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TOP-10 places to visit in Sweden

TOP-10 places to visit in Sweden

The combination of mesmerizing northern nature and massive urban buildings - this is how the countries of Scandinavia can be characterized, and Sweden is no exception. Majestic mountains, skerries, unique vegetation, as well as a wealth of architectural monuments, medieval castles, historical galleries. The Northern European beauty Sweden conquers its guests at first sight. Each tourist comes in search of something of his own - someone seeks to plunge into the universe of the legendary ABBA group, for someone a kind of magnet is the national cuisine, culture, nature or the cradle of the Nobel Prize and ancient fairy tales. But if you dive deeper, it becomes clear that this is just the tip of the Swedish iceberg.


Once Sigtuna was the main point not only of the kingdom, but of the entire Scandinavian Peninsula. Founded in 1000 AD e. the city was extremely important during the Viking era, gathering traders and artisans on its streets. The spirit of antiquity, historical richness is felt in Sigtuna at every step: many ruins, destroyed churches, medieval buildings, runic artifacts - all this fills Sigtuna, making it unique and atmospheric. In its modern form, Sigtuna is a lively and bustling city filled with trade, handicrafts, unique traditions and cultural characteristics.

Vasa Museum in Stockholm

Located near the capital on the island of Djurgården: its opening took place at the end of the last century, and since then it has received a million visitors annually within its walls.

The exposition presents the ship of the Imperial Navy "Vasa", which set sail in the distant 1628 and sank during the first cruise. The reason for this was a one-time salvo of 64 cannons, which sent a huge ship to the bottom, where it lay for more than 3 centuries. In 1961, it was decided to lift the ship ashore, where today everyone can see the perfectly preserved masterpiece of navigational skill.

The exposition is located on 6 floors, on which sections of various parts of the ship are presented, where you can freely walk, pull on a sail or deploy a cannon - the interactive part is supported by cognitive information in various languages.

Kiruna area

The largest northern city, Kiruna, is located 140 kilometers from the Arctic Circle. For lovers of hot climates, this item is not suitable, but those who are looking for unity with the icy nature, want to capture snowy sunrises, definitely need to explore this place.

The settlement is located in the vicinity of Lapland, but the main attractions are located outside the city:

  • Ice Hotel - is built from scratch every year, each time impressing guests with more and more sophisticated configurations and designs. Everything in it is made of ice: furniture, dishes and even paintings!
    It attracts tourists not only in winter, but also in the summer months - fishing, rafting are held here, especially since from May to the end of July the polar day begins here, which will give you an unforgettable experience.
  • Mount Kebnekaise is the highest point in Sweden, where extraordinary landscapes are observed all year round, because of which Lapland is considered a magical land. Does everyone remember the name of the leader goose in the tale of Niels the traveler? That's the same!

Museum of Tom Tit's Experiments in Stockholm

Four floors of exciting experiences, more than six hundred experiments, designed for visitors to an interactive playground in the heart of the Swedish capital, where adults and children alike will fall out of life for hours. Available for visiting:

  • Planetarium
  • Laboratory of chemical experiments
  • Water Experiment Zone
  • Shop of magical and mysterious souvenirs
  • Food court
  • Various labyrinths and entertainment areas
  • Gallery of illusions and much more.

Geta Canal

A project of the early 19th century, nowadays an unusually popular tourist attraction. The 190 km long canal connects the largest centers of the region, including the capital. Along the Geta, there are 58 ancient castles, about 50 bridges and national cultural sites: you can enjoy them on tourist liners or on your own by renting a boat.

Drottningholm on the island of Love

The enchanting palace, built in the 17th century, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and is considered the official residence of the royal family. On the territory there is an 18th century theater, which to this day hosts summer performances and performances. For those wishing to study the history of theatrical art, a gallery has been established, in which numerous costumes, props and decorations are exhibited.
And in sunny weather, the best solution would be to walk in a picturesque park, admiring the bronze statues brought from Denmark and Versailles, and look into the Chinese town.

Vadsteni castle

The structure, erected in the XVI century and, at that time, an important defense facility, located on the banks of the Vettern River. During its existence, the castle has repeatedly undergone rebuilding and modernization, as a result of which it acquired the shape and style of the Renaissance and lost its fortification purpose. The complex is completely surrounded by water, and a rising chain bridge connects it to the shore. Four round towers have been erected on the square; inside there is an expensive decoration of numerous stone residential chambers and ceremonial halls.

ABBA Museum

Conducting a dance battle with a hologram of a legend, enjoying the great composer's playing on the piano or talking on the phone with a star is not just a dream, but a very realizable program for visiting the interactive platform of the ABBA group, which began its history in Sweden. Fans of the quartet will be able to spend hours studying costumes, rare posters and posters, music records and instruments, and personal belongings of the artists.

Stockholm City Hall

The most famous building, built in the style of romanticism in the period from 1911 to 1923: 8,000,000 bricks were used for its construction. The tower is crowned with three crowns, but the most interesting thing is inside. The town hall hosts the annual Nobel Prize ceremony. Each guest of the city can plunge into this world by visiting a guided tour of the Blue and Golden Halls, which keep the history of the building.

Skansen on the island of Djurgården

The oldest ethnographic complex on the planet, which preserves the historical way of life of peoples in several eras: from the 17th century until the middle of the last century. In the open air you can find:

  • Churches, estates and houses from different centuries
  • Shops, workshops for artisans and bakers
  • Zoo
  • Hotels, cafeterias and restaurants
  • Boat station
  • Amusement amusement park.

Dozens of dressed-up artist guides will take you to the atmosphere of the past centuries and give you unforgettable emotions and impressions.

Resisting the magic of the Kingdom of Sweden is difficult, and not worth it - pay attention to it, and this journey will forever remain in your memory.

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