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Romantsev mountains and Konduki: Ideas for Traveling in Russia

Romantsev mountains and Konduki: Ideas for Traveling in Russia

Every year Russians have more and more reasons to look at their native spaces for recreation, and 2020 in this sense breaks all records. Recently, RBC made the TOP of unusual sights of Russia, which included the Romantsev Mountains, a specially protected natural area, for the improvement of which 25 million rubles were allocated this year. Azure water, vast territories, fantastic landscapes - that's why people go to the village of Konduki in 2020.


Blue Lakes in the village of Konduki is a group of flooded quarries with a total area of at least 1 hectare. They are surrounded by artificial embankments, which received the beautiful name of the Romantsev mountains. There are many blue lakes in the world, only in Russia there are at least 20 reservoirs with azure water: some reservoirs arose naturally, others were formed artificially.

A bit of history

In the village of Konduki, in the 60s of the last century, brown coal deposits were discovered at a shallow depth. Several mines were opened in the settlement, producing fuel in an open way - through the development of open pits. By the 80s, the value of brown coal fell, and with it the economic feasibility: the mines were closed, the quarries were flooded, people began to leave the village, and today Konduki is half abandoned.

In the 90s, the Romantsev mountains did not look impressive, so for the next decades nature worked on the beauty of the places - rain, wind, snow, sun. Under their influence, cracks and breaks formed in the rock, giving an amazing landscape to the flooded quarries. 5-10 years ago, no one was interested in these places, but in recent years, attention to the Tula quarries has increased, and largely thanks to social networks.

Key facts:

  • Location: Uzlovsky district, Konduki village
  • Coordinates of the Blue Lakes in the Tula region
  • Nearest cities: Bogoroditsk, Novomoskovsk
  • Nearby attractions: Kulikovo field, the estate of the Bobrinsky counts.

Romantsev mountains are rocky massifs, or waste heaps, which have arisen from waste rock. The largest waste heap, 207 meters above sea level, rises above the lake, creating an alien landscape of cracked desert, rocky mountains rooted in the frozen clay of trees. The landscape of these places is often called Martian, and the views are fantastic. But besides beautiful landscapes, you can find many sad ones here - mountains of garbage, for example. Garbage collection from the mountains was not organized due to the complex territory, which has only dirt roads - they are planned to be improved and equipped with parking spaces.

New status

In 2020, the quarries were given the status of a specially protected natural area of local importance. At the same time, a great deal of work was done by ecologists who substantiated the assignment of such an important status. But this is only the beginning of the road to the development of landscaping. Experts have started developing a project for the landscape of the future recreational complex. It is assumed that a program of environmental monitoring of the natural environment, landscape and architectural solutions for organizing space and the possibility of implementing investment projects will be developed. At the same time, the entrance to the territory of the national heritage will remain free.

Why is the water in the quarries of a beautiful turquoise color?

In each case, the beautiful color of the water is explained differently. Sometimes the minerals in the rock give the water a beautiful bluish tint. Sometimes harmful chemicals are to blame.

About rest

Despite the fact that residents of Tula, Moscow and neighboring cities come here to relax, you will not find an organized recreation area. It seems that until 2020, local authorities did not believe in the potential of these places and were not ready to invest in infrastructure - there is neither a landscaped area nor a recreation center nearby.

More and more enthusiasts are pitching tents and makeshift beach areas near the quarries. Complement the rest near the quarries of forests and fields, where you can go for mushrooms and berries. There are fish in the lakes: depending on the location, you can catch small and rather large individuals - roach, pike, carp or perch. According to some sources, crayfish are found in water bodies. Local places attract divers, artists and photographers come here in search of beautiful landscapes, which are enough here.

Can I swim?

There are no production facilities in the area of the lakes, which has a good effect on the environment, but there is also no data on the conduct of sanitary and hygienic analyzes. The water here is crystal clear and odorless, but this does not mean that there can be no harmful chemicals in the reservoir. Swimming in a quarry is always a very dangerous business: the bottom of the quarries is uneven, so it is definitely not worth sailing from the shore and diving. According to confirmed data, the depth of reservoirs in the area of the village of Konduki reaches 20 meters, and according to residents, it may be even deeper.

How to get to the Blue Lakes in Konduki

Russia is full of surprises, and domestic tourism in it is so poorly developed that we do not even know about the sights that are nearby. Blue Lakes are located just a few hours' drive from Moscow - in the Uzlovsky district, in the village of Konduki.

Route Moscow-Konduki:

Moscow, highway M4 - Bogoroditsk - Bobrinsky estate - Shakhtyorsky settlement - Kolodezi - Romantsevsky - Konduki.

Not everyone wants to go from Moscow to Konduki: there are no conditions. But if you love nature, then this place will give impressions and a complete rest from the metropolis. Instead of a conclusion, a few tips:

  • For a trip, it is better to choose dry sunny weather: the territory is not landscaped, and in dry weather you can definitely get to your destination by city car
  • The views are stunning at dusk and dawn - the best time to shoot!
  • The territory of the Romantsev mountains is huge, the distance is rather big, there should be some time left. Experienced travelers recommend to devote 2 days to the lakes with an overnight stay in Bogoroditsk
  • Choose tough athletic shoes
  • In the summer, finding a secluded place is difficult due to the huge number of campers deploying entire campgrounds.
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