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High schools in Montreux

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High schools in Montreux

The Swiss city of Montreux has long been popular with foreign families. Here come to admire the Alps and Lake Geneva, enjoy a mild climate and an impeccable ecology. At the same time, it is known not only for its tourist opportunities, but also for elite boarding schools where students from all over the world receive a prestigious Swiss education in a safe and comfortable environment.

Advantages of private schools in Montreux

  • Swiss education, thanks to its quality, opens the doors of top universities and the world's leading companies;
  • The Montreux Schools give students the possibility of continuing language practice, since instruction is conducted in several languages and surrounded by students from all over the world;
  • The campuses of the Montreux guesthouses are located in an ecologically clean area with stunning views of the Alpine mountains and Lake Geneva;
  • Most of Montreux's guesthouses are distinguished by a family and tranquil atmosphere: students are motivated to achieve, but without pressure;
  • Special language programs for foreign students help quickly adapt to learning and communicating with peers in foreign languages;
  • Swiss teachers are considered to be among the most progressive in the world: many innovations in world education appear precisely in this country;
  • Switzerland practices a liberal visa policy: a study visa or residence permit is much easier to obtain here than in the UK. At the same time, according to the rankings, Swiss boarding houses avoid British ones.
  • The cost of education in boarding schools in Montreux starts from 20,000 ₣ for a term. The price, as a rule, includes accommodation, meals and everything that is necessary for the learning process.

Features of teaching in the schools of Montreux

In Montreux schools, as in all of Switzerland, there is no single educational system. Each institution develops its own program and adheres to its own rules. There is no concept of fundamental education, but much attention is paid to physical development, leadership education and the study of foreign languages. Despite the lack of a single standard, education in Switzerland is considered prestigious around the world.

Private schools offer education in various European and American programs.

  • Swiss Schweizer Maturität with education in German, French and English;
  • British GCSE and A-level certificates with education in English;
  • American high school certificates Diploma and Advanced Placement with education in English;
  • French French Baccalaureate with education in French;
  • German diploma Das Deutsche Abitur, replacing the education in 12 and 13 classes of the German school with education in German;
  • Italian passport Esame di Stato with education in Italian.

There are many international private schools open to foreign students from all over the world. In such institutions, students coming from abroad feel most comfortable. Since all the time the students spend in the hostel, they are organized for a large number of cultural and sporting activities. Students go on excursions in Switzerland, visit ski resorts, go horseback riding, go to creative clubs and numerous sports sections.

The most elite and prestigious private schools in Montreux

  • John F. Kennedy International School is an elite school that demonstrates a high ranking. There is almost a homely atmosphere here, as only 60 children from 4 to 14 years of age study and live in the school. All classes are conducted in English in accordance with the standards of British education.
  • The private school Institut Monte Rosa is one of the top five Swiss-style schools of the family type. Here students are 6 to 19 years old. The school offers a wide variety of programs on American and British standards. Thanks to a flexible schedule, different programs can be combined with each other. It teaches English, French, Chinese, Russian and Italian languages, and in their spare time children attend creative workshops and technology sections.
  • School Surval Montreux - a prestigious school for girls from 11 to 21 years, educating future women leaders. Students learn British and American programs, study languages, go in for sports and horseback riding.
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