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2021-12-27 17:52:16

TOP places for vacation in January-2022

TOP places for vacation in January-2022

It's time for new Year's holidays and rest with the whole family! Many families during the New Year holidays prefer to fly to warm countries and enjoy the sunset over the sea. We have prepared several options for your winter holiday.


Finally, after a long period of restrictions, Egypt is ready to open its doors to tourists! Rest in this country is not only warm and secluded, but also inexpensive.

Hotels in Egypt delight their guests with heated swimming pools and a varied leisure program. New Year's Eve can be combined with a tour of historical sites, and the tour will be more pleasant without sweltering heat.

From December 20 in Egypt begins a series of festive events: theme parties, dancing until the morning. Hotels compete for the title of the best among the rest, arranging grandiose shows and dinners.

In Egypt you will find: the temperature of water and air is about +20 degrees; the pyramids of Giza, striking tourists with their mystery; diving in the Red Sea; St. Catherine's Monastery, located on the territory of Mount Sinai.


Alanya, Belek, Antalya are some of the warmest cities in Turkey during the New Year holiday season. Christmas markets open their doors to tourists - here bright garlands and New Year's mood will not let you get bored. And the famous Turkish hammams will delight you with their warmth.

The weather in Turkey pleases, the air temperature here reaches +20 degrees. There is not much snow here, instead of it it can rain and peek out the warm Turkish sun.

In Turkey, you will find: a trip to the city with thermal springs and the opportunity to be treated; magnificent caves, valleys, peaks of incredible shape; multi-level monasteries and cities hollowed out right in the mountains; ski resorts.

Margarita Island

The pearl of the Caribbean Sea - Margarita Island - belongs to Venezuela. Here, during the New Year holidays, you will find picturesque mountains and incredibly beautiful beaches. Margarita Island has a dry tropical climate, which means that here you will plunge into a full-fledged sunny summer. In December and January, the air temperature reaches +29 degrees.

The island is rich in attractions, the tourist will not be bored here. Many temples, a mysterious tropical labyrinth, national parks - all this will not leave you indifferent. Margarita Island will delight all family members with its largest amusement park - Divertland Park.

Many species of orchids grow on the island and a surprising number of tropical birds (hummingbirds, flamingos, etc.) live.


Incredibly interesting and unusual in its customs and culture, the island of Cuba awaits tourists on its tropical beaches. Rest here is leisurely. The air temperature in the winter season reaches +28 degrees.

Do you want to remember the times of the USSR and plunge into the times where people ride the good old "Muscovites"? On the Island of Freedom, Christmas is celebrated in a narrow family circle, and the New Year, on the contrary, is celebrated on a grand scale. It is worth noting that on the island the chimes are listened to as many as three times: Moscow time, European and local.

In Cuba, you will find: the picturesque Sierra del Rosario Park, which can be seen only when you reach the Rosario Range; recreational diving and the famous fortress of San Pedro de la Roca del Morro.


"Island of the Gods" is located in the Indian Sea and all year round pleases tourists with warm sand and gentle waves. The island is dominated by a subequatorial climate. The air temperature in the winter months reaches 30 degrees, and the water all year round is about 26-28 degrees Celsius.

Blooming nature will leave a pleasant impression of the rest. Festive banquets for tourists are organized in hotels, on the beach and in nightclubs.

Tourists here are waiting for a very exotic and atmospheric place - the Temple of Tanah-Lot. The Temple of besakih is the most popular and favorite place for tourists.

Also on the island is the incredibly beautiful botanical garden of Bali. This place fascinates with its magnificence, and the mystery of the garden is given by the frequent fogs surrounding the strawberry plantations.

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