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FAQ for agents

FAQ for agents

In this section you will find answers to the most common questions of agents regarding cooperation with SMAPSE company.

1. How do I get visa?

Answer: SMAPSE managers are engaged in preparing documents, translations, solving visa issues. There is no need in personal attendance.

2. How can I understand that the project is not a fraud and the agent's work will be paid in accordance with reached agreements?

Answer: SMAPSE is working officially. The company is ready to provide each agent with registration documents, certificates confirming partnerships with foreign private schools, language centers, universities. We are focused on long-term mutually beneficial cooperation. It is advantageous for us to encourage our agents, to motivate them to active work. Cooperation agreement can be reached during conversation online or at a personal meeting.

3. When remuneration is paid to the agent (commission)?

Answer: The commission is paid according to the worked recommendation. That is, your client starts to study the course - you get a payment.

4. How commission is paid?

Answer: SMAPSE agents receive compensation through the bank. Commission fees are transferred to a settlement, card account.

5. How can I advertise a project for successful customer acquisition?

Answer: All information and materials you need for the job, you can find on Brochures for educational institutions, video, photos, articles are available for viewing online. You can show a potential client the information using electronic media, send by e-mail. Also, advertising materials can be printed and distributed. After coordination with a manager the agent can receive ready leaflets, brochures by mail.

6. What can I offer to clients: which SMAPSE programs are the most profitable?

Answer: To potential clients, who are interested in affordable education abroad, you can offer popular language courses in the UK. They usually take at least a week. The intensity of studying is 3 lessons per day. You can choose between the first and second shift (the latter will be cheaper). The cost of the standard course is about 200 dollars per week. To this sum it is necessary to add payment of staying in a host family (160$), tickets for the plane (from 140$), consulage (about 100$). A week course program in the UK will cost 600$ per week. A two-week course program will cost about 1 000$. In many language courses, as the duration of studies increases, its cost decreases. It is cheaper for client to study in small provincial cities than in university centers and London. But at the same time, the student will have to spend additional funds for transfer from the airport (individual, railway).

7. Which programs are the most expensive?

Answer: The most expensive programs are annual programs for children and yougsters up to 18 years in private boarding schools. The price of the course depends on many factors, starting from the country, where the institution is located, ending with its status. SMAPSE cooperates with prestigious schools in Europe, Asia, Australia and Oceania, America, Canada. The programs of one-year studying and full boarding in some of them can cost up to 55 000$.

The most expensive adult courses are individual programs for studying business English, corporate training and master's degree in top universities of the world.

8. On I did not find answers to some questions about education in a particular country. What should I do?

Answer: Contact us in any convenient way. SMAPSE managers are highly qualified professionals, who are always ready to advise clients and agents on any arising issues. If necessary, project managers will find for you rare (specific) courses, prepare thematic articles and materials.

9. Do I need to meet with a representative of SMAPSE. How to organize a meeting?

Answer: During working hours from Monday to Saturday, you can contact our online manager. Modern telecommunication achievements allow us to work remotely. Telecommunications also allow us to resolve operational issues quickly. We are ready to discuss all questions, contact us!

10. How does SMAPSE support agents, clients located in the regions?

Answer: SMAPSE uses maximum means of communication in order to provide agents, clients and partners with convenient access to the necessary information. To contact the company agents, clients can use e-mail, Skype, phone, Viber, WhatsApp, etc. Most of SMAPSE's work is done online. We have tried to minimise bureaucratic processes. Working with Smapse is convenient at any distance.

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Madina Esentai
Hello, what are the conditions for enrollment in your high school? Do I need TOEFL or IELTS? Is it possible to take only one of the above exams? thanks
Smapse Manager
Good afternoon Madina. Our manager will contact you by email.
Hello, I'm interested in the affiliate program. My colleague opened an international personnel center and we plan to open training courses (now we are waiting for a license) for further training and cooperation with universities and educational agencies around the world. The point is to select educational programs for young specialists and high school students all over the world in order to apply their knowledge to us. The idea is not new, but I like this direction, I teach myself remotely, and my goal is to develop not just as an agent for sales of educational services, but to create such an advisory network as Ulab, like the Moscow INPUCT HUB, only an educational one. If my idea suits you, ready to continue the conversation!
Natalia hello! We ask you to clarify which specific areas and programs are of interest to you and your students for studying abroad? We look forward to collaborating. We also pay a commission from the training programs that your customers choose. Email us at
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