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Metropolitní Univerzita Praha (Capital University of Prague)

Address: Dubečská 900/10, 100 31 Strašnice, Czech Republic

Description Metropolitní Univerzita Praha (Capital University of Prague)

• Foundation: 1968

• Abbreviation: M U P

• Status: private

• Location: Prague, Czech Republic

• Age: from 18 years

• Accommodation: residence, apartments

• Language of instruction: Czech, English.

Metropolitní univerzita Praha - one of the largest private universities in the Czech Republic, specializes in humanitarian and social areas such as law, international relations, culture. The emphasis is on the graduation of international professionals, so most of the training programs are English-speaking.

The M U P being a great scientific activity - University received an order for projects of the Czech Science Foundation, the European Commission, the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. These are projects in the field of international relations, international trade, law. One of these completed projects is a database of English literature by non-British and non-American authors.

  • 5,000 students
  • 20% of foreign students
  • 6 research centers
  • 4 campuses.

The main areas of study:

  • International relationships
  • international trade
  • Computer techologies
  • Public administration
  • Tourism
  • English studies
  • Humanitarian sciences.

Programs, courses and tuition/boarding fees, prices in Metropolitní Univerzita Praha (Capital University of Prague)

Program name


• Beginning of the school year: October

• Language of instruction: Czech, English

• Age: 18+

• Duration of study: 3 years.

Popular programs:

• English-language studies (English)

• Tourism (Czech)

• International Business (English)

• International Relations - Asian Studies (English, Czech)

• International Relations - European Studies (English, Czech)

• Media research (Czech)

• Public Administration (Czech)

• International trade (Czech).


• Beginning of the school year: October

• Language of instruction: Czech, English

• Age: 21+

• Duration of study: 2 years.

Popular programs:

• English-language studies (English)

• Asian studies (Czech)

• European Studies and Public Administration (Czech)

• International relations and European studies (English, Czech)

• Political Science (Czech)

• Local history and international trade (Czech)

• Local history and international business (English).

from 981 € / year

Postgraduate study (for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy)

• Beginning of the school year: October

• Language of instruction: Czech, English

• Age: 22+

• Duration of study: 3 years.

Popular programs:

• International relations and European studies (English, Czech)

• Media research (Czech)

• Political science (Czech).

Accommodation, housing and food

To accommodate students in Prague, M U P offers several hostels with single and double rooms: Botic Student House, DC Rezidence, TVM TOWER, The FIZZ PRAGUE. In addition, a small number of students will be able to accommodate on the campuses of state universities: Charles University in Prague, Czech Technical University, University of Economics in Prague, University of Chemistry and Technology.

The cost of living in the Czech Republic from 150 €, meals - from 160 € per month.


  • The University of Prague in Prague is one of the best universities in the Czech Republic in its field.
  • The M U P diploma is accepted in all countries of the world - this is an entry into the labor market of Europe, America, Asia
  • 6 research centers attract all students to research, seeking a deep understanding of the specifics of subjects
  • Modern equipment of the educational process and laboratories
  • Training programs are created taking into account all significant changes in their field
  • The university has all the conditions for studying students with disabilities
  • More than 170 universities around the world in student exchange partnerships
  • Opportunity to receive a double diploma: study during the year in the same specialty in one of the partner universities, a combined diploma of 2 universities is issued
  • Geographical location: Prague, an ancient historical and tourist European center located on the banks of the Vltava River.

Equipment Metropolitní Univerzita Praha (Capital University of Prague)

The main campus of M U P is located in Prague, there are also university centers in Pilsen, Liberec, Hradec Kralove.

There is a student club in Metropolitní univerzita Praha, which organizes sports and cultural events, attracts students to social activities.

For those who do not feel ready to study in a foreign language, Metropolitní univerzita Praha offers to study 1 preparatory year in Czech or English or take courses in the summer semester.

While studying at M U P, you can obtain certificates that increase the value of a graduate in the labor market:

  • Research Safety Certificate
  • Certificate of Ibero-American Studies
  • Asian language certificate
  • State control and other types of control in public administration - a basic level
  • State control and other types of control in public administration - the highest degree
  • Media specialization is journalism.

The university has the MUP Buddy Team, a volunteer society that helps international students adapt in the Czech Republic and the university itself. Together with the international department of MUP, they prepare social projects and cultural events for international students.

6 research centers study modern problems, attracting students and graduate students to research. They are increasingly entering the international arena, the number of conferences and forums with these participation and on their platform is increasing every year:

  • Middle East Science Center
  • Security center
  • Ibero-American Science Center
  • Intellectual Property Law Institute
  • Center for the Study of Media Culture
  • Center for Comparative Public and European Law.

Term dates, timetable and extra fees

The academic year is divided into 2 semesters. Registration fee is 22 €.

Entry requirements, assessment and extra fees, how to apply, what is required to enrol, conditions, entry tests and exams

  1. Online check-in
  2. Certified translation of education documents with applications into Czech
  3. Nostrification of documents on previous education (confirmation that the content of the education received is in accordance with that adopted in the Czech Republic)
  4. Language Certificate of the Czech or English language test or admission M U P (B2-B1 level)
  5. Paid registration fee.

Scholarships Metropolitní Univerzita Praha (Capital University of Prague)

  1. Successful students can apply for scholarships and grants from the university and other organizations.
  2. Doctoral fellowships for successful graduate students are provided in the form of cancellation of tuition fees.
  3. Undergraduate and graduate students participating in grant research are given a research scholarship.
  4. There is also the opportunity to receive financial assistance to students with disabilities and social assistance to the poor.

Map, location

Insurance, flights, residence permits, citizenship and other services

Metropolitní Univerzita Praha (Capital University of Prague) reviews

Recommendations on when to apply

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