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TOP-10 language schools and colleges in Switzerland where international students can study high-quality aademic language courses

Education information

Nowadays, Switzerland is one of the most popular country among foreign students  wishing to get high-quality education abroad. SMAPSE offers you TOP-10 language schools and colleges in Switzerland where international students can study academic language courses. Swiss language schools provide high-quality studying conditions, a wide range of courses and programs, exciting cultural programs and high-qualified teachers as native speakers.

SMAPSE experts have collected for you 10 best Swiss language schools that allow to combine effective academic language courses with exciting experience of studying abroad. Please, don't hesitate to contact SMAPSE experts as they are always ready to answer all your questions. 

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Studying foreign languages for academic purposes in Switzerland

Why are academic programs so popular with foreign students? The fact is that in order to successfully study at a university abroad with numerous scientific studies, essays, final qualification works, you need to know the rules of academic writing, or academic writing. This implies: knowledge of special vocabulary and rules for the design and structuring of the text, the ability to think analytically and reasonably express their point of view and, of course, a competent presentation.

This section offers comprehensive information about schools, international programs, prices and reviews. If you have questions, you can always consult SMAPSE specialists. We offer:

  • FREE services for admission to partner institutions, the number of places is limited
  • Assistance in the selection of establishments
  • Advice on which documents to collect
  • We inform you what are the requirements for filing the documents and deadlines for admission.

Private school Institut auf dem Rosenberg

Institut auf dem Rosenberg is one of the most prestigious secondary schools in Switzerland. Founded in the XIX century, today, it has membership in the association of private boarding schools of the country, the European Council of international schools. Consider the features of studying in Switzerland on the example of this reputable educational institution:

  • Basic information

The educational institution prepares students for admission to the famous universities of the world (in the EU, the USA, Canada). The boarding school is distinguished by a variety of language programs. There are 4 departments in the educational institution: German, English, French, Italian. Highly qualified teachers work with students of each of them. The philosophy of the institution implies the absence of cliches and templates in building relationships with students. Every child is perceived as a person. His preferences, ambitions, opportunities are taken into account when drawing up an individual curriculum.

  • Upbringing and development of students

Institut auf dem Rosenberg has strict discipline rules. At the same time, the school maintains a family atmosphere, very friendly, favourable for the development of children's abilities. In an educational institution, students not only receive academic knowledge. Here children are taught to be responsible quickly make effective decisions. These qualities are the key to future successful studies at the university, career, life in general. A graduate of a boarding school is a person who is capable of clear self-discipline, motivated by achievements.

  • International Center for students

The Rosenberg Institute is known as an international language center. Here, the study of Italian, English and German is carried out at the academic level. To enter one of the 4 foreign branches (in Italy, Switzerland, Germany or international), you must confirm the language level. Language courses can be attended even after admission to Institut auf dem Rosenberg to deepen knowledge or prepare for certification exams.

  • Learning Features for foreign students 

Studying takes place during cultural events. Pupils in language courses visit excursions Milan, Zurich, Munich, Innsbruck, Geneva, Lucerne, Como and Paris. On Sunday, educational and developmental trips to museums, theaters, galleries, operas are provided. Also, children rest outside school after lunch on Wednesday and Saturday. An extensive group program has been developed for the duration of the courses, including more than 20 trips, trips, and competitions. All recreational activities take into account the interests and age of children, allow them to learn local traditions, language, culture during excursions.

  • Leisure activities

Swiss students can spend their free time karting in Montlingen. The German branch provides climbing classes in two sports complexes in the federal state of Hesse (Kronberg) and Bavaria (Immenstadt). Pupils can usefully spend time at an exhibition in Basel (Switzerland) or get acquainted with crafts at local exhibitions in host cities. Children can appreciate the beauty of nature and the exceptional quality of Swiss ski slopes in Davos, Laax, Klosters, Grush-Danuze and Lenzerheide. Young people are also interested in evening skiing. Those who do not yet consider themselves an ace skiing, can admire the competitions of athletes-sledders in Betsau (Austria) and Kronberg (Germany) or skiing in Davos.

Students can have fun and enjoy the sea of pleasure in the Europa-Park in the city of Rust (Germany). The park is considered the second largest entertainment center in Europe in terms of attendance after Disneyland in Paris. Connoisseurs of beautiful cars will appreciate the excursion to Geneva with a visit to Auto-Salon Genf.

Students also get acquainted with the city where the school is located, walks to local attractions, educational excursions. You can also actively engage in sports, take part in bowling, tennis or football tournaments. Curious biologists are happy to visit oceanariums and zoos in Zurich, Gossau (Switzerland) and Konstanz (Germany). The sports complex in Winterthur will not leave indifferent lovers of youth sports as it places a huge rollerdrome and climbing wall. Connoisseurs of the beautiful can book an excursion to the oldest professional theater in St. Gallen (Switzerland) or enjoy an opera performance at the Zurich Theater.

