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Internship in TOP universities and companies abroad

Passing internships at the best European companies while studying abroad is an invaluable opportunity to earn professional experience before obtaining a diploma, establish useful contacts and, in fact, prepare a foundation for future prospective employment. In this article, we will outline the main advantages and bonuses for foreign students, types and features of internships, we will mention educational institutions abroad that provide the most prestigious options.

Internships in TOP Western companies: advantages for international students

Practicing and internships at the best foreign companies and universities (including universities from the TOP-50 world rankings and Ivy League) offer very significant advantages:

  • Experience of practice in real conditions, testing all the knowledge gained in practice, honing the skills acquired at the university
  • Accurate understanding of the construction of work processes, the ability to clearly set tasks and work out the best ways to accomplish them
  • An ability to write scientific articles and conduct research, scientific work: a student who has such works in the portfolio and co-author status is very much appreciated by future employers
  • A real chance to work with the best experts in the chosen field, literally absorb the experience and knowledge of a professional mentor
  • An opportunity to be enrolled in a specific laboratory / department of the institute, to continue cooperation on more favourable terms.
  • Confirmation of practical experience with an internship certificate - this will be a significant reinforcement of the summary
  • Additional reinforcement of the resume will give a recommendation from a mentor / internship supervisor: this is useful both when enrolling in TOP universities in the world, and when applying for a job
  • Natural powerful stimulus to further education and development, to a deeper and more conscious study of disciplines, improvement of analytical thinking. A student, ranking himself among the ranks of the intellectual elite, becomes more responsible and disciplined, reveals a special scientific intuition.


Foreign internships for international students: areas, options, popular areas

There are a number of internship areas. Internships in the following professional fields are in particular demand:

  • IT areas: system programming, computer science, quantum computer science, cybersecurity, etc.
  • Economy
  • Chemistry
  • Finance
  • Banking
  • Business Administration and Management
  • Genetic engineering (like all medical fields)
  • applied Physics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Nanotechnology
  • Industrial Mathematics and some others.


Organizing an internship abroad for foreign students

Organization of the internship is a difficult and slow process. The complexity is associated with a huge number of applicants, which causes both the highest competition for each place, and incredibly high requirements for each applicant. In fact, the process of applying for an internship to a distinguished leader or a top company is by difficulty comparable to admission to a prestigious university in the world! That is why our first request to those who wish is to create a request for an internship for at least a year: there will be enough time to find a suitable option, enhance skills and personal knowledge, and be able to take limited vacant places in time.

Each internship is an individual project: it is built exclusively under conditions and possibilities of the applicant, his unique data, knowledge and needs. The basic procedure for an internship is as follows:

  • We receive an application for internship (ideally - at least a year)
  • Search for suitable options and individual selection: quotas and vacancies are taken into account, the candidate’s level of preparation
  • Interviewing a candidate with a selected company / laboratory / university, preliminary approval for an intern position
  • Coordination of exact dates, cost, conditions
  • Payment of the contract
  • Presentation of the current scientific curator / manager: he will not only follow all the work in the internship process, but will also prepare the student before it starts, will introduce in the course of the matter, explain the specifics of work in a particular enterprise. After the end of the practice, the curator prepares a full report and recommendations, signs a certificate of participation. As a rule, the final certificate is issued after the final major task is completed in the current specialty - the task is created individually by the curator each time.


Choose the best internship

SMAPSE is ready to offer the best options for international students who want to become true professionals in their field. Already, we can offer you following directions:

  1. Internship at Ivy League universities - TOP American universities, which include:
  • Harvard
  • Princeton
  • Yale
  • Brown College
  • Columbia university
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Cornell
  • Dartmouth.
  1. Internship in the European Parliament under the leadership of one of its members

These are the fulfillment of small current assignments, planning of EP meetings and the correction of texts. An individual pass is issued to all Parliament buildings (officially allowed to visit), including the library, and the curator, the current member of the European Parliament, will introduce the trainee to the features of the organization’s work and write a letter of recommendation in the final. Takes 1-4 weeks.

  1. Internship at Mercury Communications

A large and prestigious PR agency for luxe class brands. The student will receive unique skills in the use of professional programs, analytics for clients and employees, will constantly work with electronic and paper correspondence. Additionally, a pass to all events of agents and brands with which Mercury Communications works, and a mandatory reference letter on the results of the internship. The usual duration is 2 weeks.

  1. Internship at Brussels Times

The intern will help write articles (perhaps even a personal blog) and other materials for this media: the size of the work is approved individually each time, using a Skype interview with a representative of Brussels Times. Duration: from a week to a month.

  1. Writing a scientific article under the guidance of renowned professors

We keep in touch with the best of the best: representatives of Harvard, Yale, Cambridge and other top foreign universities. The student will have an opportunity to co-author the article for the New York Times, CNN, Washinghton Post and other prestigious world publications. In this embodiment, the work is possible both internally (if you can fly to the specialist for the time you work personally) or via Skype. The work usually takes up to 10 weeks, and the result will be a publication with you as a collaborator and a letter of recommendation.

  1. Jobs at investment firm Hambro Perks

Internship in one of the world's largest technology investment corporations: in their portfolio - an investment valuation of more than $ 1 billion (including projects such as LaundrApp and What3Words). Standard duration is 1-2 weeks.

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