastronomy - for example, Velcro, a Swiss army knife and cellophane. All these innovations were created at Swiss universities that have earned a reputation as the best in Europe and the world. The country is bordered by Austria, France, Germany and Italy, is an ideal place to start student travel.

Switzerland offers many options for academic camps for foreign students interested in obtaining international experience: from world politics to hospitality, banking, culinary arts - the range of programs is very wide. Foreign applicants should be prepared for the fact that the cost of living and language requirements at Swiss universities are quite high, but in return, participants will receive a world-class education, the opportunity to ski, and there is a fondue at Lake Geneva.

Benefits of Summer Camps

  • The experience of preliminary acquaintance with the selected school or college
  • Extension of knowledge in the subject area, career field that interests students
  • Gaining practical experience in a selected area of interest
  • Creating friendships with young people from around the world who have similar interests.

To maximize these benefits, you need to carefully approach the choice of programs.

How to choose an academic camp in Switzerland?

  • Before you start your search, make a list of subjects and professions that interest you. First-class summer programs exist in general areas such as art, computer programming, great options for more specialized interests, including forensics, entrepreneurship, social justice, and even international diplomacy.
  • It is useful to choose a summer program that will demonstrate the student's motivation to study a specific discipline.
  • If you can confirm your academic achievements, choose selective courses. It’s more difficult to enroll, they accept a limited number of students on the basis of academic success, some of them can be expensive, but most of them accept a small fee or remain free for talented students. Leading universities offer scholarships, financial assistance and installment plan to program participants with selective admission.
  • One of the main advantages of academic programs is that they often offer practical experience that would be difficult to find elsewhere.

Benefits of Studying in Switzerland

  • The choice of academic camps in Switzerland is wide and allows you to choose a program of almost any content: international diplomacy, hotel business, the environment, food production or sports.
  • Even if you choose a program without learning a language in Switzerland, you can speak French, Romance, German, because it is a unique country with four official languages and the growing popularity of English. Multiculturalism is an important part of everyday life along with multilingualism.
  • Switzerland is an excellent choice for novice travelers: the local culture, traditions, lifestyle will let you learn a lot, and academic courses, summer and winter recreation programs, an internship after receiving a diploma or master's degree will complement your resume and allow you to gain a unique experience.


Academic Camps in Switzerland

Academic camp


Course content


St. Georges School Montreux


  • Scientific program summer
  • STEM Program

from 2,500 / week

Leysin American School


  • Sports Program Course
  • Edge course

4,950 / 2 week.

BHMS Business and Hotel Management School


Introduction to Hotel Management

3,490 / week


HIM Hotel Institute Montreux

From 16

  • HIM Hotel Institute Montreux
  • Introduction to Hotel Management

from 3,400 / 4 week

Ecole Chantemerle


Scientific program summer

from 4,975 / 2 week.

Saint-Charles Collège et Lycée


Academic summer

from 2,250  / week

Swiss Education Academy


  • Introduction to the world of culinary
  • Summer school of hotel and restaurant business

1,800 / week

Village Camps Leysin


Young Leader Summer Course

4,500 / 2 week.


Institut Le Rosey Summer


  • Excellence Camp

from 17,500 / 2 weeks

IMI Luzern IMI


Introduction to Hotel Management

2,750 / 2 week.

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