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2023-01-07 14:55:57

10 curious facts about France that you might not know

10 curious facts about France that you might not know

The Fifth Republic is a land of romantics, sensual and courtly love, walks along the embankments of Paris all night long. There are many interesting things: from the rich architecture of Paris, Nantes, Toulouse or the castles of the Loire or Brittany, the magnificent Alpine mountains, thousands of museums and the magnificent beaches of the Côte d'Azur.

There are many interesting things in France . Take for example...

The Eiffel Tower, which was considered terrible

Since its construction, there have been many Parisians dissatisfied with the appearance of this architectural object, and three hundred Parisian artists and writers even wrote an open letter demanding the demolition of the "monstrous tower", which rises above the city like a chimney. Here you have Guy de Maupassant, and Paul Verlaine, and Dumas the Younger ... They were not stopped even by the fact that the tower was installed for a twenty-year term, no one originally intended to leave it forever. But it still stands and is considered a symbol of the city.

Supermarkets that don't throw away unsold food

The French were the first in the world to legally prohibit stores from throwing away food or destroying it to make it unsuitable for food. Instead, food is distributed to non-profit organizations, which in turn give it to the homeless and poor.

Many stores used to purposefully spoil products with an expiring shelf life, but now a considerable fine is imposed for this.

The Lumière Brothers

In December 1895, the first film screening was held at the Gran Cafe on Capuchin Boulevard, which became the birthday of cinema. The total duration of the session, during which the audience was shown 6 short films, did not exceed 16 minutes.

The richest woman in the world

Most of europe's billionaires live in Russia, but the richest lady in the world lives in France. Her name is Lily Betancourt, she is the owner of a third of the Concern "L'Oréal". Madame Betancourt was born in 1922, from the age of 15 she worked at one of the family's factories, sticking labels on perfume bottles. In 1950 she became the wife of André Betancourt, who was patronized by her father, since 1957 - the main shareholder and holder of a controlling stake.

Paris Syndrome

Many have heard about jerusalem or Stockholm syndrome - but do you want Parisian? This is a mental disorder that was discovered in 1985 by a psychiatrist from Japan Hiroaki Oto, who worked in France. The fact is that hundreds of Japanese after visiting the French capital seek the help of a psychologist. They are convinced that the cause of their problems is the inhospitableness of local residents and the general disappointment with the city. 2/3 recover after the first session, others need long-term treatment.

To cope with the flow of sufferers, the Japanese even opened a clinic of neuroses at the consulate and a special psychological consultation for their fellow citizens!

The most expensive castle

The most expensive house in the world was the chateau Louis XVIII mansion, an impressive structure that looks like a castle and is located in the Paris suburbs: it was sold for 276 million euros. This building stands in the middle of a regular French park with an area of over 20 hectares, a few dozen kilometers from the Paris capital.

Do not associate the building with the name of the monarch of the late XVII century: the construction began in 2008 and was completed five years later. This is a novelty (of course, relative), albeit very successfully stylized as an authentic palace of the Baroque era. The Arabian luxury of the interiors, a few dozen kilograms of gilding, the marble of statues, the silk of tapestries and tapestries, a giant aquarium underground, a personal theater, wine cellars and a cinema betray the origin of the buyer - the gift that he is anonymous.

Apartment in Paris, which has not been opened for 70 years

In 1939, on the eve of the fall of Paris, the 23-year-old Frenchwoman Florian fled the capital to the south, and never returned to Paris. Insanity did not prevent her from paying rent on time, so in 2010, after the death of a relative, the heirs were able to get inside and assess what, in fact, they inherited.

In addition to dust, cobwebs and old trash on the wall, a portrait of a woman in a pink dress was discovered - it was Madame Florian's grandmother, Martha, a star of the theatrical stage and a socialite of the 80s of the XIX century, the mistress of prime ministers and presidents of the French Republic. The portrait was painted by Giovanni Boldini, where his love letters were also found. The painting was sold at auction for $ 3.5 million.

Tom Cruise, who was not given the title of honorary citizen of Paris

In 2005, Cruise was denied the status of honorary citizen of Paris, because in France they do not like the totalitarian sect of Scientologists, founded by the writer Hubbard. But marcel did not interfere.

The most visited country in Europe

Every year, the WTO publishes statistics on cross-border tourism, and France, contrary to the recent "corona", prevailed once again – the country was visited by almost 89 million foreigners. Here and business tourism, and gastronomic, and wine - there are no numbers for options and possible options, you know, choose, get a visa, buy a voucher!

Strange laws

It is generally accepted that stupid laws are in the United States. But in the town of Châteauneuf-du-Pape in the south of France since 1954, flights and landing of flying saucers have been prohibited. And at the national level, there is a ban on kissing on the platform, while there is a train there. The law is old, its appearance is due to the needs of the war: it was adopted in 1914, when women saying goodbye to their husbands now and then disrupted the schedule with hugs and kisses.

Movements of the Eiffel Tower

It is difficult to imagine, but due to the expansion and compression of metal, the Eiffel Tower changes its dimensions, decreasing and increasing by 15-20 centimeters during the year. This is a physical property of iron. Had the tower been taller or built less reliably, such fluctuations could have led to a breach of integrity and destruction, but Gustave Eiffel did his best.

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