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Old Dominion University (ODU)

Address: 5115 Hampton Blvd, Norfolk, VA 23529, USA

Description Old Dominion University (ODU)

  • Year of foundation: 1930
  • Location: Norfolk, Virginia, USA
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Number of students: 25,000 people
  • Age of students: 17+
  • Type of study: State University.

Old Dominion University, located in Norfolk, Va., Is a dynamic government research institution. It is focused on local education , American and foreign students through high-quality academic programs, strategic partnerships and active participation in social projects. Students can choose from more than 120 undergraduate programs, 130 undergraduate courses, education in the field of education and doctoral studies, as well as a variety of certificate courses and professional development programs. The university invites experts in selected areas, and the award-winning teaching staff brings practical knowledge to classrooms, promotes innovation, and cooperation.

ODU was founded in 1930 as the Norfolk branch of the College of William and Mary, in 1962 it received the status of an independent institution, and in 1969 became a university.

Programs, courses and tuition/boarding fees, prices in Old Dominion University (ODU)

Program name

Undergraduate - $ 15,000 / g.

  • Accounting (BSBA) Online
  • African American & African Studies (BA / BS)
  • Applied Language Studies (English, BA)
  • Art Education (BA)
  • Art History (BA)
  • Asian Studies (BA)
  • Biochemistry (BS)
  • Biological Oceanography (Ocean & Earth Science, BS)
  • Biology (BS)
  • Biology, Secondary Education (BS)
  • Business Analytics (BSBA)
  • Chemical Oceanography (Ocean & Earth Science, BS)
  • Chemistry (BS)
  • Chemistry, Teaching Licensure (BS)
  • Civil Engineering (BSCE)
  • Civil Engineering Technology (BSET) Online
  • Communication (BA / BS) Online
  • Computer Engineering (BSCOM.E.)
  • Computer Science (BSCS) Online
  • Creative Writing (English, BA)
  • Criminal Justice (BA / BS) Online
  • Cybercrime (Interdisciplinary Studies, BS) Online
  • Cybersecurity (Interdisciplinary Studies, BS) Online
  • Cytotechnology (Health Sciences, BS)
  • Dance (Theater & Dance, BA)
  • Dance Education (Theater & Dance, BA)
  • Database Administration (Information Systems & Technology, BSBA)
  • Dental Hygiene (BSDH)
  • Dental Hygiene, Degree Completion Program (BSDH) Online
  • Digital Marketing (Marketing, BSBA) Online
  • Drawing & Design (Fine Arts, BFA)
  • E-Business & E-Commerce (Information Systems & Technology, BSBA)
  • Earth Science Education (Ocean & Earth Science, BS)
  • Economics (BA / BSBA)
  • Electrical Engineering (BSEE)
  • Electrical Engineering Technology (BSET) Online
  • English with Teaching Licensure (BA)
  • Enterprise Cybersecurity (Information Systems and Technology, BSBA)
  • Environmental Health (BSEH)
  • Exercise Science (Physical Education, BS)
  • Fashion Merchandising (Occupational & Technical Studies, BS) Online
  • Fibers (Fine Arts, BFA)
  • Finance (BSBA) Online
  • Fine Arts (BFA)
  • Fine Arts with Teaching Licensure (BFA)
  • French (World Languages & Cultures, BA)
  • French with Teaching Licensure (World Languages & Cultures, BA)
  • Game Studies & Design (BS)
  • General Engineering Technology (BS) Online
  • Geographic Information Systems (Geography, BS)
  • Geography (BA / BS)
  • Geology (Ocean & Earth Science, BS)
  • German (World Languages & Cultures, BA)
  • German with Teaching Licensure (World Languages & Cultures, BA)
  • Graphic Design (Fine Arts, BFA)
