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Summer schools in Lausanne for foreign students

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Summer schools in Lausanne for foreign students

For useful and quality study and recreation for children in Lausanne has everything you need. Advantages of summer children's camp programs in Lausanne:

1. The historical center of the city is rich in cultural and historical monuments, which can tell a lot about the medieval epoch - Gothic Notre Dame, Saint-Mer Castle, St. Francis Church and others.

2. At the same time this city is alive, boiling and modern. It has an excellent entertainment and sports infrastructure (the city is considered the Olympic capital of the world), which will dilute the study of foreigners with vivid impressions. So, summer camps during the vacation period offer many unique adventure programs, among which the following are very popular:

  • Hiking in the mountains and salt mines with climbing equipment
  • water sports on the shores of the famous Lake Geneva
  • excursions to the forest and river valleys
  • travel through the picturesque cities of Switzerland: Geneva, Lausanne, Bern
  • Alpine canyoning
  • climbing the glacier
  • spending the night in a hut
  • windsurfing
  • training on Lake Zhu.

3. In terms of education, Lausanne is famous for its academic traditions. Summer schools with studying English in Lausanne open great prospects for foreign students: the best teachers are waiting for the students with the most effective linguistic programs for the summer, verified by years of experience

4. Various creative programs have been prepared for students, which include master classes in web design, site creation, photography, decorating and much more. In the evening, themed activities are held on the territory of children's camps: it can be a poker tournament or a quasar, a barbecue on Lake Leman, bowling, culinary master classes, discos and football.

The best summer schools in Lausanne: programs, accommodation options and tuition fees

1. Champittet College is a top summer camp that specializes in French, English and German language courses for students from 11 to 17 years old. The Champittet College is a well-known institution with extensive experience in teaching students with effective programs and the best teachers.

Basic information about the summer camp and prices

  • The school is very popular and has only positive reviews, in large part due to the fact that it has a very advantageous location: nearby is the Lake of Geneva, the Olympic Museum, the sights of the city
  • For foreign students, harmonious combined programs of language lessons and an interesting entertainment component are composed for the summer. So, students are waited by the wide choice of sports actions: tennis, canyoning, sailing, beach volleyball, rafting, diving, windsurfing, rowing, hiking, mountaineering, etc. Very rich entertainment and excursion program, which consists of three options: "Mining program","Water"and "Creative"
  • Education involves 20 lessons per week, the cost already includes books and all the necessary materials. At the end of the camp shift, foreign students receive a certificate of study
  • The maximum number of students in the camp does not exceed 95
  • Accommodation in the camp is available in the residences
  • The cost, which includes accommodation in the residence and board meals, is 4,250 ₣ for 2 weeks.


2. In Lausanne is located one of the leading Swiss schools Brillantmont International School Lausanne, the program which builds on the basic principles of the British and American standards of education.

Basic information about Lausanne's programs for students

  • In the summer, for students from 10 to 16 years, programs consisting of language classes and leisure programs
  • In the camp there are full-fledged quality classes: the first part of the lesson is usually devoted to grammatical rules, and the second part is built on the practice of speaking
  • In order to consolidate theoretical knowledge, students are given exit "lessons" to a supermarket, a local market, and places of interest where students can practice themselves extensively
  • Every Friday for students a special testing is developed, which will allow to track linguistic progress
  • The summer sports program includes daily sports training. In the field of sports, students can try many new directions: jumping on a trampoline, zumba, floorball, etc. Students can try themselves in water sports on the shore of the lake
  • On Wednesdays of the camp's students there is a sightseeing program: a trip to the chocolate factory, the Olympic Museum or the Chillon Castle
  • For students, advanced knowledge of the language is not required: groups are formed depending on the level of language proficiency, so both high school students and children with poor language skills will feel comfortable in the camp. The duration of the course is from 2 to 6 weeks. The cost of education per week will be from 1,580 ₣.
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