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2022-02-12 14:25:57

TOP attractions worth visiting in Israel

TOP attractions worth visiting in Israel

The borders of the country have finally opened, and from December 1 of this year, tourists will again be able to visit the holy places of the Promised Land! At the same time, a prerequisite for entry into Israel is the completed course of vaccination with Sputnik V, as well as the passage of a course of necessary medical measures. In the event that visitors to the country are diagnosed with Covid-19, they will be placed in a special covid hotel, where they will be able to receive medical care at their own expense.

In the article we will figure out where it is best to go in Israel.

Sights of the East of the country

The country in shape resembles a pencil sharpened to the bottom, which is why the distance between its western and eastern borders is only 135 km. In Jerusalem, perhaps, the largest number of attractions is collected. From the airport to the city can be reached in less than an hour, so it is more convenient to start traveling around the country from it.

First of all, religious Christian tourists will be interested in the Temple of the Lord, and Muslims will prefer the Temple Mount. A lot of new things can be learned by visiting the excavations of the Palace of David, which are located at the famous Wailing Wall.

Many visitors to the city will surely be impressed by the old local bazaar, where you can buy anything from souvenirs to carpets. When buying, it is necessary to bargain, since the initial prices of sellers overestimate very much.

The Museum of Jerusalem deserves special attention: it is worth devoting at least half a day to it.

Where to go in the West of Israel?

In the West, you can admire the incomparable sunset on the promenade of Tel Aviv. Rothschild Boulevard is nearby, where there is a large number of nightclubs.

There are many very decent restaurants in Tel Aviv, but most of them are kosher, seafood is prohibited in them. Therefore, lovers of mussels, shrimps, squid and octopus are better off going to the port of Jaffa.

In the western part of the country there are many museums with world-class exhibits.

Many  representatives of the world of art and fashion permanently live in Israel, they help tourists and conduct lectures in our native language.

Sights of the northern part

It is more convenient to move around the country by rented car. This is especially true for those tourists who want to go to the north of Israel. For example, in Haifa, Safed or Mount Carmel is much easier to reach by car.

As for local attractions, visitors to the country should definitely see the Bahai Gardens: they are a chic park decorated on the slopes with "hanging" terraces descending directly to the sea. In addition, Haifa is famous for its original restaurants with very tasty dishes.

The landscapes of the northern part of the country fascinate with their beauty, and tourists will be able to enjoy plenty of beautiful views of Israeli valleys and hills.

It is impossible not to note another place where you definitely need to go - this is Lake Kinneret: it is from it that the sacred Jordan River originates.

The city of artists Safed will be interesting and useful to those who love, appreciate and understand art. From local artists you can buy almost everything: from wax candles to decorative stained glass windows. Here you can also visit the small synagogues built in the Middle Ages, which were erected by Kabbalistic mystics.

What is interesting about the south of Israel?

The south of the country is most popular among most vacationers. A line of hotels stretches along the entire coast, and in the immediate vicinity of the Dead Sea there are sanatoriums, where foreigners come who want to improve their health with the help of therapeutic mud and healing salts.

The Masada Historical Reserve is also located in the southern part of Israel. According to an ancient legend, in the fortress of Masada defended and lost the battle of the zealots, who rebelled against the Romans. Here you can also visit the famous palace of King Herod.

The southernmost resort of the country is Eilat. Even in winter, the temperature in the bay is not lower than 21 degrees above zero, so Eilat hotels are crowded at any time of the year.

I would like to add that Israel is a sports country in which there are hundreds of hiking routes, the most famous of which is called the Path of Israel. On it you can cross the Promised Land on foot and enjoy the picturesque views and sights.

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