  • Health Services Administration (Health Sciences, BS) Online
  • Health and Physical Education PK-12 Teaching Licensure (Physical Education, BS)
  • History (BA)
  • History with Licensure in History / Social Sciences (BA)
  • Human Services (BS) Online
  • Individualized Integrative Studies (Interdisciplinary Studies, BA / BS)
  • Industrial Technology (Occupational & Technical Studies, BS) Online
  • Information Systems & Technology (BSBA) Online
  • International Business, East Asia (BSBA)
  • International Business, Europe (BSBA)
  • International Business, Latin America (BSBA)
  • International Studies (BA)
  • Journalism (English, BA)
  • Leadership (Interdisciplinary Studies, BS) Online
  • Literature (English, BA)
  • Management (BSBA) Online
  • Marine Biology (Biology, BS)
  • Maritime & Supply Chain Management (BSBA)
  • Marketing (BSBA) Online
  • Marketing Analytics & Research (Marketing, BSBA) Online
  • Marketing Education (Occupational & Technical Studies, BS) Online
  • Mathematics (BS)
  • Mathematics, Teaching Licensure (BS)
  • Mechanical Engineering (BSME)
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology (BSET) Online
  • Medical Laboratory Science (BS) Online
  • Medical Technology, Degree Completion Program for Medical Laboratory Technicians (BSMT) Online
  • Modeling & Simulation Engineering (BS) Online
  • Music (BA)
  • Music - Sound Recording Technology Emphasis (B.Mus.)
  • Music Composition (B.Mus.)
  • Music Education (B.Mus.)
  • Music Performance (B.Mus.)
  • Network Engineering (Information Systems & Technology, BSBA)
  • Nuclear Medicine Technology (BSNMT)
  • Nursing, Post-licensure (BSN) Online
  • Nursing, Pre-licensure (BSN)
  • Painting (Fine Arts, BFA)
  • Park & Recreation Management (Park, Recreation & Tourism Studies, BS)
  • Personal Financial Planning (Finance, BSBA)
  • Philosophy (BA)
  • Physical Oceanography (Ocean & Earth Science, BS)
  • Physics, Dual Degree in Physics & Electrical Engineering (BS & BSEE)
  • Physics, Professional (BS)
  • Physics, Research (BS)
  • Physics, Teaching Licensure (BS)
  • Political & Legal Studies (Philosophy, BA)
  • Political Science (BA / BS)
  • Print & Photo Media (Fine Arts, BFA)
  • Professional Communication (Communication, BS) Online
  • Professional Sales (Marketing, BSBA) Online
  • Professional Writing (English, BA)
  • Professional Writing (Interdisciplinary Studies, BS) Online
  • Psychology (BS) Online
  • Public Health (Health Sciences, BS) Online
  • Real Estate (BSBA)
  • Religious Studies (Philosophy, BA)
  • Risk Management & Insurance (Finance, BSBA)
  • Sociology (BA / BS) Online
  • Spanish (World Languages & Cultures, BA)
  • Spanish with Teaching Licensure (World Languages & Cultures, BA)
  • Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology (BS)
  • Sport Management (Sport Management, BS)
  • Studio Art (BA)
  • Teacher Preparation, Primary / Elementary (Interdisciplinary Studies, BS) Online
  • Teacher Preparation, Special Education (Interdisciplinary Studies, BS) Online
  • Technology Education (Occupational & Technical Studies, BS)
  • Theater (Theater & Dance, BA)
  • Theater Education (Theater & Dance, BA)
  • Therapeutic Recreation (Park, Recreation & Tourism Studies, BS)
  • Three-Dimensional Media (Fine Arts, BFA)
  • Tourism Management (Park, Recreation & Tourism Studies, BS)
  • Training Specialist (Occupational & Technical Studies, BS) Online
  • Women's Studies (BA / BS)
  • Work & Professional Studies (Interdisciplinary Studies, BS)
  • World Cultural Studies (BA)

Master - 15000 $ / g.

