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2019-10-07 00:15:48

30 best mobile apps for studying English

30 best mobile apps for studying English

Learning English is becoming more and more important and popular nowadays - there are many different applications for learning English. With their help you can improve all aspects of the language at any time - speech, grammar, vocabulary, etc. 

SMAPSE specialists have prepared a list of popular and convenient mobile applications for learning English. 

A wide variety of English language learning apps
There are currently more than a few hundred apps for learning English, and with so many to choose from, it's easy to get lost. For convenience, we will divide our list of language apps into several types based on their characteristics:

  • Universal apps
  • English dictionaries for Android and iOS
  • Apps for fast word memorization
  • English grammar tutorials
  • English Videos
  • App News
  • Apps for learning conversational English.

Universal applications in English

  • Duolingo

It is the world's most popular application for learning English and other foreign languages. To date, more than 120 million people use this program. 

It has a pleasant interface and well-designed courses. Each completed lesson brings the participant a bonus in a set game currency, you can buy something inside the application.

The main advantage of Duolingo is the daily reminders. The app generates attendance charts, sends emails, and if you miss lessons, these reminders will help you get back into the app.

  • LinguaLeo

Analog to the first app. Unlike Duolingo, there is a greater variety of lessons - articles, real dialogues, videos, multi-format exercises.

Otherwise, the format is similar: a convenient game form, where you can get local currency for completed tasks and use it for bonuses or entertainment.

A key feature of the app is that some exercises (listening or grammar) will require a subscription to a premium account.

  • Semper

Here the lessons are divided into thematic sets created by different authors - for this reason, the level of lessons varies greatly, but you still need to find a really good one. Semper's variety of content is also no different.

At the same time, the app has a unique feature: you can put it on input for other popular apps. For example, you want to use Instagram, and Semper will first offer you a simple task - choose the right translation version for the specified word.

  • Busuu

One of the most interesting tasks is an exercise in which you have to insert missing words into a dialogue between two people. Users also complete written tasks, and their work is checked by regular native English speakers.

The app's premium subscription includes a mini-course for travel - and in principle, most Busuu tasks are only available with a subscription. You can decide to purchase on the free portion of the lessons.

  • Lingvist

The app is not well known, although there are interesting solutions for learning - tasks with texts, listening, grammar articles, and quizzes. The main emphasis is on learning new words. The only nuance, which may be important, is that the tasks are designed for a level of language proficiency no higher than average.

English Dictionaries: Apps for Android and iOS

  • ReDict

Handy dictionary for iOS system with a pleasant interface: transcriptions, voiceover, thesaurus and grammar articles, text recognition function for translation is available. The list of words is quite large, and you can expand it with purchases.

  • Google

The official Google app includes not only a dictionary function, but also a translator with the output of entire phrases. Google Translate can translate handwritten text, voice recognition and even real-time text recognition from the camera. Of course, the translation quality is not decent enough, but it can partially simplify the work.

  • Merriam-Webster

This is the official app , created by one of America's oldest dictionary publishers. Available transcription, dubbing, voice recognition. Added built-in tests for word definition and spelling. If desired, the user can set the format of the "word of the day" in notification format.


This dictionary is distinguished by the fact that it contains detailed definitions of lexical units and their origins. In addition to the transcription, you can see the word's pronunciation in syllables. Notification center widget displays the word of the day and offers to guess its meaning. Of the disadvantages - the free version is accompanied by advertising, you need Internet access to work with the dictionary.

Applications for easy word memorization

For applications of this type, a similar scheme of operation is the interval method, where pop-up reminders appear when the user is more likely to start forgetting them. As various tests show, the method is the most effective for learning words.


  • Memrise 

The application follows the interval repetition method. The words have a voiceover, and there are ready lists of words or phrases on different topics and at different language levels. Memrise creator Ed Cook himself has a good memory - he can memorize up to 1000 random numbers!

