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2018-07-30 11:57:14

Summer Intensive English in Canada for Children and Schoolchildren

Summer Intensive English in Canada for Children and Schoolchildren

Thanks to the vast number of prestigious schools and TOP universities, Canada has long been recognized as one of the world's leading educational centers, and such a course as the summer intensive English course in Canada for children and schoolchildren was no exception. On the basis of the leading educational institutions of the country each summer camps and courses are opened that offer foreign children and schoolchildren a significant increase in the level of English, to get rid of the language barrier or to prepare for studying abroad in just two or three weeks.

In Canada, language camps are international, they accept students from all over the world, so the likelihood of meeting compatriots here is not so great. It is best to choose a camp where there are few children and focus on creating a multicultural environment for students - so summer intensive in English for children and schoolchildren in Canada will be the most productive and effective.

Advantages of summer intensive courses in Canada

  • A large number of prestigious schools and camps;
  • The education system, recognized as one of the best in the world;
  • A rich program, competently combining study and leisure;
  • A variety of summer academic programs;
  • Ensuring complete safety and comfort;
  • Rapid progress through deep immersion in the environment;
  • Acquaintance with the inhabitants and culture of the country with one of the highest living standards in the world;
  • Prices are lower than in American or British camps;
  • Highly qualified teachers;
  • International environment, new acquaintances and friends from all over the world;
  • A rich excursion, adventure and extra-curricular program;
  • Many summer programs take place on the basis of world-famous universities and elite colleges;
  • High ratings and excellent reviews.

Summer Intensive English in Canada for children and schoolchildren: features, types of programs for the summer

Children are divided into classes according to the level of language proficiency, which is determined in the interview: classes are held in small groups of up to 12 people from Monday to Friday, usually in the morning. If the standard program involves 20 to 30 hours of English per week, then an intensive number of lessons can reach 38-40.

All courses are carefully designed and created taking into account long-term experience of successful work. Children perform tasks on developing and improving the basic skills of linguistics: grammar and vocabulary, reading, listening, writing and speaking. Great attention in the Canadian camps is given to the development of speech and the ability to correctly, accurately express their thoughts in written and oral form, in addition, special exercises are carried out to reduce and eliminate the accent.

The process of active language development is facilitated by a full immersion system - children do not just engage in lessons, but actively develop their language in communication and everyday life. To consolidate the material, all children work on creative projects: newspapers, presentations, theatrical scenes and others.

Canadian teachers have exceptionally high qualifications and rich experience of working with children, they find an individual approach to each child and help to disclose the potential. Classes are held in the format of a live exchange of views, and not mechanical memorization, which facilitates the rapid assimilation of material and overall development. Depending on the age group, the teaching approach will also vary: for young students this is the game format, for adolescents - for interactive, for older students - for more academic.

After lunch, the guys can devote time to hobbies and hobbies. If this is a thematic camp (language + sport / creativity), then the afternoon is given to the selected type of additional activity. In terms of physical activity, Canada is a comfortable country, because there are a variety of sports in action: from skiing and snowboarding to rafting on canoe and kayak. Also, if time permits, children can go on excursions or just take a walk around the city: a summer intensive English course in Canada for children and schoolchildren always provides for a rich extracurricular excursion component.

What determines the cost of summer intensities in Canada

The price of summer courses for children and schoolchildren is affected by several factors. The main one is location: the capital camps usually cost more than others. Also, when calculating the cost of study in a language camp, the accommodation option is taken into account during the week. Students of summer intensities can choose where they want to live:

  • Residence;
  • Host family;
  • Apartment / hotel;
  • Staying in the teacher's family.

The average price of tuition for one week in the cities of Canada starts at $ 350 CAD.

Summer Intensive English in Canada for children and schoolchildren: the best camps and schools, cost, ranking, reviews, prices

  • Summer Camp ILAC. An intensive course in addition to general language classes includes additional practices, lectures and seminars on one of the selected topics: preparation for the IELTS or TOEFL international exams, business English, vocabulary expansion, academic English and the development of special skills, etc.
  • Summer academic English courses at the elite private school Brentwood College School. An effective combined course combines language academic studies with a rich program of extra-curricular leisure and leisure. This is an ideal opportunity to qualitatively prepare for longer, basic training programs (IB Diploma, Advanced Placement) and significantly improve their skills in both English and academic knowledge.
  • Teaching in the family of the teacher Home Language International. The program provides the opportunity for the most intensive study of a foreign language. The child lives in his own home a qualified, experienced teacher and shares his life with his family: he constantly communicates with them, he ate and dines together, attends various events. Lessons are held individually: all the attention of the teacher is focused only on the student: the program and subjects are completely adjusted to its needs, requests and requirements.

Our company will help you and your child to choose an intensive program with the study of English for the summer holidays. With our help, you can choose a summer intensive English course in Canada for children and schoolchildren of the appropriate level and subject with the best prices.

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