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2020-08-21 12:22:01

TOP-10 places to visit in Norway

TOP-10 places to visit in Norway

What do most people associate with Norway? Vikings, northern lights, fjords and ice, emerald greens and creative people. This country will amaze even the most seasoned travelers! To make Norway seem not icy and cold, but hospitable and inviting, visit places filled with a special atmosphere and giving it to everyone who wants it.


Tromsø is a city located in Northern Norway. If the aurora borealis, whales, incredible nature and the midnight sun are on your wishlist, and you are - quite by accident - a birdwatcher, then you are here! The main attractions in Tromsø and the surrounding islands are:

  • Hiking and cycling routes
  • Ski tourism
  • Getting to know the Sami culture
  • Cape North Cape
  • Catching king crabs
  • Dog sledding, etc.


Røros is a small town founded in the 17th century. The main craft of local residents from the time of the founding of Røros to the present day is the full cycle of copper production. In the city center, everything has remained unchanged: narrow streets and wooden houses built several centuries ago. Walking around the town and buying copper souvenirs at local shops is a great pastime!

Headquarters in Urnes

The headquarters in Urnes is a church built using a special technology in 1130. It is considered the oldest surviving stave in the world. The decoration of the temple - carved panels - is almost a century older than the building: they were made around 1050 in the popular technique of that time, the "animal style". The headquarters in Urnes gave rise to the Urnes style, in which the temples of England and Russia of the 15th century were built in the future.


Vøringsfossen is the most popular waterfall in Norway, with a height of 182 meters. Located in the Mobödalen Valley, it is part of the Børeiu River. The most beautiful part of the waterfall is its foot, to which the trail of the most popular National Route leads tourists. Another interesting observation deck is the top of the waterfall, which offers a special view of the surroundings.

Viking Ship Museum

The Viking Ship Museum was opened in 1926. The exposition is quite small, only 3 drakkars (that is, ships). The main thing is their millennial age and belonging to one of the most powerful nation of their time, the Vikings. The ships were found in the late 19th and early 20th centuries during excavations. Thanks to the clay bottom of the sea, two have survived well, the third - worse. The exposition includes:

  • Oseberg ship, which, according to researchers, was in operation in the 9th century. On board were found 2 women of noble birth, the bones of peacocks, the remains of expensive fabrics and precious stones.
  • Gokstad ship. It was found that a group of Norwegians dreamed of sailing around the world on this ship.
  • The Tyun ship, not completely preserved.

Hanseatic embankment, Bruggen

The embankment of Bryggen, which became the beginning of the city, was founded in the XI-XII centuries. Wooden houses were built for different needs: as housing, taverns, offices, shops, warehouses, etc. In 1702 the wooden embankment was wiped out by fire. The buildings have been restored with great precision, partly in stone, to avoid destruction by fire in the future. Today Bruggen received the status of an office city, there are 4 of them in the world: Bruggen, London, Bruges and Veliky Novgorod. Why is the embankment interesting? A shipyard, houses decorated with figures of angels, lions, deer, unicorns, etc., panoramas of the city.

Vigeland Sculpture Park

Part of one of the largest parks in Oslo - Frogner - is given over to the "open-air museum", the exposition of which is the work of the sculptor Gustav Vigeland. A feature of his works is the image of ordinary people frozen in their usual activities: dancing, running, wrestling, hugging, etc. In total, there are 200 sculptures in the park, some of which are quite unusual - "Angry baby" or "Man attacked by babies".


Holmenkollen is one of the most popular Norwegian resorts in the Oslo suburb, which boasts 500 kilometers of ski, biathlon and slalom trails. For lovers of extreme sports, there is a 115-meter ski jump, and an observation deck for contemplating the surroundings.

Flåm Railway

The Flåm Railway is part of the 20 km long Bergen Railway and is used for tourism purposes. Most of the path is at an incline of 5 degrees. The route passes through picturesque sights: mountains, waterfalls, tunnels, valleys, etc.

Troll's tongue

Norway and trolls are inseparable concepts; even natural objects are named after them. A prime example is Trolltongue Mountain, towering over Ringedalsvatn Lake. Its height is 700 meters, and the mountain got its name, as you might guess, for its shape resembling a tongue. The place is unpopular among tourists due to its remoteness, but it is well-known and beloved in the narrow circles of climbers and avid travelers. Although with the development of instagram and social networks, the Troll's language has become "more in demand" as a tourist destination - everyone wants to be photographed literally a hair's breadth from the abyss!

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Egor Eremeev
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