  • Accounting (MS)
  • Adapted Physical Education (Physical Education, MSEd.)
  • Administration & Supervision - Preparation for Public School PreK-12 Licensure (Education, MSEd.) Online
  • Aerospace Engineering (Engineering, MS / ME) Online
  • Applied Linguistics (MA)
  • Applied Sociology (MA)
  • Athletic Training (MSAT)
  • Biology (MS)
  • Biomedical Engineering (Engineering, MS / ME)
  • Business & Industry Training (Occupational & Technical Studies, MS) Online
  • Business Administration (MBA) Online
  • Career & Technical Education (Occupational & Technical Studies, MS)
  • Chemistry (MS)
  • Civil Engineering (Engineering, MS / ME)
  • Coaching Education (Physical Education, MSEd.)
  • College Counseling (Education, MSEd.)
  • Community College Teaching (Occupational & Technical Studies, MS)
  • Community Health (MS)
  • Computational & Applied Mathematics (MS)
  • Computer Information Systems (Computer Science, MS)
  • Computer Science (MS) Online
  • Counseling (Education, MSEd.)
  • Creative Writing (MFA)
  • Criminal Justice (Applied Sociology, MA)
  • Curriculum & Instruction (Physical Education, MSEd.)
  • Cybersecurity (MS) Online
  • Dental Hygiene (MS) Online
  • Early Childhood Education - Research (Education, MSEd.)
  • Economics (MA)
  • Education - Initial State Licensure (Education, MSEd.)
  • Education, (Grades 6-8) with Initial Licensure (Education, MSEd.)
  • Educational Leadership (Education, MSEd.) Online
  • Electrical & Computer Engineering (Engineering, MS / ME) Online
  • Elementary Education PK-6 - Initial Licensure (Education, MSEd.) Online
  • Elementary / Middle School - Licensed Teachers (Education, MSEd.) Online
  • Engineering Management (Engineering, MS)
  • Engineering Management (MEM) Online
  • English (MA) Online
  • English (MSEd.)
  • Environmental Engineering (Engineering, MS / ME) Online
  • Environmental Health (Community Health, MS)
  • Exercise Science (MS)
  • General Higher Education Administration (Education, MSEd.)
  • Health & Physical Education - Initial Virginia Licensure (MSEd.)
  • Health Education Curriculum & Instruction (Education, MSEd.)
  • Higher Education (Education, MSEd.)
  • History (MA)
  • Humanities (MA)
  • Instructional Design & Technology (Elementary or Secondary Education, MSEd.) Online
  • International Higher Education Leadership (Educational Leadership, MSEd.)
  • International Studies (MA)
  • Library & Information Studies (MILS)
  • Lifespan & Digital Communication (MA)
  • Literature (English, MA)
  • Maritime Trade & Supply Chain Management (MS)
  • Mathematics Specialist (PK-8) Endorsement (Education, MSEd.) Online
  • Mechanical Engineering (Engineering, ME / MS) Online
  • Mental Health Counseling (Education, MSEd.)
  • Modeling & Simulation (Engineering, ME) Online
  • Modeling & Simulation (Engineering, MS)
  • Music Education (MME)
  • Nursing (MSN) Online
  • Ocean & Earth Sciences (MS)
  • Park, Recreation & Tourism Studies (MS)
  • Physical & Health Education - Initial Virginia Licensure (Physical Education, MSEd.)
  • Physical Education (Education, MSEd.)
  • Physics (MS)
  • Professional Writing (English, MA)
  • Psychology (MS)
  • Public Administration (MPA) Online
  • Public Health (MPH) Online
  • Reading with Reading Specialist Endorsement (Education, MSEd.) Online
  • Rhetoric & Composition (English, MA)
  • School Counseling (Education, MSEd.)
  • School Librarianship (Library & Information Studies, MILS)
  • Secondary 6-12 - Licensed Teachers (Education, MSEd.) Online
  • Secondary Education (Education, MSEd.) Online
  • Sociolinguistics (Applied Linguistics, MA)
  • Special Education - Research (Education, MSEd.) Online
  • Special Education with Licensure (Education, MSEd.) Online
  • Speech-Language Pathology (MS)
  • Sport Management (Physical Education, MS) Online
  • Student Affairs Administration (Educational Leadership, MSEd.)
  • Systems Engineering (Engineering, ME) Online
  • Teaching (Secondary Education, MSEd.)
  • Teaching of English (MA, English)
  • Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (Applied Linguistics, MA)
  • Wetland Biology (Biology, MS)
  • Women's Health Nurse Practitioner Role (Nursing, MS).
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  • Advanced Practice (Nursing Practice, DNP) Online
  • Aerospace Engineering (Engineering, Ph.D./D.Eng.)
  • Applied Kinesiology (Education, Ph.D.)
  • Biomedical Engineering (Engineering, Ph.D.)
  • Biomedical Sciences (Ph.D.)
  • Business Administration (Ph.D.)
  • Chemistry (Ph.D.)
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering (Engineering, Ph.D./D.Eng.)
  • Clinical Psychology (Clinical Psychology, Ph.D.)
  • Community College Leadership (Ph.D.) Online
  • Computational & Applied Mathematics (Ph.D)
  • Computer Science (Ph.D.)
  • Counseling (Education, Ph.D.)
  • Criminology & Criminal Justice (Ph.D.)
  • Curriculum & Instruction (Education, Ph.D.)
  • Ecological Sciences (Ph.D.)
  • Educational Leadership (Education, Ph.D.)
  • Educational Psychology and Program Evaluation (Education, Ph.D.)
  • Electrical & Computer Engineering (Engineering, D.Eng.)
  • Electrical & Computer Engineering (Engineering, Ph.D.)
  • Engineering (D.Eng.)
  • Engineering Management & Systems Engineering (Engineering, D.Eng.)
  • Engineering Management & Systems Engineering (Engineering, Ph.D.)
  • English (Ph.D.) Online
  • Health & Sport Pedagogy (Education, Ph.D.)
  • Health Psychology (Psychology, Ph.D.)
  • Health Services Research (Ph.D.)
  • Higher Education (Education, Ph.D.)
  • Human Factors Psychology (Psychology, Ph.D.)
  • Industrial / Organizational Psychology (Psychology, Ph.D.)
  • Instructional Design & Technology (Education, Ph.D.) Online
  • International Studies (Ph.D.)
  • Kinesiology & Rehabilitation (Ph.D.)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Engineering, D.Eng.)
  • Modeling & Simulation Engineering (Engineering, D.Eng.)
  • Modeling & Simulation Engineering (Engineering, Ph.D.)
  • Nurse Anesthesia (Nursing, DNP)
  • Nursing Practice (DNP) Online
  • Occupational & Technical Studies (Education, Ph.D.) Online
  • Oceanography (Ph.D.)
  • Physical Therapy (DPT)
  • Physics (Ph.D.)
  • Psychology (Ph.D.)
  • Public Administration & Policy (Ph.D.) Online
  • Special Education (Education, Ph.D.)
  • Sport Recreation Management (Education, Ph.D.)
  • Strategic Management (Business Administration, Ph.D.)

