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Summer camps in Austria, Austria's best summer camps for children and schoolchildren

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Summer camps in Austria, Austria's best summer camps for children and schoolchildren

Better than the country to study classical German language is impossible to imagine than Austria. In addition to receiving quality language training, Russian teenagers will be able to have a great rest, admiring the picturesque landscapes of Austrian nature and getting acquainted with the main sights of Austria.

Brief information about the leading summer camps and language schools-pensions in Austria

Waiting for the next summer school holidays, every child dreams that it is this summer that gave him a lot of bright emotions and joyful impressions, that he had the opportunity to learn something new, to make an unforgettable adventure, and also to get new friends. When organizing the rest of their child, parents strive to ensure the safety and comfort of staying abroad, namely in Austria. In this article we will tell you how in Austria you can get effective training in a foreign language at an affordable cost, and in addition, it is wonderful to relax.

The advantages of training in the elite children's language camps in Austria are due to comfortable living conditions for foreign and Russian teenagers, a truly excellent ecological situation. The picturesqueness of some Austrian advanced language schools-boarding houses is amazing with its beauty, since the windows of the residences offer stunning views of the mountains, the emerald greenery of forests and lakes.

The reasons for choosing the leading summer language camp in Austria

As practice shows, many Russian parents make a decision to send their child for the summer holidays to the leading children's language boarding schools in Austria in order to qualitatively study the German language. In addition to effective training, sports are conducted on an additional basis, fascinating walks along the scenic Austrian landscapes are carried out, in addition, many museums, theaters and exhibitions are actively visited by foreign teenagers. Thus, the pedagogical composition of the summer language camps in Austria provides a full and comprehensive development of schoolchildren.

Foreign and Russian children and teenagers aged 10 to 18 years are accepted for training. Note that classes are held in small classrooms, each language group includes students of approximately the same age and with the same level of knowledge of the German language. You probably will be surprised, but in the walls of the rating Austrian summer children's boarding schools, you can qualitatively learn both German and English. In connection with which, a foreign teenager permanently resides in a multilingual environment, which positively affects the effective and to some extent rapid assimilation of educational material. Also pay attention that in most cases the lessons have a game format.

Just do not think that staying in the leading Austrian summer camp is limited only by training. On the contrary, Austrian children's language boarding schools ensure the balance between classes and recreational activities, providing for exciting trips, organizing cognitive excursions, participation of Russian teenagers in adventure quests. In addition, on a regular basis, you can actively engage in sports and take part in sports competitions, make horseback walks. The most creative individuals can devote time to shooting their own film and animation films.

In particular, staying in the prestigious Austrian summer camp VillageCamp, located a short distance from Salzburg, will give foreign students the opportunity to comprehend basic skills in film shooting and horse riding. If you choose the elite Academy ActiLingua, located in the heart of the Austrian capital, Russian teenagers will have a great opportunity to get acquainted with the famous and popular tourist attractions of the city, whose stay gives only warm and best impressions, due to close territorial location to the leading Austrian school-boarding house.

Below are the main directions of the Austrian summer language camps, one of which can be chosen by a Russian teenager:

  • Tourist - real extreme can appreciate the life in the tent and self-cooking, provides for kayak alloys, rock climbing, canoeing, hiking, naturalists will be able to explore the local vegetation. This journey will help you assess your ability and ability to survive in the wild
  • Creative-summer language camps in Austria create all the conditions for conducting classes in music, dancing, on a regular basis, schoolchildren visit the theater. In addition, courses on needlework, embroidery are organized. It is envisaged the possibility of obtaining skills in the technique of filming their own videos and interviewing
  • Sports - the most modern sports grounds allow young foreigners and Russians to intensively engage in football, tennis, rugby, badminton, volleyball, basketball, and horseback riding.

Specific characteristics of the top children's language camps in Austria

It is universally recognized that it is better than Austria to find countries with the goal of studying the classical German language, the distinctive features of which are due to smoothness and to some extent melodiousness. It is also worth noting that staying in the best Austrian language camps will allow foreign teenagers to establish a close acquaintance with the famous classical German music. In particular, some educational programs provide for visiting the opera.

Speaking about the infrastructure of school residences, built for the comfortable living of foreign and Russian students, and their equipment, it is worth noting the special pedantry and stiffness that is inherent in all German. Can not doubt, Russian children are guaranteed the comfort of living in comfortable hostels during the period of study in Austria on vacation. All audiences are equipped with the latest technology. When the premises are equipped with pedagogical staff, the characteristics of the children's psyche are taken into account, so, rooms and classrooms are made in a certain quiet color scheme.

We will try to reassure parents that sending their child to an elite summer school-boarding house in Austria, he is guaranteed 24-hour supervision by the pedagogical and educational staff of the language camp for all students. We draw your attention to the fact that when selecting teachers for the summer school in Austria, only experienced professionals are accepted who are the native speakers of the German language.

The process of choosing the prestigious language summer camp in Austria

Choosing the leading Austrian language school-boarding house, it is necessary first of all to consider the individual preferences and goals of your child. If your child is fond of sports, then the Austrian children's camp, which has developed a sports education program, will suit him. Thus, in between sessions, the teenager will be able to get a real pleasure from playing football, basketball or tennis. For creative individuals who are genuinely interested in classical music, creative children's language camps in Austria open their doors widely.

Please note that the elite summer language schools in Austria provide for the stay of foreign and Russian teenagers on a full board basis. On the campus, to ensure effective teaching of students, there are modern classrooms, a conference room, a library, a comfortable hostel, as well as dining areas. In addition, there are extensive sports grounds. Thus, the comfort of staying in Austria to foreigners and Russian teenagers is guaranteed, the created conditions meet the highest requirements.

Leading Austrian summer language camps receive foreign children and adolescents aged 10 to 19 years. The pre-eminent number of Russian children are sent to Austria in order to improve the level of German language proficiency. However, at the present time the best Austrian language boarding schools have developed educational programs that provide for the teaching of English. It is worth noting that classes are held in small classrooms. Before starting the lessons, all foreign teenagers take the test in order to determine the level of proficiency in a foreign language. Based on the results obtained, groups are formed taking into account the age of the student. In the classroom, teachers pay attention to every aspect of studying the German language, namely vocabulary, grammar, correct classical pronunciation. It should be noted that to a greater extent classes are held in a game format, which positively affects the improvement of language skills.

Austria's top children's summer camps are the best holidays with learning German!

Let's note as an interesting fact that at the present time in the world about 120 million people communicate in German. As for the territory of Austria, the population using the German language in constant communication is on average more than 8 million. The passage of training in one of the rating Austrian summer camps will testify to the receipt of quality language and academic training for the successful passing of final examinations.

Unlike the UK, a small number of leading children's language boarding schools have been established in Austria, but the undisputed advantage of these are picturesque landscapes and an amazing location in cities such as Vienna and Salzburg. It is also worth noting that unlike other countries, in Austria, summer is absolutely not hot, so young coolers do not find a better place to study and relax. In addition to effective training, active rest for foreign teenagers is guaranteed, time for boredom simply will not be found.

Tuition fees in the best Austrian children's camps

If compared with other European countries, it is in Austria that the lowest price of training and participation in various leisure activities is observed, averaging 600-800 euros per week.

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