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2022-02-06 12:38:51

TOP-10 winter trails for frost lovers

TOP-10 winter trails for frost lovers

When looking at the scales after the New Year holidays, sometimes you want to cry. But we offer another solution: run! You can do this in the gym, but there is a great non-standard option - winter races.

Of course, you should prepare well for such a test, and you should start with installing a padlock on the refrigerator. For those who are ready to go for such a feat, we have prepared a selection of the ten best winter races. Some of them will suit even a beginner (well, conditionally), while others will be a serious test for experienced extremists.

Mad Fox Ultra Lost Legacy & Valhalla Race

This action is held by Running Heroes Russia and serves as the first in a series of major winter races. It is held in Pereyaslavl-Zalessky, is directly connected with Pleshcheyevsky Lake and is imbued with the Russian spirit. One of the most popular winter trails, in which thousands of people take part every year. However, do not rely on chance: remember that without the necessary level of training, nothing shines on you there.

Or, alternatively, it will be very difficult. After all, you will have to overcome almost 170 kilometers. This route is considered one of the most demanding and occupies an honorable first place in the length rating.

Mad Fox Ultra — 2019

This option is easier – only some 50 miles. Did we say "everything"? Beginners, of course, it is better to start from ten or twenty kilometers, but the application should in any case be submitted in advance. This year, almost one hundred percent of the seats are gone.

«Winter Road»

For those who are not able to take long trains, there is an excellent option to check your own level of training. This race will help to get rid of extra pounds: in the event that you got a couple of extra ones during the holidays, there is a great place to lower them back.

It is distinguished by the highest level of organization, bright and clear markings, which can be seen even blindly, and interesting tracing.

"Elk Trail"

In Kaluga, too, there are fans of swimming, running and pedaling. True, in winter, they prudently limit themselves to jogging.

All this is accompanied by severe frost, impassable snowdrifts and all the other attributes of a simple winter trail. The organization is simple and uncomplicated, everything is built on naked enthusiasm. You can say that the event is for your own and from your own, so get involved, you will be damn welcome.

Ice Valdaice

This winter marathon distance Ice Valdaice of the Ivermile series is held in the middle of the protected forests of Valdai. Here you can correct the spoiled figure, collect skills and enjoy the magnificent nature. And it is equally convenient to get from both capitals and a dozen regional centers of the Central Russian Upland and related lowlands.

This site is invariably characterized by excellent organizational regulations, the charms of the expanses of protected lakes, as well as unusual and memorable souvenirs from the organizers of the run. It's time to sign up, although the mileage usually coincides with February 23 and is timed to coincide with the corresponding holiday.

Vladivostok Ice Run

As we know, Vladivostok is a nashen city. Of course, we do not encourage you to go there to run on the ice, but for the locals on February 19 it will be a great opportunity to run through the ice of the Sea of Japan.

The distance is half marathon, but you can adjust it downwards and choose something more suitable. Prepare for the fact that the sea is windy, and the ice is slippery, so the topic will include ice floes or shoes with cats, studded sneakers.

Baikal Ice Marathon

Another marathon is held on Lake Baikal, and this event is historic, this year it will be held for the eighteenth time. Everything is very serious: on the site there is a list of necessary equipment, which unequivocally hints: everything will be very difficult, only the strongest will survive, and that is not a fact.

But in the "ice hell" it will be very beautiful and interesting.

To enroll in the participants, you must prove the qualification category. The task is not trivial: to complete the marathon distance on the highway in less than 4 hours and 5 minutes.

Nikola-Lenivets Winter Wild Trail

If Primorye and the Baikal beauties seem too complex and very distant, you can pay attention to the much closer art park "Nikola-Lenivets".

Hell he knows how snowy this year's event will be, but January as is turned out to be very rich in precipitation: in the middle band everywhere from half a meter to almost one and a half. Therefore, it is best to stock up on the entire range of equipment - from snowmobiles and boots to fins and good crosses.

Krasnoyarsk Winter Trail Fest

Mountain trail in Western Siberia for those who are willing to risk the integrity of bones and joints. The route runs along the trail from the Pillars of Krasnoyarsk to the ecological park "Gremyachaya Griva".

You have to run along the bank of the Yenisei, which will allow you to enjoy its pristine beauty in the part where the influence of man is minimal. The selection of equipment should be treated as carefully as possible. Because it's cold, dammit!

Aurora Trail

A steep trail in Pomerania - right on the coast and a little deeper. The combination of altitude difference and huge snowy mountains will add a bit of extreme, which will be a pleasant addition to low-temperature conditions in every sense.

The forest reminds of Russian fairy tales, nature is virgin and beautiful, and all this against the background of the Kandalaksha Bay, obscenely similar to the Norwegian fjords. This year the distance is a marathon, and next year a sixty-kilometer one will be added, and even with a rise of one and a half kilometers. It's a great addition if you're suddenly blown away to explore Moorman and Cola. Combined with skittur.

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