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Best universities in Ireland 2018

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Best universities in Ireland 2018

The best universities in Ireland - a ranking compiled by independent international commissions that helps applicants to choose a university for getting higher education. The first universities were created in the 16th century, until 1949 they were the vehicles of English culture. In 1949, Ireland gained independence - since that time the government has been taking care of the development of education in the country: attracting foreign students, subsidizing research centers, etc.

The best universities in Ireland, TOP universities in Ireland 2018 attract thousands of applicants from all over the world due to 4 main reasons:

  • Research base. Ireland does not lag behind in this respect from England and the USA - large research centers in the field of medicine, engineering and other fields are concentrated in the country's universities. Students are attracted by the innovativeness of laboratories and teachers, who have become famous thanks to their great contribution to the world community and science.
  • The presence of IT giants. In Ireland there are representative offices of Facebook, Google, LinkedIn. Soon it is planned to open offices of other giants in this field - this gives students the opportunity to get practice in the world's largest companies with billions of capital, which will undoubtedly be a wealth of experience and will give an advantage in their future careers.
  • Admission process. In Ireland, there is a single system for applicants, simplifying the entire process of submitting documents, passing tests and exams.
  • Friendliness. Residents are considered one of the friendliest and most communicative people in the world - students from other countries will feel comfortable here, will quickly find new friends.

The best universities in Ireland, TOP universities in Ireland 2018 offer different specialties and programs, but the most popular are:

  • IT-technologies, programming
  • Political science
  • Medicine and veterinary medicine.

The best universities in Ireland, the top universities in Ireland-2018 attract foreign students by their accessibility: for residents of the country and citizens of the European Union, studying here is completely free. For foreign students scholarships and grants are provided that cover a large share of financial expenses for education.

One of the basic requirements for admission to an Irish university is English proficiency. You will increase the chances of success if you attend pre-university courses for schoolchildren and students in Ireland: there are short-term and long-term programs (from 1-2 weeks to 6 months or more).

Ireland ranking




Trinity College Dublin



University College Dublin



National University of Ireland Galway



University college cork



Dublin City university



University of Limerick



Dublin Institute of Technology



Maynooth university


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