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2018-07-30 11:57:03

Summer schools in Madrid for foreign students

Summer schools in Madrid for foreign students

In Madrid, the best schools of the country work, and during the holiday period they open summer camps for foreign students. Schools in Madrid are on high places in the rankings of the best Spanish schools is not accidental:

  • Perfectly selected linguistic programs with the most interesting electives are the main secret of the popularity of the Madrid camps. Here there is a summer course for the most experienced students!
  • After getting acquainted with picturesque Spain and communicating with peers, the language is studied, mastering basic skills - vocabulary, speaking, listening
  • Madrid has the best popular camps with football academies
  • Students live in host families or in residences - in any case, Spanish schools guarantee a comfortable and safe stay
  • In Madrid language schools there is a modern infrastructure: a wide range of sports activities, libraries, cafeterias
  • For foreign students there are extensive excursion programs, thanks to which the Spanish summer will be cognitive and unforgettable.

Leading summer schools in Madrid, features of programs and tuition fees

  • OISE Madrid is a prestigious language school, which is distinguished by its practice orientation in its programs: it means that the study of all the subtleties of the Spanish language in special academic lessons does not end. All accommodation in the camp, entertainment and sightseeing activities are aimed at ensuring that the children constantly reinforce the material they have passed and the entire educational process in the camp is aimed at removing the language barrier. A significant role in this is played by living with peers from other countries, as well as the formation of groups by age and language proficiency. Another advantage of the summer camp at OISE Madrid is the convenient location: the school is located near the main attractions of Madrid, which creates a special atmosphere of living in the camp, the students are constantly in a picturesque Spanish environment. Age of students in the camp: 14-17 years. Effective programs for studying Spanish are designed for periods of 2 weeks, accommodation is possible on campus or in a host family, boarding meals. The cost for 2 weeks will be from 2,290 €.
  • IH Madrid's top school opens a seasonal language camp for the summer. The main goal of the organizers is to provide a comfortable academic atmosphere for the development of linguistic skills and a boring pastime in the camp, diluting the classes with fun evenings in the camp and adventure trips to the sights of Spain. 
  • In the prestigious summer camp Enforex Madrid waits for students 5-18 years. The camp is located on the territory of one of the leading schools of the country, the largest university of the country is located within walking distance - all this creates a special atmosphere of stay in the camp. For students, various children's programs for studying Spanish or English are developed, which are combined with active activities. 
  • Home Language International is, to some extent, an alternative to the classic kind of study and recreation in summer camps and schools. The program provides an individual approach, since classes take place with the teacher alone. Moreover, the student who chooses the program will live in the teacher's family in conditions of increased comfort in a separate room with a bathroom. The student will always wait for homemade food. The teachers of the program are experienced and qualified specialists, who are ready to provide assistance and support in any unforeseen situation. Also, a carefully selected program for each student deserves special attention: the teacher, the professional of his work, takes into account all the student's wishes, his interests and needs, and in accordance with these factors selects the most appropriate and effective program. The cost of education per week is from 945 €.
  • Colegio Montfort is the leading private guesthouse in the country, which is included in the TOP-5 of Madrid schools. On the territory of the educational institution, vacation courses for foreign students of combined properties are opened. Learning English is combined with interesting electives:

1) Special course "DELF". DELF is a specialized preparation course for the self-exam in Spanish. The intensive program consists of examining the examination material, analyzing the nuances of solving exam tasks, testing tests are mandatory. After active studying in the walls of the camp itself, you can pass the exam and get a certificate of successful surrender. The duration of the course is at least 4 weeks, the cost of education for the program is from 1,350 €.

2) The Spanish for students is a combined version, which includes studying sessions and a rich entertainment program. The age of the students is 13-17 years. The course will allow you to enjoy the Spanish atmosphere, learn a lot about the traditions and culture of the country and greatly improve your knowledge. The program is suitable for children with poor knowledge of the language.

1) Spain is a football country rich in talented athletes. However, in addition to talent, good teachers are always needed, from which the first step to great victories begins! Therefore, in Spanish camps are very popular football courses, which are conducted by qualified trainers on the most modern sports grounds. Students from camps are expected more than 10 hours per week of intensive activities in this fascinating sport.

2) In second place in the TOP of the most popular active activities for the summer for children is tennis. This sport, when you work alone and can rely only on yourself, develops self-reliance, independence and independence. The program includes about 5 hours a week of tennis.

3) Four-and-a-half hours of horseback riding every week opens the opportunity to admire the Spanish nature. Horseback riding takes place in a luxurious park area where you can enjoy clean air, a warm summer in Madrid and communication with amazing, noble animals.

  • musical school (choreography, music, singing, as well as a large number of activities)
  • program "Cheerful July Adventures" (various leisure activities: bread baking, confectionery, dancing, pantomime, team games, gardening and much more)
  • A program aimed at tightening students who have not achieved sufficiently high results in the academic year
  • Language immersion is the most intensive program of learning English
  • Spanish for foreign students - academic lessons in language learning and leisure activities

The cost of studying in a summer school depends on the program and starts from 2,200 € per course.

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