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2018-07-30 11:57:11

Language camps in Montreux for foreign students: information

Language camps in Montreux for foreign students: information

The language camp in Montreux during the school holidays provides students with a wonderful opportunity not only to tighten their knowledge of a foreign language, but also to have a good rest, to get a unique experience of living abroad, to communicate in an international environment with peers from other states, to touch culture of Switzerland. The children's camp in Montreux offers courses for students - and here you can learn more about them!

Going to any language camp in Montreux, the student will be able to achieve fairly good progress in learning a foreign language in a rather short period of time, and since this is a children's camp, he can also have a great rest on vacation. Institutions of Montreux organize summer camps and language courses for students every year during the summer holidays, enjoying a growing popularity year by year among students from almost all over the world. The children's camp in Montreux offers high-quality rest and education in an unobtrusive format not only in summer, but also in winter - in Switzerland there are very great opportunities to practice winter sports. Such a successful combination of study and vacations within the framework of vacation language educational programs for students in Montreux is one of the main directions of educational tourism in the countries of the European Union. Switzerland is a unique country in terms of foreign languages, since the official state languages ​​in Switzerland are 4 languages ​​at once: French, Romansh, Italian and German. The whole of Switzerland is divided into cantons, in each of which one or another foreign language can prevail. However, the vast majority of Swiss speakers speak English at a high level, and many language camps in Montreux offer English language instruction.

The most popular and ranked children's camps in Montreux, offering language courses for students, are:

For example, consider these 3 different options.

Bordingovaya School St. George's School was founded by graduates of the famous Oxford University almost a hundred years ago, and is now taking on the education of girls and boys aged 11 to 18 years old in classical education GCSE program, the International Baccalaureate (International Baccalaureate). The educational institution also organizes summer and winter language courses in English, French. In addition, there is the opportunity to learn German and even Chinese, but only at the initial level.

This school-boarding house is included in the list of 50 best educational institutions of Switzerland, almost 100% of graduates subsequently successfully enter the leading higher educational institutions of the world. Within the walls of the school, the emphasis is on educating students in such values ​​as humanism and tolerance.

A summer camp for students is organized on the territory of an educational institution located on the picturesque shore of the beautiful Lake Geneva. The windows of educational buildings and hostels overlook the fascinating Alps, forests and meadows. Clean nature and fresh mountain air will surely benefit the students!

Of course, in this children's camp Montre provides a rich program of extra-curricular activities, including both creative activities, and sports games and competitions. A unique feature of the camp is a great attention to the development of the literary talent of the students: on a regular basis, various competitions of poets and recitations are held, where everyone can try themselves in writing and reading poems or works in a foreign language.

As for the cost of the educational programs of the children's language camp at the St. George's, then studying English, French or German, combined with an exciting program of extracurricular activities, will cost you from 2,800 ₣ per week of the child's stay in the camp.

Accommodation of students is organized in the hostel on the territory of the educational institution in two or three-bed spacious rooms equipped with everything necessary for comfortable learning and recreation. By the way, there is the possibility of living in a single room. Meals here are organized on the principle of a full board, that is, students receive meals three meals a day in the general school cafeteria.

The Montreux summer camp at the Monte Rosa Institute takes boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 19 to study and rest. Attention is given to summer and winter language courses for students in the format of a language camp. The educational institution is included in the list of five leading schools of the family type in Switzerland. The school is located just an hour's drive from Geneva, on the shores of Lake Geneva, surrounded on one side by a picturesque bay, and on the other - by a mountain range, woodlands. In Montreux, a relatively mild climate, which makes staying in the city as comfortable as possible.

This children's camp in Montreux offers courses for students with learning English, French, German during the summer holidays or in the winter from 2,000 ₣ per week in the language camp.

In hostels, students are also accommodated for 2-3 people, there is the possibility of living in a single apartment. As for meals, it is organized on the principle of full boarding - 3 times a day.

Finally, another good and relatively inexpensive option for language learning in courses for students in summer or winter is the summer camp in Montreux Alpadia Montreux. This educational institution accepts only French language for the education of students aged 13 to 17, the period of study is from the beginning of July to the middle of August.

The children's language camp Alpadia is located in the French resort of Montreux and is within walking distance of Lake Geneva. This summer camp in Montreux is a wonderful choice for young people who lead an active lifestyle. A summer camp for students allows not only to improve the level of French, but also to enjoy the beautiful nature of Switzerland, to touch the history of the country, to visit the main attractions of Switzerland, and to find new friends from all over the world, having a unique experience of living in a foreign country. By the way, the cost of this children's camp in Montreux is much more affordable than previous options: for a week of studying French in the summer camp of Alpadia Montreux, you need to pay from 1,400 ₣.

Accommodation in the children's language camp Alpadia Montreux is offered in 2 versions: in a student hostel and in a host family. In the case of the residence, students are accommodated in double rooms equipped with everything necessary for comfortable living and recreation. Meals - 3 meals a day, according to the principle of full boarding.

One of the main advantages of the Alpadia Montreux children's camp is a rich leisure program of extra-curricular activities. Students go on an organized excursion to various places of interest like Montreux and nearby cities. In addition, students are offered different kinds of sports: football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, tennis and badminton, golf, as well as sailing boats and catamarans! In winter, children can practice mountain skiing or snowboarding. Among the creative circles, the most popular classes are acting, painting, design, etc ..

Children's language camp in Montreux Alpadia Montreux is:

  • High-quality Swiss education in French;
  • Effective language education program;
  • Classes in an unobtrusive (sometimes in game) form;
  • Full immersion in the cultural, academic and linguistic environment of Switzerland;
  • A huge selection of extracurricular activities, as well as a rich leisure program of activities.

There are other options for children's language camps in Montreux, you can find them on SMAPSE website.

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