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2022-02-12 14:21:43

TOP-5 best places to visit in Northern Norway: amazing land of vikings

TOP-5 best places to visit in Northern Norway: amazing land of vikings

More recently, the beauty of the Lofoten Islands has conquered social media. The power of steep mountains, full-flowing fjords and the midnight sun attract travelers from all over the world. They all want to enjoy the beauty of the archipelago, which is located outside the Arctic Circle. And one of the most famous landscape photographers on Instagram was the Norwegian Steffen Fossbakk. His travels in Northern Norway are followed by more than 100,000 followers, and the man pleases them weekly with stunning pictures of stunning wildlife. 

Senja Island

The northern part of Norway is the largest region of the mainland of the country. Fossbachk lives in Finnsnes, on its very edge, but very close to one of the most beloved places – the island of Senja. "Fairy island", as it is also called, is only becoming a favorite tourist destination. People come here for views from the rocky mountains, amazing fjords, wild animals and birds. The island has its own beautiful history, which will not leave anyone indifferent. 

Senja is Norway's second largest island. And despite the fact that now it has become very popular, here you can always find a quiet place to retire with nature. 

Andeia Island

Someone may say that there can be no tropical beaches beyond the Arctic Circle... However, the Island of Andeia of the Vesterålen archipelago proves the opposite. Delightful views are not inferior to what people see in Hawaii. Paradise Island is ideal for enjoying a relaxing stroll along the coast, hiking or exploring one of the cycling routes. 

Lake Bloisvatne

Not far from the Lyngenfjord there is an incredible color lake Bloisvatne. The hidden gem in northern Norway has clay soil, and glacial water gives it a hue that is difficult to put into words. Not far from the lake is the border with Finland and the 90-kilometer Lyngen Alps. From this long mountain range, according to Fossbakk, both from the peaks and in the lowlands, you can enjoy picturesque views. 


The "younger brother" of the Lofoten Islands is a real kingdom of whales. Almost every person who came to the archipelago at least briefly watched the amazing sea giants. And in the summer, when the sun does not hide behind the horizon, at night you can watch the movement of sperm whales. In addition to the unique fauna, tourists get acquainted with snow-white beaches, enchanting green meadows and powerful rocks growing from the sea surface. 

Sommarøy Island

Translated from Norwegian, the name means "summer island". There are sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and untouched by the hand of man wildlife. You can explore the fjords and the most picturesque beaches with the help of a kayak, and if you do not really want to plunge into the icy water, then the island has a stunning observation deck. From Tromsø it is only an hour to go here, but if you wish, you can spend the night on the island in one of the traditional fishermen's houses or in the Sommarøy Arctic Hotel.

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