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2018-07-30 11:57:14

Best secondary schools in Switzerland

Best secondary schools in Switzerland

The education system of Switzerland is recognized as one of the best in the world, therefore, education in high school in Switzerland will be an excellent option abroad. Each canton (region) is completely independent and has the right to assert its own education system. Diplomas awarded by secondary schools in Switzerland in different cantons are mutually recognized.

Features and programs of study in secondary schools in Switzerland

The country's education system is represented by public and private educational institutions - Switzerland's secondary school is divided into 3 main stages:

  • Junior (compulsory for students aged 6-9 years). It is distinguished by a thorough study of the state languages of the country.
  • Average (compulsory for students under 15 years of age). Studying compulsory academic disciplines.
  • Senior (if desired, up to 19 years). Students come here wishing to continue their studies at the university.

The lower and middle stages belong to the Secondaire I stage and are designed for 9 years of study. Senior - to Secondaire II, is designed for 3 years and entitles you to get a certificate of full secondary education (Maturité gymnasiale).

It is better to start preparing for admission in advance - this is due to the fact that in each educational institution there is a certain number of quotas for foreign students, and receipt of applications for admission is conducted within the limits of the allocated quotas. For admission, you will need to provide the following set of documents translated into one of the official languages:

  • birth certificate;
  • health certificate;
  • the table of assessments for the previous period;
  • confirmation of residence in the country.

In Switzerland, various academic programs have been adopted. Consider the main ones:

  • British ( A-level & GCSE ): ideal for those who plan further education at universities in the UK.
  • American: the best option for those who plan to enter the universities of America.
  • Anglo-American: more universal in terms of further admission to British and American universities.
  • French.
  • German ( Abitur ): practiced in the German-speaking part of the country, after which the further transition to the best universities in Germany is almost guaranteed.
  • International Bacallaureat (IB): the successful completion of IB gives an opportunity to enter any university in Europe. In addition to English, it is mandatory to study another foreign language (German, French or Italian to choose from).

The advantages of studying in a Swiss secondary school for foreign students 

  • The quality of Swiss education can be worthy of competition, even English. After graduating from high school in Switzerland, a graduate can enroll in almost any university in Europe.
  • Four state languages enable foreign students to immerse themselves in a multinational environment and to receive education in several languages at once.
  • A foreign student can choose one of five national educational programs: German, British, French, Italian or Anglo-American - each of which includes the study of 3 additional languages and specialization (humanitarian, technical or social sciences).
  • Educational institutions try to impart love of students to sports and an active way of life - for this purpose all conditions are created in the country. Most of the elite and private boarding schools are located in the foothills and are high-class mini-resorts.

Foreign students prefer private boarding schools. The quality of education at the highest level, classes are equipped with the latest technology, luxurious residences for living - all imbued with prestige and elitism. Heads of state, high-ranking officials, titled artists, outstanding scientists have long preferred Swiss educational institutions.

List of the best secondary schools in Switzerland for international students






College Du Leman, Versoix, Geneva.

Prestigious authoritative educational institution of the country. Certificates are recognized in the EU and the world.

Infrastructure fully provides the organization of the educational process, sports and creative development of students. On the campus there is a sports center, a theater, a music club, a photo studio, a media center, a library, and a recreation and tourism center. The excellent location on the shores of Lake Geneva contributes to the sports development of students: in the summer, there are all kinds of water sports, in the winter - skiing, snowboarding in the Alps.

Accommodation is organized in comfortable residences of a separate type, rooms are designed for 2-4 people. Meal - 3 times a day.

Primary school (5-10 years old)

from 41,500 ₣ / semester

The middle classes (11-14 years old)

GCSE (14-16 years old)

A-Level (16-18 years old)

International Baccalaureate, IB (18+)

Summer and winter language programs (English, French, Spanish)

from 1,990 ₣ / 5 days

St. Georges School, Montreux

Founded by Oxford alumni in 1927, is included in the TOP-50 boarding schools of the country. High quality of education provides almost 100% of graduates entering prestigious universities in the world. Sport and creativity are the main directions of extra-curricular activities. Particular attention is paid to the development of poetic talent - literary evenings are regularly held here. For sports on campus there is a large sports center with a swimming pool and tennis courts. On admission, there are additional fees for tuition, etc.

Students live in the main building of the school, in comfortable rooms for 2-3 people. Meals are organized according to the scheme of the full board: the menu is varied, includes vegetarian and dietary, 3 times a day.

The middle classes (11-14 years old)

from 94,760 ₣ / year

GCSE (14-16 years old)

from 96,820 ₣ / year

International Baccalaureate,

IB (16-18 years old)

from 99,700 ₣ / year

Language camp (English, French, German, Chinese)

(8-17 years old)

from 2,800 ₣ / week

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