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Oberbaumbrücke - the most impressive bridge in Germany

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Oberbaumbrücke - the most impressive bridge in Germany

Oberbaumbrücke Bridge is a legendary Berlin landmark that has become a recognizable symbol of the city. The construction has a special role: it connects two districts of the city, famous for their vibrant nightlife - Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain. Locals attach particular importance to the bridge: until recently, these parts of the city were separated by the Berlin Wall, and today they are accessible to anyone. Tourists who decide to visit the majestic Oberbaumbrücke can combine business with pleasure: they can enjoy architecture and enjoy the club life of Germany from the inside.

The history of the construction of the bridge

In the 18th century, customs were located on the Spree River. A piling structure was installed on the water, which the Germans called the “Oberbaumbrücke” - “upper wooden bridge” - hence the name. The official date of foundation of the bridge is considered to be 1732.

The building got its stone appearance in the 19th century. The project was prepared by the German architect Otto Shtan, construction lasted 2 years: from 1894 to 1896. Towers 34 meters high were built in the likeness of the city in Prenzlau. Shtan included them in the project for a reason: they reminded that this bridge has long been the water gate of the city.

On August 13, 1961, the Berlin Wall was built, dividing the city into 2 parts, and the bridge was closed. In 1963, a pedestrian checkpoint opened at Oberbaumbrücke. The unification of Germany was the second birthday of the bridge - it was again opened for pedestrians, later - for cars and the metro. Today, the city authorities plan to put on the construction of tram tracks.

Despite the fact that the bridge does not look like its brothers, it is made in the classical neo-Gothic style for Germany. Oberbaumbrücke has 2 floors: the upper one is the seat of the oldest metro line in the city, the lower one is divided into automobile and pedestrian galleries.

Unique views of Oberbaumbrucke

Pay attention to the views from the bridge:

  • Berlin TV Tower
  • Sculpture "Molecular Man"
  • Berlin Wall Museum
  • East side gallery
  • Industrial and office buildings of the city.

Interesting Facts

  • The oldest line of the Berlin metro was launched over the bridge in 1902
  • In 1945, Hitler signed the famous order of Nero: the German troops themselves had to undermine Oberbaumbrücke in order to stop the movement of Soviet troops
  • The project, on which the bridge was restored, was created by Santiago Kolotavra
  • The cost of restoration - two million marks
  • In 1998, for the first time, a comic water battle took place on the bridge between the residents of the areas that it connects - Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain. Since then, this event is an annual event.

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