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Tayto Park - the best entertainment in Ireland for little travelers

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Tayto Park - the best entertainment in Ireland for little travelers


Often, when a family trip is planned, parents ask themselves: will the child be bored to look at endless monuments, castles and parks? And when it is possible to include something entertaining and unusual in the route, the enthusiasm and anticipation of the journey in children is noticeably increased. The only theme park in Ireland is Tayto Park, which is rightly recognized as the main favorite of children and adults of all ages. Yes, it was built and named after ... potato chips with a taste of cheese and onions. Chips Mister Tayto is a gastronomic legend of Ireland, which is reflected not only in the grocery, but also in the entertainment industry.

Creating Tayto Park

In the city of Kilbrew, near Ashton, in 2010 the first and only Tayto theme park was opened, dedicated to Mr. Tayto - potato chips. Despite the fact that the park is young, its popularity among locals and tourists is high.

What does the park consist of?

It is worth saying that Tayto is not just a park, but a whole city of entertainment, in which there are:

  • Game rope park for children under 12 years old
  • Playground with swings for young children under 6 years old
  • Dinosaur exhibition
  • Spiral slides
  • Labyrinths
  • Tunnels
  • Existing Chips Factory
  • Water zone
  • Lots of rides
  • Show
  • Playground and rides for children with disabilities
  • Craft workshops
  • Climbing walls
  • Ferris wheel
  • A film studio where anyone can try themselves as a director.

Particularly noteworthy is the zoo operating on the territory of “Tayto”. It is inferior in size to Dublin, but among its inhabitants there are unique animals represented in Ireland in a single copy: Amur tigers, Jacobian sheep, fishing cats, ocelots, Amur leopards, etc.

Tips experienced

  • Buying an All Inclusive bracelet is more profitable than an entrance ticket to the zoo, as in the second case most of the attractions will be paid separately
  • If you have made a choice not in favor of a bracelet, buy tickets for objects of interest to you right away, without leaving the ticket office. You can buy them from every attraction, but in this case you will spend too much time in line.
  • Take advantage of free parking
  • Do not forget to pick up the legal package of chips at the exit, which is included in the ticket.

Interesting Facts

  • Ten percent of all potatoes grown in Ireland go to Tayto's chips.
  • Mr. Tayto's potato chipset is walking in the park. You can take a photo with him - you just have to say: “Cheese and onions!”
  • About a million people visit the park annually
  • A small wooden Indian village has been recreated inside.
  • There are grocery stores and a bistro on site where you can grab a bite to eat or take away food.
  • Children will be interested in having tea with a cake in a real Tree House.

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