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TOP-6 billionaires who didn't study well

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TOP-6 billionaires who didn't study well

We all know the stories of legendary businessmen and inventors who did not receive higher education, and then created something in their own garages that changed the world. Let's say more - many of the now famous names belong to real school students!


Bill Gates is one of the creators of Microsoft

Gates at school was on strike against social studies and grammar, considering them unnecessary for classes - he was always interested only in computers, that is, IT (was there such a definition then?), mathematics and physics. His parents even promised to punish the boy if he didn't study harder and stop carrying deuces home, but little bill ignored this - and sat in the computer lab until late at night, inventing programming and a computer in his head.

Steve Jobs - Apple founder

Formalism is how Steve Jobs defined schooling. In the elementary grades, no one could find an approach to him: it got to the point that one of the teachers began to literally "bribe" him with sweets and trifles for pocket money, so that he was at least a little more attentive. Today we know Steve Jobs as an inventor and literally revolutionary in several areas:

  • Mobile phones
  • EBooks
  • Animation
  • PC
  • Tablet devices
  • Distribution of music.

Henry Ford - inventor, owner of automobile factories

Henry Ford went to an ordinary rural parish school, but even there he studied very bad - he regularly attended not lessons, but garages and workshops, where he frantically studied various mechanisms. At the age of 12, he was able to disassemble and assemble the watch donated by his father, at the age of 15 he dropped out of school and went to the city to work at a factory, and by the age of 30 he assembled his first car - and rushed.

Richard Branson - founder of the Virgin Group Corporation

The odious Richard Branson considers himself dyslexic (people with this syndrome find it difficult to read and write) - this is how he justifies his disgusting school grades, and in all subjects. He was even kicked out of school at the age of 16 (albeit for bad behavior, not grades) - however, he was not upset and soon began publishing the Student magazine, in which even Mick Jagger and John Lennon managed to publish.

François Pinault - founder of Kering

François considered school lessons uninteresting, so he quit studying at the age of 16 (though, having managed to get a driver's license). At the age of 27, he already had his own company, and his fortune began to multiply - then it was then that he started collecting art objects, which (among other things) made him one of the most influential and richest people in France today.

Billionaire and US President - Donald Trump

Donald Trump studied poorly at school, did not listen to teachers, therefore, when he finally finished off his parents, they sent him "for education" to the military academy, where, by the way, he studied quite well!

What do you think: how did these people compensate for the lack of education? What helped them to take such high positions in the modern world?

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