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2023-06-21 13:48:10

The best places in the world for romantic getaways

The best places in the world for romantic getaways

Summer has already come, and each of us dreams of dropping everything and going to the other side of the world to take a break from the routine. And, perhaps, to find the love of your life - sometimes this happens. There are many places in the world that have a strong romantic atmosphere, which makes the search for a satellite in these cities and countries much easier.


In this tropical haven among the sands, you can encounter a person to whom the heart of a tourist will pull, the main thing is not to forget to be careful. You can meet him, for example, on Kite Beach during a volleyball match, relaxing in a beach club with a refreshing drink, when walking around your favorite store in a shopping center or even near musical fountains.

Dubai's nightclubs, open seven days a week, are a great place to get acquainted. After that, you can go on a yacht trip, a desert buggy raid, explore mosques and enjoy shopping - the main entertainment of the metropolis.

The downside may be the choice of satellite. For example, a "model" whose main goal will be to empty the traveler's wallet, demonstratively waving beautifully groomed hands and searching for a rich patron. Or vice versa, this "model" can be a tourist. The "patron" will not care at all about the opinion or feelings of the companion, the main thing is that he looks decent in public, like an expensive Swiss watch.

Thus, the local novel can become a kind of Dubai, an oasis in the desert: magnificent, but unnatural.

New York

New York is one of the best places to explore during your vacation. Residents of the city are open and sociable, for them there is nothing easier than to come up and offer to drink coffee or meet for a glass of wine later. Being able to fall in love at first sight, stroll through Central Park, feed each other hot dogs, admire the cityscape from the top of the Empire State Building, study contemporary art at MoMA, sit side by side on a Broadway musical, and dance until the morning in a nightclub overlooking the city is the perfect prospect.

But after such a holiday, the tourist will have to shed more than one tear on the plane, regretting that he did not try to win a green card.


You can recall the movie Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights - filled with passion, dancing, sea bathing and social problems. Varadero is the personification of this film. Salty ocean air, light sand, the sound of palm trees and fragrant rum cocktails will create the perfect setting for a romantic getaway.

Here you can visit the Ambrosio cave, walk along the endless beach, go to meet dolphins, rent a vintage car and listen to your favorite tunes while driving through the streets. And in the evening, a tourist can learn to dance salsa to the applause of local musicians and try to elegantly hold a Cuban cigar in your fingers (we remind you that smoking is harmful!).

Tel Aviv

Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when mentioning Israel is the pilgrims at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, but this perception is far from the full picture. Tel Aviv is an invaluable place for new acquaintances. This city never stops, it is filled with cheerful people who work during the day, earning decent amounts, and in the evening they are happy to spend them in bars and clubs.

If a tourist doubts this, he should walk in the evening along Rothschild Boulevard and neighboring streets, drink something in one of the bars. He will be surrounded by people who are hungry for fun, and among them, perhaps, there will be someone who will become a companion for the rest of the vacation. Or you can join the locals on the beach in a game of matkot - it's something like table tennis, but without a table. Nearby may be someone with whom the traveler will visit art galleries, stroll through the fashionable Neve Tzedek district and listen to street musicians in the port of Namal.


What makes us happier? The beauty of the surrounding world, harmony and food. The capital of Georgia has all this, and there are also many tourists and relocators.

Here you can climb the Narikala fortress, stroll along the cobblestone streets of the Old Town, exploring churches and visiting museums, allow yourself to enjoy excellent Georgian wine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We must not forget about visiting the sulfur baths.

In less than a couple of days, a tourist will meet someone who is also fond of wine and with whom he wants to take the cable car to the lake in Vake Park, admiring the view of the city, and share khachapuri!


Who does not know the film "Roman Holiday", where the heroine played by Audrey Hepburn meets a charming journalist and explores the capital with him, riding through the streets on the "Vespa"? You need to watch it, and then go to the capital of Italy for adventures.

It will not be difficult to find such a person who is ready for adventure in Rome: for example, at a gelato tent, where a tourist will ask him or her whether to choose pistachio or tiramisu, or ask to take a photo at the Trevi Fountain.

The new couple should rent the same Vespa, make a few circles around the Colosseum, look at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and share pasta in a restaurant in the evening - just like it was in the cartoon "Lady and the Tramp".


The capital of Germany is not only history and museums, but also the realm of the underground with hipster cafes, shops of fashion designers, whose collections seem to be the product of a very violent imagination, and crazy parties. In Berlin, it seems that people want to postpone returning home, because some parties here last more than 24 hours.

Abandoned factories, squats, museum halls are only part of what can be found in Berlin. A tourist can explore the Reichstag, move away from parties and feed ducks at Lake Tiergarten, pick up gifts at the flea market in Mauerpark, sail on a boat on the Spree River.

The only downside: the love that arose in the dark realm of a nightclub can be short-lived (and a little blurry).


Kemer is a place that should not be overlooked when it comes to "good old" Turkey. Away from the hotels is a real, real city, full of exciting adventures and little Turkish cupids, ready to hit you with the arrow of their love - as well as the lucky one who was lucky enough to become their target.

Perhaps, when a tourist enjoys a fragrant kebab or relaxes on the terrace of one of the cafes, enjoying Turkish coffee and baklava, someone special may approach him. There will be an opportunity to enjoy smoking a hookah on exquisite carpets, hugging, and dancing until the morning in one of the many clubs in Kemer to the accompaniment of Tarkan's songs. Just kidding: with fashionable and modern music in Turkey, everything is fine!

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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