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2018-07-30 11:57:13

Summer vacations in Madrid for foreign students

Summer vacations in Madrid for foreign students

The capital of sunny Spain is located on the Iberian peninsula, at the foot of the Sierra de Guadarrama, providing its inhabitants and foreign visitors with beautiful panoramas and hot weather in the summer. The administrative center has no access to the sea, therefore the main attraction here is a huge cultural and historical heritage of the times of the Habsburg monarchs, for which the city is also called "Madrid of Los Austrias". A separate point of adventure travel to the Spanish culture is people with their deep and contagious passion for life, which is reflected in the friendly and open nature of the local people.

Solar vacation program in Madrid for students

Children's camps in Spain - a favorable climate, ideal conditions for recreation, friendly atmosphere and a cheerful local population. Spain accepts more than 70,000 foreign students annually! Prices for language courses are very acceptable here, as they are calculated for the Spaniards themselves, who bring up bilinguals and send their children to schools with English language studying. In addition, each school can itself offer different affordable accommodation options. And, of course, the country is closely connected with football, so in your free time from classes you are likely to find in electives football classes. Most of the children's camps also offer dancing, tennis, all kinds of beach games, archery, rock climbing, canoeing, and much more interesting and useful.

The Colegio Montfort School was founded in 1964. To date, it has earned the status of a prestigious private boarding house not only in Madrid and its district (according to statistics it is in the TOP-5 of Madrid schools), but also throughout Spain (according to the newspaper El Mundo is in the TOP-7 of the best private educational institutions in the country). Takes the youngest students - children from 2 years old with poor knowledge of English. Classes for students requiring special attention are conducted in the form of adventure games, learning songs and staging mini-plays. No child will have time to get bored, especially in the company of gay and professional teachers of the linguistic school.

For students over (from 7 to 15 years) there is an intensive course of studying English with a duration of one month. The program is designed to accommodate students at a boarding school on the school grounds. It is a complete immersion in the international environment that allows students to apply knowledge fully and comprehensively - from school hours to friendly gatherings in the evenings on campus. Of course, Spain is very cheerful country, and therefore in each program there are certainly provided interesting master classes, electives, sports games and much more, so that vacation abroad will be remembered with bright adventures and emotions.

This approach is also equivalent to those who decided to study Spanish in Madrid. The language school Colegio Montfort also provides an opportunity to learn Spanish for students aged 7 to 16 with poor knowledge in the summer, combining study and leisure.

The Spanish language is very melodic and it feels the spirit of the holiday, Latin American dances and salty sea breeze. This is the third language in terms of prevalence all over the world, so it is not surprising that many people are interested in this language for studying as a second foreign language. In the capital of the homeland flamenco and bullfighting there are many prestigious linguistic centers, teaching the Spanish language even children with poor language knowledge.

  • The OISE Madrid Language School is one of the branches of the prestigious international network of language schools in Spain. Qualified teachers pay maximum attention to the study of the structure of language, grammar as the basis for correct and beautiful oral speech. Vacation program implies intensive study of Spanish (22.5-hour weekly academic load) and familiarity with the culture, sights of the vibrant Madrid. What is important, the classes are conducted not only in classical Spanish textbooks, but also articles and videos of the media and TV, that is, the liveliness and dynamism of the modern language. Despite the short period and the existence of a cultural program, small class sizes (up to 8 people) provide an effective study of a foreign language. The program costs from 2,290 € for 2 weeks, including materials, food, accommodation, entertainment and excursions.
  • Language School Don Quijote Madrid

Language School Don Quixote Madrid is a famous and popular language school in the Spanish capital. It is located in the center of the city and occupies three floors of a restored historical building, which is one of the architectural monuments of the city.

In addition to intensive and super-intensive Spanish courses for children with poor language knowledge, the linguistic center has highly specialized Spanish learning programs for those who already have a basic level. For example, the business course of the Spanish language is aimed at businessmen, company managers, students of economic specialties and all those who need Spanish in their work. Groups are recruited from 3 to 10 people, in which the main emphasis is the practice of language in a business environment. The cost of the program varies in duration: 2 weeks - from 395 €, 4 weeks - from 790 €.

A lot of students around the world adore chasing the ball in the yard - and for those who already at a young age are already dreaming of becoming the top player of the foreign league, the Real Madrid football camp opens its doors every summer. The program is available for students between the ages of 9 and 17 and implies a combined course of sports training and academic studies. The main formula for success, which is inculcated in students: health + sports education + personal and human qualities. In training, the techniques of the football club Real Madrid are used and are being developed. Separately provided for different training options for the goalkeeper position and the position of the player on the field.

In addition to excursions to the sights of the capital, there is a mandatory tour of the legendary stadium Santiago Bernabeu, the home arena of the Club Real Madrid.

Whichever option you choose, your summer vacation in Madrid will be remembered as one of the best!

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