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2022-02-06 12:36:12

TOP mysterious places in the Crimea for those who like magic

TOP mysterious places in the Crimea for those who like magic

Thousands of tourists annually rest in the Crimea. Magical bays, picturesque coastline, sandy and pebble beaches, hiking and delightful sunsets and sunrises - that's why most people come here. But the most sophisticated travelers who want to become a part of something mystical and mysterious, a pleasant surprise awaits here, because there are a lot of such places in the Crimea!

Crimean Stonehenge

The Temple of the Sun in the Crimea is an "ensemble" of stones, which is located at the foot of Ilyas-Kai. This place can be reached on foot from the village of Laspi, but a small hiking trail is not as easy as it seems. "Crimean Stonehenge" this place is called because the stones are located in a circle at a short distance from each other. In the very center of the composition there is a round stone, to which all the others are inclined. From a height, the stones resemble a blooming flower.

Surprisingly, the first ray of the rising sun always falls into the center of the stone inside the circle. Some believe that people used to use this place to communicate with space. When tourists visit the "Stone Flower", they stand on the central stone and make wishes, because, according to legends, this place has amazing power and concentrates vital energy. To make the wish come true, travelers leave notes and small gifts to higher powers.

Cape Meganom

This place is rightfully the most mysterious on the peninsula, very often appears in stories involving UFOs. According to local residents, Meganom has super-powerful energy, so you can often meet esotericists and occultists here. They claim that on the cape they manage to exchange power, make time travel and travel to parallel worlds.


Mangup Fortress is the oldest cave town in Baba Dag Mountain. To this day, only a few walls remain of it. Previously, people lived here, and now groups of tourists come there to admire the picturesque views. But some of them are attracted here not only by beautiful views.

Locals and visitors have repeatedly noticed strange glowing balls: they freeze in the air, and then dissolve in it. Also in the destroyed walls allegedly lives the ghost of a boy who fled from the Turkish invaders and was absorbed by a rock. However, skeptics do not believe in all these tales.

Mount Karadag

On the territory of the Feodosia district is located Mount Kara-Dag, which many esotericists consider a powerful place with unprecedented strength. It is said that magnetic anomalies often occur on the mountain, and the compass needles behave strangely. Karadag remains from one of the oldest European volcanoes, which operated 170 million years ago. Poets, writers and artists also come here in search of inspiration.

There is a legend that at the foot of the mountain lives a monster. It has two names: Karadag Monster and Karadag Serpent. And on the shore sometimes they find dead marine animals killed by him.

Ak-Monay Catacombs

Ordinary tourists almost do not go here, but there are enough lovers of mysticism. Underground quarries have a length of 7.5 kilometers underground and are located near the Kamensky village. Mining work was carried out here from the XIX to the XX century, although some believe that it began still in the XVII century. In wartime, there were military parking lots, and in the 90s, one of the groups used the catacombs as a repository for weapons. On the walls of the cave there are drawings and inscriptions. It is believed that in order to get out of there alive, you can not listen to music inside and take anything with you.

Valley of Ghosts

The western slope of Mount Demerdzhi has an unusual landscape and rocks with unusual shapes. During the day, tourists have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery. During fog and at dusk, stone ledges turn into silhouettes of people and animals.

Local residents recommend refraining from visiting this place for people with an unstable psyche. The Valley of Ghosts makes you forget about time: an hour spent in this place feels like 10 minutes.

Bear Mountain

Ayu-Dag is located near the international children's camp "Artek". From the side, the mountain looks like a bear, which, suffering from thirst, decided to drink water. Obviously, the main hero of myths and legends is a club-footed predator. It is also rumored that a miracle tree grows on the mountain, capable of restoring youth.

Alimova beam

The tract is located near the village of Bashtanovka. Esotericists and lovers of mysticism feel a special energy here. They believe that the cave is inhabited by the spirit of the Tatar robber Alima, who lived in the XIX century and was a kind of Robin Hood. Inside the cave, archaeologists have found drawings that indicate that the first settlers of the peninsula lived here for more than 4,000 years.


The caves of bloodthirsty gods were discovered in the 1950s. According to the findings, archaeologists suggested that in Paleolithic times hunters lived here, and in the Bronze Age cattle were kept here.

Karaite Cemetery

Of all the above places in Crimea, this is the least of all possessing any mystical spirit. However, it is on this list because of the special atmosphere: more than 5,000 people are buried in the cemetery. Almost all of them belong to the Karaites - representatives of the mysterious people. Some tombstones were made in the XIII century.  The necropolis itself is located inside a quiet and frightening grove. Few people know about this place, so there are few people here.

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