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Tutoring and preparation for schools, universities abroad

Tutoring and preparation for schools, universities abroad

Studying in educational institutions abroad begins, first of all, with preparation - in fact difference between educational systems and standards can be quite tangible. Without preparation, it will be difficult to adapt to another country. In addition, sending a child to study abroad without command of a foreign language is rather risky: first of all, this will affect the student himself, because he or she will not only have to quickly get new knowledge, but also to learn local language literally on the run. All this creates a stressful situation and represents studying abroad not in such a favourable light. However, any problem has a solution.

In this case, pre-studying will help children, teenagers and students to avoid overstrain and embarrassment. Therefore, before applying to schools, colleges or universities abroad, students are advised to take courses in studying a foreign language (English, French, German, etc.) or for basic academic subjects. Here everything will depend on the knowledge of the student.

You can fill gaps in the language and general education subjects in different schools and language centers in group classes, or you can take private lessons. The format of tutoring is considered more effective than classes in groups, albeit small, and especially this rule is relevant when it comes to foreign languages.

SMAPSE offers educational services for the preparation of children and teenagers for transfer to educational institutions abroad. We organize private lessons for you with qualified teachers in general education subjects: English, French, mathematics, biology, physics and chemistry. In addition, teachers-native speakers can work with our children in our center - we are ready to choose the best option for our clients!

Our teachers have rich experience of studying abroad, they know what standards and requirements are in foreign educational institutions. SMAPSE cooperates with a large number of educational institutions abroad: private schools, language centers, colleges, universities, camps for vacations and not only. It helps teachers to keep abreast of all relevant changes and to change the curriculum in accordance with the available information. With our tutor, each student receives an individual approach, that will help him or her to get excellent results in a short time, regardless of what level of knowledge was originally.

Under the strict guidance of SMAPSE specialists the applicant will be able to prepare without any problems for studies in any country, because our tutors are real professionals! We can also help you with further enrolment in a foreign educational institution of any type, and we will do it for free! You can find detailed information on our website or by contacting our managers for advice, that will be also absolutely free for you!

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Muluken Woldemariam
Muluken Woldemariam from Africa,ethiopia hello , I am interested to study in Switzerland, I have bachelor degree in pharmacy ,how could I get M.Sc. in pharmacy related fields?
Dear Muluken Woldemariam, could you forward your request to
hello, I would like to know about the help in admission and preparation to a foreign university
Smapse Manager
Good afternoon, Valeria! Our specialist has contacted you by mail, which you specified
Good afternoon, daughter in 10th grade, planning to study abroad. Help me choose a boarding school in Moscow with preparation for TOEFL. thanks
Hello, I am interested in applying to la sapienza or other universities in Rome. But I need to learn English. Is this possible and what is the cost of training?
Manager SMAPSE
Ruslan, good afternoon! Our manager will contact you by mail, which you indicated, and tell you about the details
Hello, I am interested in entering the boarding school after 9th grade, any country and with a small scholarship)
Daria, good afternoon! We will be happy to help with the selection of a school for your child! Please send your contact details to our e-mail, our specialist will contact you.
Hello, I'm interested in entering the British boarding school for a boy of 11 years (turns 12 in April 2019). What is the cost of your services, and what does it include. Is it possible to enroll in January 2019 if the child is currently studying at an accredited British school in Spain? Maybe not immediately in boarding but in a private day, but in that case in the south east of London. Thank you in advance
Thank you for your inquiry! We are happy to send you a selection of boarding schools, our services for the selection, counseling, enrollment in schools are free.
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