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2022-06-13 17:37:30

5 Bad Tips to Ruin Your Vacation of the Dream

5 Bad Tips to Ruin Your Vacation of the Dream

When we go on a trip to any city or country, we really want to escape from the routine reality, take a break from work and household chores, have fun and get new unforgettable impressions. But sometimes it happens that during the trip there are unpleasant cases and stories that can spoil the rest and discourage the desire to go somewhere next time.

At such moments, we think that the fault of the unfortunate case, but often the cause of unsuccessful stories on vacation are our mistakes, which we regularly make.

Putting a bunch of things in your suitcase

It does not matter where the traveler flies and how long his tour takes - he will still fill the suitcase with everything that comes to hand during the training camp. Even if the vacation is in the resort of Turkey, many prudent tourists "just in case" will take with them more warm clothes, suddenly the weather in July will change and become minus. Sometimes you can meet thrifty people who take on vacation electrical appliances, for example, an iron or a hair dryer. They explain such baggage by the fact that they are worried that suddenly there will be no electronics in the hotel.

Instead of overflowing bags, backpacks and suitcases with unnecessary items, you need to carefully consider what things will definitely be useful on the trip. With deliberate collections, luggage will become much lighter and more compact, and there will be no need to rummage through it for a long time if a metal detector at the airport or railway station finds something sawy and potentially prohibited.

Do not try to learn the language of the country to which you are planning to travel

Many Russian tourists who decide to go on vacation abroad most often purchase vouchers, which include flight, accommodation, meals, and a set of excursions. For this reason, they think that they will not have to communicate with the locals, since all organizational issues will be regulated by the guide, and decide not to take the time to memorize the basic phrases in the local language. Sometimes tourists explain the reluctance to learn useful phrases in local or English by the fact that the character of hotels, restaurants and museums must be able to speak several languages, including Russian.

In any foreign trip, a situation may occur in which you will still have to contact the locals. Finding out the way to the hotel, the bus schedule or the current time will be much easier, knowing the basics of English or the language of the host country. Of course, you can try to explain yourself to passers-by or staff in sign language, but the best solution would be to devote a couple of hours before the trip to memorize the most common phrases and words.

Behave too confidently and liberated

For many of the residents of Russia and the CIS, rest in another country or at domestic resorts is a rare and long-awaited phenomenon. Having been saving for a long time for a vacation, we hope to take our soul there, break away to the fullest and get emotions for another year ahead. And it often happens that tourists may not always behave correctly, feeling excessive confidence, practically power over the staff and impunity.

There are regular cases when tourists vacationing in Turkey, Egypt or Greece can shout loudly in the dark, preventing others from sleeping, rude waiters and hotel administrators, because they do not understand what they are saying, turn on the TV or music at high volume in the evening or take pictures where it is impossible to do.

To have a great time for the long-awaited 10-14 days, it is not necessary to behave defiantly and achieve a place in a cafe or a good hotel room with the help of raised tones. It is important to understand that in any country there is its own culture, which must be respected, behaving calmly and respectfully towards others. The ability to speak the local language will greatly facilitate communication between visitors and locals, will help to win over yourself.

Do not study in advance the routes of movement

Leaving a familiar environment is stressful for a person. Homo sapiens feels even more stressed when he realizes that he is lost and does not know the right way to his destination. It is not so unpleasant to get lost while traveling in Russia, where you can always check with passers-by the right road or spy it on the Internet, which catches almost all over the country. It is much more unpleasant to lose your way on a walk through an unfamiliar country, where mobile Internet is often inaccessible due to the huge cost, and the signs and phrases of locals cannot be translated.

In order not to worry about the risk of staying overnight without overnight accommodation, not being able to find the way to the hotel, or not to be upset by the fact that it was not possible to find the right museum on the last day of rest, it is recommended to lay out a detailed route from point A to point B in advance, remember it or save it on your phone. It will not be superfluous to learn the name of the desired place in the local language, to associate it with a request to suggest the way to it (as well as words of gratitude for people who tried to clearly convey information to you).

Do not take medicines on the road, but be treated with folk methods

For some people, there is still no concept of "drugs", they are all ailments they are accustomed to treat, as they were taught by parents and grandparents. If at home you can try to cure by folk methods, then on vacation it is better to trust medicines and doctors. Getting sick or injured on a trip is an offensive incident, because you will have to spend precious time and money on treatment. And if the "proven" method of treatment does not help in another country, there will be a risk of getting sick all vacation or even lying in a hotel, not having the strength to get up. It may happen that a reliable way to get to your feet this time will not work, but will only make it worse, which will finally spoil the impression of the vacation.

To avoid unpleasant colds, poisoning and other ailments, it is better to provide yourself with proven medicines that will definitely help to more easily tolerate the failure of the body. If possible, you should consult a doctor and try to explain to him the reason for the visit. Knowledge of the names of body parts and types of pain in local or English will help in this.

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Egor Eremeev
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