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UK citizenship for investment

UK citizenship for investment

British citizenship offers its owners the widest possibilities of visa-free travel around the world. British passport holders have the right to enter 163 countries without obtaining a visa or obtaining it on the spot.

How a foreign student can get British citizenship? The easiest and fastest way to get British citizenship is to invest in the country's economy, that is, to participate in citizenship programs through investments targeted at business people, business owners and financial savings.

Organizing a move to the UK will require you considerable time, knowledge of legal subtleties for transferring assets, searching, purchasing suitable real estate, collecting visa documents. In this case, the best solution would be to contact experienced lawyers who will help resolve immigration issues:

  • help choose a UK citizenship program through investments
  • will explain whether the UK admits a second citizenship
  • clarify the list of documents for a visa to the UK.

British citizenship for investment: types of visas

Obtaining British citizenship through investment is living in a country with a high living standards, the opportunity to take your business to a new level, to give children the best education in prestigious schools and universities in England.

Types of visas, their advantages

Tier 1 Investor

Investor visa

Tier 1 Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur visa

Sole Representative of an overseas Business

The only representative of a foreign company in the UK

Amount of investment

£ 2-10 million

from £ 200k


Visa for all family members

Yes, including spouses, minor children

Yes, including spouses, minor children

Yes, including spouses, minor children

Knowledge of English

Not required

B1 CEFR proficiency examination

(listening and speaking)

Certificate Level A1 CEFR

Term of obtaining citizenship

After 5-6 l. residence in the country

After 5-6 years of stay in the country when conditions are met

After 5-6 years residence in the country

Number of days of stay per year




Permit for permanent residence

After 2-5 years (depending on the amount of investment)

After 3-5 years in the provision of financial guarantees in the amount of:

  • £ 3310 - Applicant
  • £ 1810 - each non-working family member.

If the application for permanent residence is filed in the territory of England, the amounts in the bank account must be:

  • £ 945 - from the applicant
  • £ 630 - for each non-working family member

5 l.

Directions of investment / activities

Bonds (government, corporate), shares of companies in the United Kingdom

  • Creation of 10 or more jobs with employment throughout the day
  • The total turnover of the company - from £ 5 million
  • Opening / management of the company's branch in England (at least 1 representative of a company).
  • The organization must be registered outside of Britain.
  • Proof of profitability of the business, financial viability of the applicant
  • The absence of other branches of the company in England
  • The head of the company can not be its main shareholder

Terms of funds transfer / start up business

In the first 90 days from the date of entry into the UK on an investor visa

Opening of a company (PLC, Ltd, ULC, UnLtd), purchase of a share in a business within 6 months. from the moment of entry on a business visa


Terms of investment retention in the economy

5 years



Applicant's age

18 years or more

18 years or more

18 years or more

Having a UK bank account




Right to work

Ban on work as a doctor, coach until the end of the visa

Only in your company

Only in your company

Valid term of a visa

3 years, 4 months.

Possible extension for 2 g.

3 years, 4 months.

Possible extension for 2 g.

3 years

Possible extension for 2 g.


British citizenship for international students: visa, legal advice

The procedure for obtaining British citizenship for clients is quite long (from 6 years) and requires careful observance of all conditions. Thanks to the qualified consultations of our specialists, who have extensive experience in the field of international law, the sphere of British migration legislation, and support of major real estate transactions, investments, the naturalization process will become much easier. Full legal support involves legal support for clients until all members of the family receive a British passport.

Company Services

Service industries

Types of services

Right immigration

  • Visa / residence permit for 3 years
  • Extension of visa / residence permit for 2 years
  • Registration of permanent residence in 5 liters. living in England
  • UK citizenship clearance
  • Checking the relevance of customer documentation
  • Tracking the number of days spent in the country

Banking, financing

  • Opening an investment and current account in a British bank
  • Consultation of an accountant, tax specialist
  • Tax return for 5 years
  • Social insurance

The property

  • Real Estate Specialist Consultation
  • Mortgage Broker Advice


Educational consulting, offer of study programs in leading schools, universities

The medicine

Consultation doctor (NHS GP)

Concierge service

Performing administrative tasks: paying bills, working with documentation

The contract for the year - £ 12000

The contract for the month - £ 1100.


About company

Appeal to specialists in the field of visa support, international investment consulting will help in quick, error-free preparation of a package of documents for filing in the UK visa center, organization of investment and business activities, selection and purchase of real estate. Our company has gathered leading experts in the field of international law, visa services, immigration support.

Distinctive features of our work:

• Quality confirmed by professional community, customers

• Extensive experience in the field of immigration

• International relations in the investment and real estate markets

• Confidentiality

• Individual approach

• Efficiency



Citizenship of the EU and the Caribbean

We help clients obtain citizenship, a residence permit for investments in Cyprus, Malta, Great Britain, Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Immigration and Visa Services in the UK

We offer registration of visa categories for private clients, companies wishing to move, to transfer business to England:

• Tier 1 Investor

• Tier 1 Entrepreneur

• Tier 2 Work Permit.

We also help to urgently issue, extend the validity of visas, permission for permanent residence in England.

Optimal solution to any legal issues

Our lawyers will provide high-quality, competent solution of the most complex issues of the legal sphere, ensure confidentiality, act as a trustee and a representative of the client's interests.


Our experts will select for you the most interesting offers in the real estate market of Britain, Cyprus, Malta, the Caribbean, corresponding to the conditions of the citizenship programs for investments. The company provides full support for real estate transactions abroad.

Capital and assets

We help business owners, tangible assets to ensure the preservation of capital, legal support of transferring the enterprise to a new legal space. Our specialists offer fiduciary administration services, various types of representation of your interests abroad.

Tax and financial planning

We offer the best solutions in the field of tax management, financial planning, taking into account the peculiarities of your assets and full compliance with laws of the country you have chosen for immigration or residence for a long term.

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