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2022-06-23 21:31:24

Stereotypes about South Koreans

Unfortunately, people know each other very poorly. Our ideas about the life of certain people, countries and peoples are often based on ridiculous rumors, unverified information or tales of xenophobes. However, stereotypes can be quite funny and interesting, partly giving an idea of how their subject is perceived in the surrounding world.

The same set of information exists about the British, and about the Germans, Spaniards, Japanese and god knows who else. Today we will analyze the most ridiculous and funny myths about the people and traditions of the Republic of Korea. It's the one that's farther south, if anyone doesn't know.

All Koreans have flawless skin

This part of the article is primarily about women, but not only. If you look into the profile of some Korean rock or pop idol, the feeling will be strengthened a hundredfold. In general, envious people will probably have the most unkind thoughts. Maybe they are vampires and every second house has its own little Dorian Gray?

In fact, everything, of course, is simpler. The inhabitants of Korea are people, nothing human is alien to them, of course. They want to look great, and on the Internet it is much easier than in real life. Just a couple of successful applications for a cell phone camera, Photoshop or an analogue for a stationary computer - and that's it, you are perfect, like a Roman copy from a Greek statue.

In random pictures taken by the paparazzi, the idols with star status are almost the same as us. At least no one deprived them of acne!

On the other hand, thanks to the eastern nature of character, hygiene issues, like any other practices injected from childhood, are treated very responsibly. Already in the first or second grade, a young Korean or Korean woman uses gels and lotions for washing, trying to monitor the most severely dirty places.

There is also genetics - because the inhabitants of this country seem to age much longer than neighbors from China or Japan. But the main guarantee of skin purity is investment, habits and an iron will. And whose own, parents or a professional makeup artist hired by your producer is the tenth thing.

Only Korean food is sold in Korea

Of course, local cuisine is a remarkable phenomenon, very tasty and memorable, rich in colors, halftones and so on. But, like any national food, endless kimchi sooner or later get boring. Many, in addition, do not tolerate spicy and spicy foods.

But it doesn't matter. Korea is a modern and largely Europeanized country; this can be easily verified by watching local TV series of the last 5-7 years. Therefore, it will not be difficult to find food to taste, stomach and wallet. There are the usual McDonald's, and a network of coffee shops with a mermaid on the side of a cardboard cup.

Koreans are disgusting drivers

There is such a point of view, based on the times of the glorious past, when there were cars for the whole of Seoul once or twice. Then, in a hodgepodge of wagons, carts and even rickshaws, drivers of wonderful units with an internal combustion engine felt like first-class people.

Now the streets of large cities resemble London, Paris or Moscow: there is a permanent traffic jam, so accidents are not uncommon. Nothing more and nothing less.

Koreans are prone to racism

There are many stories on the Web about manifestations of ethnic or everyday nationalism. However, if you look closely, each such story usually tells about the relationship between the indigenous population and guests from the Philippines, from China or Laos with Cambodia. Natives of these countries in Korea are really disliked. But it's not about the cut of the eyes or another skin tone (it's really different!). It's just that illegal immigrants come to the Republic from these countries, who work on construction sites, in the agricultural sector and trade, taking jobs from the indigenous population. In the Far East, peasants also dislike the Chinese. So what?

To stay in Korea, you need to get married or get married

There is such an opinion, based on the observation of bloggers: somewhere there must be a spouse. Therefore, the audience forms a false idea of the inviolability of this institution.

True, if a person wants to live in Korea and does not intend to marry, he will have to properly prepare and run. First of all, find a legal entity that will provide you with a work visa. Digital nomads are not yet very welcome here, so it is possible to work remotely, of course, but there is no particular sense in this.

Speaking of visas. Obtaining a Korean visa, as well as any documents in general, is fraught with considerable difficulties. For some reason, no one writes about this on the networks, but officials in Korea are beasts, and archaic ones at that. Obtaining a failed document can result in a multi-month epic, and the registration of a new business can discourage a person from doing something in principle. At the same time, any violations are fraught with expulsion with a ban on subsequent return.

Korean mother-in-law – from the word "blood"

Everything is clear here: no one likes mothers-in-law. The genesis of myth is in TV shows where the mother of the spouse classically treats a very good, quiet, calm, hardworking and executive daughter-in-law.

What can I say? In Korea, the USA and Japan, China and France , this peering is stable, and the mother-in-law is a constant. And the love for the mother-in-law is inversely proportional to the distance that separates her from the young family.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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