The best combination for learning English is using the Memrise app and the website: you can synchronize your learning across the two sites. Difficult words on the site are supplemented with pictures or text associations, which greatly improves memorization.

  • Easy Ten

By the name of the app, it's clear that 10 words are offered daily to memorize. There is one drawback: you get access to the lessons only if you pay a monthly subscription. The condition is justified, as the quality of the application at its best - easy navigation, pleasant interface.

  • Upmind .

One more application from the authors of Easy Ten. In this version the words are supplemented with animated images. The difference from the application above - Upmind does not require a paid subscription, but its absence can significantly complicate learning: in this case, new words and tasks appear very slowly. A premium account solves this problem.

  • AnkiApp

And this is a mobile adaptation of the famous Anki program. Learning the format involves animated flashcards: the user looks at a word, flips the card, and, after learning the translation, notes how quickly he managed to remember the word and how difficult it was. Based on your answers, the app selects a time interval after which the word will be displayed again.

  • Tinycards

Another application with flash cards from the creators of Duolingo. The program has a pleasant interface, offers a variety of memorization methods. Ready-made vocabulary lists are varied.


Learning English grammar


Short Description
Phrasal verbs

The app is ideal for memorizing phrasal verbs in English (e.g., addition). A picture is attached to the verb, there is voice pronunciation and several audio examples with appropriate context. Available for iOS only.

English phrasal verbs

A similar program for Android gadgets. Again, it is based on the mechanism of interval repetition. The application is presented entirely in English, so it can be used by users with at least an intermediate level of English.

Filp and Learn, irregular verbs

Words are displayed in groups on familiar flashcards. The user can select from 50 to 507 words with transcription and translation. When a verb is memorized, it can be set aside in the "field" of the app-the process is repeated until all the words are learned. The only thing about the app is the interval repetition system, so you have to keep track of the words yourself.

Colored verbs

Another Android app for memorizing irregular verbs. The words are supplemented with pictures, voiceover and examples of use. The full list of words contains only 200 of the most popular verbs, but it will be enough to improve the level of English.

Video apps for learning English


Short Description


The program offers a variety of videos for users with different language levels. If you encounter difficult vocabulary, it understands pictures and examples. In addition, subtitles go on the video - from them the vocabulary is explained.


The TED mobile app is presented in the style of a conference: it contains interesting presentations on a wide variety of topics. Through these videos, users can learn vocabulary of different levels, see charismatic speakers and hear native speakers speak on an interesting topic. The videos are subtitled in English.


The most famous video service in the world doesn't need any additional presentation. TV shows, video blogs, English lessons - you can easily find the listed content on YouTube. If you regularly watch videos in English, the process of learning the language will be incredibly interesting.

English in the News

For those who like to follow daily events, news apps for learning English will be a real asset:

  • BBC News. The official app of the famous news service, so the relevance of the material offered remains at its best: articles, videos, podcasts and news audio broadcasts are available to users in classic English with a British accent.
  • CNN News. The American version of quality news broadcasting: users can use articles, reports, and audio broadcasts of the latest events presented in typical American style.

Knowledge of English



  • Modern Dictionary
    The official app that duplicates the main English slang dictionary. The program offers three basic formats: word of the day, search, and a list of random entries. The goal of the app is to create a maximum immersion in colloquial speech. Be prepared for the fact that you may encounter foul language.


  • genius
    The largest collection on the Internet with lyrics and commentary and a handy app for learning English from the lyrics of your favorite songs. The clips are included directly in the app - you can read the lyrics and sing along right away. If any words or phrases you don't understand, you'll find an explanation for them in the comments.


  • Smigin Travel
    Interesting app , which automatically links the vocabulary for travel complete phrases. Formulation for situations in cafes, hotels or in some emergency cases will be useful for beginners who only know individual words. The only caveat is that there is one topic freely available and the rest will have to be purchased additionally.


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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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