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2018-07-30 11:57:14

Summer intensive programs with studying German in Germany for foreign students

Summer intensive programs with studying German in Germany for foreign students

Sometimes 2 weeks of an active linguistic program can replace a whole year of lessons in the school. This principle is followed by summer camps with an intensive study of the German language in Germany. Combining intensive study and communication with students from around the world, the child comes to a new level and begins to easily speak in a foreign language. Summer intensive German in Germany for students will literally pass into the world of European education and careers.

Advantages of summer intensities in Germany

  • A wide range of academic courses of any level and intensity - even for children with poor language knowledge;
  • Highly qualified teachers: each is a native speaker, and also has special education for teaching in international groups;
  • A rich adventure program with excursions to the cities of Germany: during the holidays the student has time to fully immerse himself in a new cultural environment;
  • Preparation for education in a foreign school or university: a summer intensive course is ideal for students who are going to continue their education in Germany;
  • Immersion in the cultural environment of Germany, familiarity with its traditions and the mentality of the inhabitants of the country.
  • Rich technical equipment: summer schools have modern, equipped with interactive technology, classrooms, computer centers, Wi-Fi.
  • Communicative method of instruction, which usually builds summer intensity for German in Germany for students: young people develop and improve the language during active communication in classrooms, with participation in sports, entertainment, cognitive activities;
  • Intercultural environment: for children, optimal conditions for the development of communicative skills are created. During the summer holidays, they can not only improve their German, but also find many new friends.

Summer intensive German in Germany for students: features, types of programs for the summer

Vacation programs in German language schools are divided into several types:

  • Summer German for students (20-40 lessons per week) is 2 to 3 weeks of intensive language learning combined with interesting leisure and entertainment extra-curricular activities. The main focus is on the development of communication and speech skills, vocabulary is actively expanding, the communication barrier is overcome (largely due to the international composition of students), pronunciation improves;
  • German + rest (15-20 lessons per week) - here summer intensive German in Germany for students makes equal emphasis, both for lessons, and for entertainment and adventure, extra-curricular activities, eco-activities. First of all, such courses are aimed at those who want to learn German in a relaxed atmosphere;
  • German + sports (about 15 lessons per week) - the language program of such courses does not require a very large academic load. Effective learning is facilitated by active communication in an informal environment and joint sports activities, such as football or tennis. During the education, excursions and extra-curricular activities are provided.

The most serious academic load is offered by summer schools of the first type. Lessons are held on weekdays before lunch, conducted by their highly qualified teachers who are able to find an individual approach. In the classroom there is always a free, laid-back atmosphere, role plays, debates, speeches and presentations.

Regardless of the intensity of the course, there are many options for active recreation for foreign guests. In their free time, students are engaged in various types of physical activity and creativity, visit excursions, museums, cinemas and theaters, go on cognitive trips, spend hikes.

Summer intensive German in Germany for students: the best schools and camps, rating, tuition fees

Intensive and balanced German language courses for students offer the Humboldt Institut camp. Campuses are located in many cities in Germany: the family can independently choose the most comfortable place for education. And in a cozy province, and in the capital, foreign guests will be offered unchanged quality of education and accommodation, as well as a rich entertainment and cultural program.

Weekly, students perform a screening test: it shows how well the material was learned, whether additional work is required on difficult topics and aspects, whether the teacher needs to adjust the curriculum. The main attention is paid to the development of spoken, oral speech, vocabulary expansion and pronunciation improvement. There are daily homework assignments that will help to consolidate the acquired knowledge.

  • Humboldt Institut Schloss Wittgensteinstein is located in one of the best health resorts in central Germany. There is an unusually beautiful old center with cozy cobbled streets, monuments of art and architecture, cozy cafes and small shops. Students live in cozy and comfortable residences of the Castle of Wittgenstein campus in comfortable rooms for 3-4 people. The cost of a three-week intensive is from 2,580 €;
  • Humboldt-Institut Berlin-Zentrum is located in Berlin - a unique metropolitan city, where unimaginable contrasts are present, history and traditions meet with modern trends and ultra-trendy trends. Youth Guest House, where students live, offers rooms for 3-4 people, fully equipped with everything necessary, including private bathrooms. The cost of a three-week intensive is from 2,850 €;
  • The Humboldt-Institut Munich camp operates on the basis of the modern hotel Don Bosco Youth Hostel, where European youth often stay. The hotel is in the central part of Munich: within walking distance are numerous attractions, monuments, shopping and entertainment centers, cafes and restaurants. At the same time, the area of the hostel is very quiet and peaceful, it includes various opportunities for sports and active recreation. The camp guests live in rooms for 2-4 people. The cost of a three-week intensive is from 2,580 €.

When placing and resettling in any camp Humboldt Institut takes into account the age of students, their level of language knowledge and the international principle. Meals are organized on the principle of a full board, plus fruit, snacks and snacks, pure drinking water are provided throughout the day.

What determines the cost of summer intensities in Germany

In the location, type of residence, the duration of the shift and its direction, the number of classes and other factors, the German camps offer different prices. For a week of intensive course, usually have to pay from 800 €.

The price usually includes:

  • Academic and leisure programs;
  • Accommodation with full board;
  • Additional sports or creativity;
  • All educational materials;
  • Security and health insurance.

In addition, parents pay for tickets, visas, and give pocket money.

At all stages - from the choice of intensification to the processing of documents - SMAPSE specialists will help in solving the emerging issues.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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