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Brookes Education Group - British School Network

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Brookes Education Group - British School Network

Since September 2018, the unique educational institution - the international school Brookes School Moscow - has started its activity, which aims to provide education in Russia in accordance with the latest world standards. In Brooks, students do not just learn: they become real leaders who value life and the world around them, who can critically think, create and create new things. The school considers it its mission to make sure that every pupil receives the necessary foundation of knowledge and skills for the beginning of adulthood and a successful career.

Brookes School Moscow is part of the global network of Brookes Education Group, which unites 7 educational institutions around the world - in Britain, Canada (2 schools), USA, South Korea, India, Russia (other campuses are planned to be opened). The organization aims to create a unique climate within institutions, through which the potential and talents of each student are revealed. A big plus is the close partnership between the offices, thanks to which students have the opportunity to visit other countries and to attend part of their studies in one of the Brooks campuses, which contributes to the development of interethnic dialogue and understanding.

The teaching staff of the institution was formed from exclusively highly qualified foreign and Russian specialists, most of whom have prestigious degrees and solid work experience. The international composition of teachers has other branches as well. This principle helps the network to be truly international and adequate, to react promptly to the educational and philosophical needs of students from different cultural and religious groups. Moreover, all teachers are certified by the International Baccalaureate Organization: in Brooks, the International Baccalaureate (IB) program is taught. International Baccalaureate is a prestigious international program that gives you the opportunity to get a better education and subsequently enroll in any university in the world (in the Moscow school, the IB course will become available in the near future).

Campuses of schools are examples of world quality in equipment - they can be envied by many institutions! The Moscow campus occupies a new building, located next to the Botanical Garden and not far from the heart of the capital - Red Square. There is everything for comfortable study: modern auditoriums, laboratories, a library, creative studios, gyms and playgrounds, public spaces. The complex includes a park area and a garden, part of the Yauza River embankment, where active reconstruction and sports grounds and play areas are also being built. The campus is divided into 2 parts - a kindergarten for 240 children and a school housing 540 students.

Education in Brookes School Moscow, as well as in any other center of the network, helps students to open their potential, to get a serious knowledge base, to decide on the way ahead. Brookes Education Group is the choice of those parents who want a better future for their child!

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