Accommodation, housing and food

ODU offers students different types of accommodation: from traditional dormitories to their own apartments on campus. Life on campus has its advantages: students are involved in various types of activities, have the opportunity to eat on the POD Market between lessons.

The rooms are equipped with heating, air conditioning, desks, beds, dressers, cable TV and Wi-Fi, as well as a laundry in each building.

The school offers accommodation in residences:

  • Whitehurst hall
  • Rogers hall
  • Gresham
  • Virginia house
  • Ireland house
  • France house
  • England house
  • Dominion house
  • Scotland house
  • ODU Inn.

The cost of living in the residence - from $ 2224 / semester.

Students living on campus must choose a meal plan during the application process. The university offers two meal plans:

  • All Access - $ 2649 / semester
  • Block 160 - $ 2389 / semester.

Events Old Dominion University (ODU)

  • More than 300 student organizations of Old Dominion University allow you to develop additional skills, find like-minded people and friends.
  • On campus there are 17 food service points offering to satisfy the needs and tastes of each student.
  • The campus offers students to participate in various volunteer organizations, volunteer programs. Participation in socially-oriented projects allows us to become successful in many areas, develop leadership qualities, and make ourselves known.
  • Old Dominion offers programs for culture, art, entertainment for all tastes - exhibitions, educational lectures, concerts, performances and films.
  • The student life office outside the ODU campus was created at the initiative of the dean of students to provide guidance, support, and resources for university students.