Top 9 best language schools in Switzerland 2021

1 Alpadia Montreux
2 Alpadia Ascona
3 Ecole Lemania
4 Home Language International
5 Institut Villa Pierrefeu
6 Verbier Language School
7   LSI Zurich
8 LSI Montreux
9 LSI Lugano

Statistics of English courses in England

Programs Intensity Group Language requirements The minimum cost of the week
General English       15-20 8-10                       Starter £240+
Intensive English Course 28-30 6-12 Beginner £310+
Super Intensive English Course 35-40 6-10 Beginner £350+
Exam Preparation Courses 20-25 6-12 Intermediate £355+
Business English 20-25 7-10 Intermediate £355+
Intensive Business English 25-30 7-10 Intermediate £380+
Academic English 20-25 6-12 Beginner £280+
English plus 10-15 5-10 Intermediate £355+
English for Work 25-30 10-14 Beginner £355+
Vacation English 10-15 5-10 Beginner £270+
One-to-One lessons individual 1 Starter £50+ - 1 lesson

Statistics of English courses in the USA

Programs Intensity Group Language requirements Cost of the week
General English 15-20 8-10 Beginner 375 USD+
Intensive English Course 28-30 6-12 Elementary 430 USD+
Super Intensive English Course 35-40 6-10 Intermediate 475 USD+
Exam Preparation Courses 20-25 6-12 Intermediate 525 USD+
Business English 20-25 7-10 Intermediate 525 USD+
English plus hobby 10-15 5-10 Intermediate 550 USD+
Study & Live in your Teacher's Home 25-30 2-3 Beginner 1,000 USD+
Vacation English 10-15 5-10 Beginner 415 USD+
One-to-One lessons individual 1 Beginner 70 USD+ - 1 lesson

Statistics of English courses in Canada

Programs Intensity Group Language requirements The minimum cost of the week
General English 20 10-15 Beginner 310 USD+
Semi-Intensive English 24 10-13 Beginner 340 USD+
Intensive English 25-30 10-13 Beginner 350 USD+
Academic English 25-30 10-13 Beginner 370 USD+
English for Business 25-30 10-13 Intermediate 380 USD+
English for Work 30 10-13 Intermediate 380 USD+
Cambridge Exam Preparation 20-30 10-13 Intermediate 310 USD+
IELTS/TOEFL/TOEICPreparation 20-30 10-13 Intermediate 310 USD+
One-to-One Lessons individual 1 Starter 85 USD+/lesson
Club 40+ 20+ 8-10 Starter 565 USD+
English Plus 20+ 8-10 Starter 450 USD+
Academic Semester/Year 20-25 10-15 Beginner 285 USD+

Top 30 best language schools in USA 2021

Top 40 best language schools in the UK 2021

1 OISE London
2 EC London Covent Garden
3 OISE Oxford
4 London School of English
5 OISE Cambridge
6 UIC Oxford International
7 Kaplan International English London Covent Garden
8 Regents University London
9 LAL London Summer School
10 Home Language International
11 Oxford International Study Centre
12 Regent Oxford School
13 Stafford House School of English London
14 EC London Euston
15 Living Learning English
16 The Language Gallery
17 Skola London English Summer School in London
18 Harrow House International College
19 Brighton Language College BLC
20 Kaplan International English London Leicester Square
21 Frances King School of English London Kensington
22 Regent Scanbrit Bournemouth
23 Stafford House School of English Canterbury
24 Malvern House London
25 Wimbledon School of English
26 UIC English London Greenwich
27 Studio Cambridge
28 Alpadia Keele
29 EC Cambridge
30 Cavendish School of English
31 EC Brighton
32 EC Manchester
33 Oxford International UIC Brighton
34 EC Bristol
35      EC Oxford
36 St. Giles International London Central
37 Twin Group
38 Burlington School of English
39 Hampstead School of English London
40 St. Giles London Highgate

Top 20 best language schools in Canada 2021

Top 15 best language schools in Ireland 2021

Statistics of English courses in Ireland

Programs Intensity Group Language requirements The minimum cost of the week
General English 15-22,5 8-12 Beginner €130+
Intensive Courses 25-30 5-10 Beginner €220+
Combined Courses 25-30 5-10 Beginner €305+
IELTS Preparation Courses 25-30 8-10 Intermediate €220+
Cambridge Preparation Course 20-30 8-10 Intermediate €130+
English for Business 25-30 6-10 Intermediate €220+
One-to-one tuition individual 1 Beginner €35+ lesson
Academic Year Programme 20 10-15 Beginner €2,70

Cost of living in Switzerland

Expenses - USD/Month. Min. Med.
Accommodation 598 787
Food 413 759
Transportation 61 291
Communications and utilities 96 110
Clothing 36 135
Sports and leisure 52 185
Total 1,256 2,268


Statistics of English courses in Switzerland

Programs Intensity Group Language requirements The minimum cost of the week (CHF)
Standard curses 15-20 6-12 Beginner 300+
Intensive courses 30 6-15 Beginner 430+
Semi-intensive courses 25 6-15 Beginner 380+
Conversation training 4 5-9 Beginner 60+
Exam preparation courses 30 6-8 Intermediate 530+
Business german courses 2 6-8 Intermediate 70+
Courses for professionals 10-15 1-2 Beginner 200+
Private lessons individual 1-2 Beginner 98/les. +

Accommodation in Switzerland

Shared room outside of centre 604
Shared room in city centre 795
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 914
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 1,242


Estimated Costs

Estimated Costs Min., CHF Average CHF
Consular fee of the embassy 40 68
Flight (Moscow - Zurich - Moscow) 250 300
Medical insurance 70 130
Study material 30 60
Delivery of invitations by express mail 70 100
Transfer/Escort 110 150
Additional payment for accommodation per week, during the high season 220 360
Additional payment for tuition per week, during the high season 80 120
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