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Tallest bridges in the world: ranking

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Tallest bridges in the world: ranking

Suspended, stone, metal, wood, surface and underwater - the variety of structures used to create bridges is striking in its originality. The design engineers who design these objects are capable of creating miracles. The new ranking features the world's tallest bridges.

Jiujiang Fuyin

The Chinese reinforced concrete crossing over the Yangtze Jiujiang Fuyin reaches a height of 244.3 m. Is it worth mentioning the enormous load on each structure support? 6 lanes for road traffic, bicycle and pedestrian paths - everything for people.

Zhongxian Huyu

And again the bridge over the Yangtze River. The structure, 247.5 m high, took five years to build and was opened in 2009.

Big Belt

We have already written about this design in another rating. Recall that this bridge is located in Denmark: it was built to connect the islands of Zealand and Funen. The height of the bridge is 254 m. An incredibly strong and beautiful structure!


The seventh line of the rating belongs to the bridge with a height of 265 meters. This is Jingui - the bridge between the Chinese provinces of Yueyang and Hubei. It provides six-lane traffic and pedestrian zones.

Li Sungxing

The Republic of South Korea is the proud owner of a 270 m high bridge. This construction is more than a century old. Today there is an active highway connecting Yeosu and Kwanyan.


The height of the Stonecutters Bridge is 298 m. This bridge crosses the Rambler Strait and is located in Hong Kong: it was built to connect the airport to the city.

Akashi Kaikyo

One of the toll bridges in Japan was built to connect the islands of Honshu and Shikoku. Its height is 298.3 m.


Once again, China is breaking the record for the most outstanding bridges of our time! The Sutong design was created by engineers to connect the cities of Nantong and Changshu. The maximum bridge height is 306 m.

Russian bridge

The second step of the rating belongs to the Russian bridge with a height of 321 meters - this is a structure that runs through the Bosphorus Strait.


The TOP leadership belongs to the Millau bridge in the south of France: the height of the object crossing the Tarn River is 343 m.

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