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2022-02-06 12:34:28

What does attract tourists to Tuva?

What does attract tourists to Tuva?

On the one hand, Tuva, bordering Mongolia, is the most beautiful place in Russia with interesting traditions and way of life. On the other hand, it is considered that the republic is perhaps the most criminal region in our country.

In this article, we will analyze the pros and cons of Tuva, based on the stories of travelers.

What attracts tourists to Tuva?

The republic impresses with its identity: the local population is engaged in nomadic farming and lives in yurts. If you want to escape from civilization and get into an ethnographic paradise, then be sure to come to Tuva!

Another feature of this region is the presence of Old Believer villages. Vacationers come there for the sake of good fishing, because there are really a lot of fish in those parts.

Communication with the Old Believers is not easy, as these are very closed people who do not allow themselves to be photographed. They live separately, few of them have a passport, not all children attend school. At the same time, the indigenous inhabitants of these villages are able to feed themselves, obtaining almost any food.

Tuva is famous for its hot springs and extinct volcanoes. Even the ruins of fortresses built in ancient times have been preserved.

Shamanic places

Shamans deserve special attention. Compared to shamans living in Yakutia, Buryatia or Altai, local shamans are considered the strongest and conduct serious rites, the most common of which is the rite of blessing.

One of the most famous shamanic places in the Republic of Tuva is Kezheg. It is also called a place of power. It is located in the crevice of the rock, tourists specially come there to leave ribbons on which their innermost desires are written.

In addition, on the border with Altai and Mongolia there is the village of Kyzyl-Khaya, in the mountain of which you can also leave a note with a desire. There is a belief that everything that is planned there will certainly come true.

Every year in Tuva the international festival "Call of thirteen shamans" is held.

The main disadvantages of the region

The main disadvantage of the region is the inconvenient location of significant places and attractions for tourists. Often you have to spend a couple of days to get from one interesting place to another.

Another unpleasant moment is the lack of direct flights to the republic from Moscow, as well as railway transport. Getting to Tuva is possible only by car.

The infrastructure in the region is poorly developed, the republic simply cannot withstand a large influx of tourists. And in general, few people know about local attractions and features due to the fact that there is no advertising at all.

Crime rate in Tuva

The Republic of Tuva is one of the poorest Russian regions, and has an unenviable reputation: it is believed that this is one of the most criminal places in our country. Nevertheless, statistics show that most of the crimes are committed by local residents on domestic grounds. Visitors should not worry about this.

Tourists who traveled in the wild regions of the republic did not note any danger to their lives. On the contrary, in some remote places, tourists were not paid attention to at all. The only people who are interested in vacationers are the police, who check the documents of travelers.

However, there is still some danger of getting into an unpleasant situation in Tuva. This is due to the fact that most indigenous people abuse alcohol, as a result of which clashes with travelers can occur. However, there are a lot of hospitable people in the region: they offer to see their life, treat them to local dishes and tell interesting stories that you will not hear anywhere else.

Of course, adventures on your head can be found anywhere, however, if you behave adequately and without unnecessary aggression, traveling around the Republic of Tuva will be pleasant, and the locals will be disposed to you kindly.

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