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2021-12-27 17:43:57

TOP-3 places in Croatia worth visiting

TOP-3 places in Croatia worth visiting

The boundaries of the key are broken in half: there are few places that we can easily go to today, but every day there are more and more of them. For the luck of discerning lovers of travel there is Croatia - an amazing place where there is a sea, mountains and ancient architecture, tightly mixed with history.

Acquaintance with this place is best to start with the city, rightfully and with all the bases bearing the title of the pearl of the Adriatic Sea - Dubrovnik. This is one of the most pretty European cities. However, a traveler who is not deprived of free time can independently explore the Dalmatian and Istrian coast to make sure that here we can talk about a whole pearl necklace.

Few people know and think that in this small country there are 8 national parks, a couple of reserves, 11 natural parks and two more objects from the UNESCO list - in addition to the purest waters, emerald green lakes and ringing waterfalls. And also - a great wine region, which is famous for semi-dry red and white wines!

Island of Hvar

This place is famous for the beauty of nature and rich history. On the island is located Stari Grad - in our opinion Stargorod, which is under the protection of UNESCO. There are several hectares of relict pines on the sea coast, miraculously surviving all the trials that fell to the lot of this region, beautiful nature and world-famous Balkan hospitality.

Having been here, you will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of life on the island, appreciate its taste, rhythm and incomparable color. In one of the local hotels there is a bicycle rental, where you can take for several hours or days a bicycle, which is entirely (minus the spokes and chains with gears) made of wood.

But mostly people come here for spa treatments and wellness programs - the "menu" of local hotels includes not only yoga and traditional local practices such as massage or healing baths with mineral waters with a high sulfur content (the same are in Budapest). Of course, here you can also get hold of wonderful souvenirs, both food and crafts of local craftsmen (weaving, knitting and cutting wood well).


Another must-visit place is located near Zadar Dugi-Otok. You can get here from the city by ferry, or - if you contact the concierge of the hotel Villa Nai 3.3 - by helicopter or private boat directly from the territory of the city air hub.

The hotel deserves a special mention. It is safe to say that there is no other equally unusual institution in the republic. Start with the name: the numerals in it reflect the fact that there are an average of three snow days per year. This is very convenient for agricultural work: the most important local crop is olives and their product - oil. By the way, you can buy it from the owner of the hotel directly: Goran Morovich got into the hotel business in 2019, but he has been engaged in oil for almost ten years and managed to receive many prestigious awards at European and international competitions. The composition of the oil contains a significant amount of vitamin E and antioxidant acids that nourish the skin and serve to saturate with useful trace elements. It is believed that local oil also helps to cope with the severe course of psoriasis and many other skin sores.

Also on the island there is a great cuisine, in one of the local establishments none other than Denis Galich works as a chef. The menu includes dishes of author's work, inspired by the culinary practices of the tribes that lived here 11 thousand years ago. Therefore, everything is cooked on an open fire, using products for the season (Neanderthals did not have a refrigerator,)

And very close - just climb a small hill - is the National Park of Kornati.


The great Shaw wrote about this place; according to him, on the last day of the creation of the world, the Lord decided to create a decoration worthy of crowning all the work, and from the stars, his own breath and tears he created the Kornati Islands.

There are ninety of them without one. Located very densely, the straits are so narrow and narrow that the boat can not pass everywhere. On the other hand, there are wide straits where you can safely sail on yachts.

The most important place of interest here is the phenomenon of geology - rocks growing out of the water, which are called crowns. The height often exceeds a hundred meters - both under water and above it. Climbing the crowns is strictly prohibited, but even sailing past, you are amazed by the scale and beauty of the structure, feeling yourself on another planet. In terms of purity and transparency of the waters, the Adriatic in this place is able to compete with the Caribbean islands.

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