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How to enter the school in Germany for international students

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How to enter the school in Germany for international students

German schools - almost a synonym for qualitative and prestigious education of the European type, so the question of how to enter the school of Germany, worries parents all over the world. In this article we will tell you what you need to consider and what you need to pay attention to successfully enter the German school, what are their advantages and features.

German schools offer education in primary, secondary and high school. It is worth considering that if you plan to study at German University - the German certificate Abitur assumes a longer study. That is why it is recommended to enter the school of Germany no later than the 10th grade in order to have time to adapt to the national education system and get the necessary amount of linguistic and academic knowledge.

For studying in Germany you will need a good knowledge of a foreign language: German and English. Of course, many German schools organize support courses for foreigners, but we recommend preparing in advance - to take language courses or a shift at the seasonal camp, go to academic semester.

As an introduction to selected institutions, Smapse can arrange for you a trip to the school: you can see the level of comfort and equipment of the campus, look at hostels and classes, talk with teachers and the director.

Remember that the more prestigious the school, the more strict requirements it places on its entrants. To enter the German school students should be prepared in advance, about a year before the expected start of classes: specify the deadlines and rules for filing applications, collect a package of documents, get a visa. The company Smapse will help you correctly issue and translate all required documents - usually this:

  • Passport passport + photos of passport format
  • A report card with grades of 2-3 years from the previous place of study
  • Cover letter "Why do I want to study at your school"
  • Completed application
  • Reference letters from teachers and class teacher
  • Existing awards, cups and medals, certificates

Studying in German schools for foreign students is paid: the more prestigious the school, the higher the cost. But, nevertheless, German schools remain more accessible than similar institutions United Kingdom or United States . In addition, talented and gifted students can count on various scholarships and bonuses, grants that can cover a significant part of the cost of training.

Contact Smapse - and we will arrange your admission to the school in Germany with minimal time, finances and forces.

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