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Meeting with a representative of the French school École des Roches

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Meeting with a representative of the French school École des Roches

Ecole des Roches is a well-known educational institution that has been offering excellent education inspired by the best French and English school systems for more than 118 years.

Founded in 1899 by sociologist Edmond Demolen, Roche School is located in the heart of the Normandy countryside, a green and generous land with an exceptional heritage.

Today, Ecole des Roches is an exclusive international mixed-type educational institution and provides quality education to more than 400 students from around the world. The school is located on a 60-hectare campus in the small town of Verney-sur-Avre, in the heart of the beautiful and calm countryside of the French province of Normandy. Roche is the only school in France that offers a complete immersion in learning for students aged 7 to 18 years, regardless of their level of knowledge of the French language and duration of school.


To date, the school offers the following programs:

- The FLE program (French as a foreign language) with gradual integration into the general educational French system (elementary school, college or lyceum). This program is intended for students from 7 to 17 years old with a level of French language from 0 to B1 / B 2

Education under this program is possible from 2 weeks to 1 academic year

- The program of the elementary school within the academic year (from 1 to 5 grade of the comprehensive school)

- The program of the College in the framework of the academic year (from 6 to 9 grade of the school)

- Lyceum program in the framework of the academic year (from 9 to 11 grade of the school + 1 additional year)

- IB program for the academic year (2 years of study + 1 preparatory)

- Summer and winter language camp (French)


Now you have a unique opportunity to make an appointment with a representative of the École des Roches admissions office in SMAPSE office!


SMAPSE will be glad to see you and your children!

More about the meeting:

When: February 26

Our address : Moscow, BC Tupolev Plaza, 15, Academician Tupolev Embankment, bld. 2, floor 4, office 51.

Email for recording:

Register for the meeting! Limited number of seats.




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