Old Dominion University is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACSCOC) for the award of bachelor's, master's, doctoral degrees, as well as qualifications of an education specialist. University programs are accredited by specialized and professional accreditation agencies.

The ODU Research Foundation supports and expands the University’s research mission, creating and developing opportunities to increase sponsorship program activities and use research results.

The university has 8 academic colleges:

  • Engineering College of Technology Batten
  • College of Arts and Literature
  • College of Continuing Education and Professional Development
  • College of Health Sciences
  • College of Natural Sciences
  • Darden College of Education and Professional Studies
  • Perry Honors College
  • College of business.

Students can begin planning their future with comprehensive career development services or pave their own path by contacting Strome Enterprise Center.

Equipment Old Dominion University (ODU)

The university has all the necessary equipment for educatioan, research, comfortable and safe stay of students.

The student recreation center is a multi-level fitness and wellness center covering 121,000 square feet. Here are located:

  • Jogging track over sports courts
  • 15,000 square feet of cardio and strength equipment
  • 4 group gyms
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor entertainment center with rental, repair of bicycles, cafe Monarch Express.

University libraries provide online research databases, e-books, thousands of online journals and over 3 million items in their physical collections. Students have access to academic counseling, mentoring, and specialized resource centers. The Perry Library provides students with learning space, computing resources, collaboration spaces, and presentation rooms.

Term dates, timetable and extra fees

Tuition fees at Old Dominion for international students:

  • Undergraduate - $ 15,000 / g.
  • Master - 15000 $ / g.

Entry requirements, assessment and extra fees, how to apply, what is required to enrol, conditions, entry tests and exams

Admission to the Old Dominion includes the following steps:

  • Filing an application
  • Payment of registration fee - $ 50
  • Granting of documents on completion of full secondary school, university, one or several courses of a higher educational institution (diploma, certificate, transcripts)
  • Confirmation of proficiency in English (TOEFL IBT - from 79, TOEFL on a paper basis - from 550, IELTS - 6.5)
  • Providing results SAT / ACT (optional).

Scholarships Old Dominion University (ODU)

Old Dominion University scholarships are established to recognize outstanding academic excellence and help students achieve their educational goals. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of various criteria: academic performance, capacity, financial need, field of study, participation in a particular program, organization or event. As a rule, recipients score at least 3.5 GPA points.

Selection procedures vary: some scholarships may require a portfolio, audition, or participation in a specific program. First-year students entering are automatically considered for academic scholarships.

Map, location

Insurance, flights, residence permits, citizenship and other services

Old Dominion University (ODU) reviews

Recommendations on when to apply

Language courses, schools and children's language camps Primary and secondary education - private schools Preparation programmes for entering universities - higher education Higher education (after completing accredited programs A-level, IB, High School) - Bachelor, Master, MBA
- we recommend to apply 6-9 months before the start of the course (some camps and schools offer discounts for early booking or for lengthy study programs)
- there are some very popular and high demand children's camps, where the applications need to be submitted 1 year in advance (in particular Switzerland , Great Britain , USA , Canada , Austria)
- we recommend to apply one year before the start of the training program,
- some schools have a specific time frame (September-November - please specify an individual school)
- some schools require tests in several stages (UKISET, internal tests of the school: English, mathematics, logics, subjects, interview, some require a personal visit)
- we recommend to apply one year before the start of the program,
- for Foundation and Pathway programs, IELTS and TOEFL certificates are usually required, respectively

- recommended submission one year before the start of the program,
- the deadline normally closes in January, for TOP HEIs and, as a rule, in March in other universities
- for a bachelor, a Foundation or Pathway preparatory program a completed A-level, IB, High School + IELTS / TOEFL are required
- for Masters you need a graduated higher education, in some cases you need a pre-Masters program
- MBA requires completed higher education, work experience preferably at least 2-3 years, etc.
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