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Swiss schools in Europe, abroad: cost

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Swiss schools in Europe, abroad: cost

The number of Swiss schools in Europe is limited, but they are unique in their educational programs with traditionally high Swiss quality. To conduct classes, highly qualified teachers are invited who offer the best academic programs for schoolchildren. According to the statistics of schools, the majority of pupils continue their education in prestigious and elite institutes of the world. Leading Swiss schools in Europe are in great demand among Russians and students, as they provide the opportunity to travel and combine study and leisure.

Because of the high cost of courses and programs in Swiss schools in Europe, the vast majority of students are members of influential and wealthy families. The price of training will depend on the rating of the institution, location and type of program: for example, for training under the program of 9-10 grades the cost can be $ 76,500 per year, for the program of 11-12 classes - $ 82,000 / year.

The peculiarity of Swiss schools is the fact that you can learn in several languages ​​at the same time - most schools support bilingual education and offer additional education in the study of various foreign languages. Children and schoolchildren learn in a friendly and warm atmosphere, but nevertheless every Swiss school follows strict discipline. During their studies at top schools abroad, students receive valuable academic knowledge, as well as are in an international environment, which helps develop linguistic skills. Swiss schools pay particular attention to the vocational guidance of students, their athletic achievements, their creative and linguistic skills.

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