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Robert Land Academy, Robert Land Academy

Address: 6727 S Chippawa Rd, Wellandport, ON L0R 2J0, Canada
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Description Robert Land Academy, Robert Land Academy

  • Year of foundation: 1978;
  • Location: Ontario, Canada;
  • Students age: 10-18 years old;
  • Number of students: 125 people;
  • Language of instruction: English;
  • Type of education: boarding school for boys.

Robert Land Academy has been successfully working with boys for more than 40 years, helping them to realize their potential, to enter universities.

The school's academic programs have proven successful in providing benefits for boys diagnosed with ADHD and other learning disabilities, as well as those youngsters who benefit from a structured, distraction-free environment.

Robert Land Academy offers a structured program with a focus on academic rehabilitation, university admissions, and the development of self-care, self-discipline, and self-government necessary for a successful adult life.

The school is located in a rural area, away from the bustle of the city and provides an environment free of distractions: no mobile phones, computer games, personal laptops, access to a personal computer, Facebook and girlfriends.

Programs, courses and tuition/boarding fees, prices in Robert Land Academy, Robert Land Academy

Program name
from 53 965 $CAD / year

Quick overview of Grade 5-8 program: If students needs are not being met by conventional educational and therapeutic methods, consider alternatives that can get them back on track. Robert Land Academy is a military-themed boys' boarding school that provides a structured, engaging and distraction-free community that fosters positive attitudes, pride, health, and academic excellence in boys with ADHD.

The 5th to 8th grade boys program aims to prepare for high school entrance with the personal academic skills necessary for their future success. Teaching provides extensive correction in the fundamental areas:

  • Literacy;
  • Mathematical reasoning in a stimulating environment.

The courses offered are in line with the recommendations of the Ontario Department of Education. Robert Land Academy is a verified private school with a Council of Ministries School Identification Number (BSID). The Academy has been operating since 1978 and is a registered non-profit corporation.

Brief information about the Grade 9-10 program: Conventional educational and therapeutic treatments for the unique needs of some boys with ADHD do not work and, in some cases, only exacerbate the problem to the breaking point. In the right environment, the foundation for success can be laid. The program for boys in grades 9, -10 develops personal maturity, fundamental academic skills, while preparing children for senior-level courses.

The academic program creates a solid foundation for success through extensive corrections in math and English through traditional courses. The credit courses offered are in accordance with the requirements of The Ontario Department of Education. Robert Land Academy is a verified private school with a Council of Ministries School Identification Number (BSID). The Academy is authorized by the Department to issue loans for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

from 53 965 $CAD / year

Quick overview: The program for boys in grades 11-12 is aimed at the successful admission of each student to the chosen university or college. Academic counseling provides knowledge about:

  • Choice;
  • Opportunities;
  • Motivation;
  • Goal-oriented environment. 

The credit courses offered are in accordance with the requirements of the Ontario Department of Education. Robert Land Academy is a verified private school with a Council of Ministries School Identification Number (BSID).

Accommodation, housing and food

Boys live in hostels and are supervised by adults around the clock. The daily schedule is designed to help cadets manage their time and maintain self-discipline. A typical day starts at 6:30 am and includes an inspection of living quarters, lockers, personal items. After breakfast, prayer, flag-raising, study follow. Sports and extracurricular activities take place on weekdays, while weekends are dedicated to outdoor adventure training, sports, academic pursuits, physical education credits, classrooms and chapel service on Sundays.

Boys can return home about once a month for a four-day weekend + can apply for extra leave if their efforts deserve extra privileges.

All meals, including snacks, are healthy, wholesome and balanced. The accredited chef is also an Academy graduate. RLA wins Eat Smart award! for choosing a healthy menu, maintaining an impeccable reputation in the field of food safety, as well as for the fact that all personnel in the catering service are properly trained and certified in safe food handling.

Events Robert Land Academy, Robert Land Academy

  • Every boy is obliged to participate in extracurricular activities aimed at developing sportsmanship, physical strength, leadership qualities, and self-esteem. University teams compete with local high schools in basketball, cross-country, wrestling, soccer, athletics and badminton.
  • Boys can choose from private courses in parachuting, canoeing, scuba diving, rock climbing, rappelling, orienteering and other outdoor adventure activities.
  • Around 20 clubs are organized to cater for a variety of interests such as boxing, mountain biking, photography, computers, chess, Army Cadets (RCAC) and many others.
  • Athletics emphasizes the importance of teamwork and collaboration. International students are taught the theory of sports, recreation, the skills necessary for their productive pursuit. Athletic teams compete with local high schools in Zone II SOSSA (Southern Ontario High School Athletics). Universities include basketball, wrestling, cross country running, badminton, volleyball.
  • Adventure Training invites students to take part in a variety of fun activities. Each year, students march 90 km from the Academy grounds to the Brock Monument in Queenston Heights. On the way, students complete initiative tasks in small groups that teach communication skills, problem solving, geography, and local history.
  • Other opportunities:
    • Canoeing;
    • Martial arts;
    • Rock climbing;
    • Boxing;
    • Paintball;
    • Strength training;
    • Parachuting;
    • Scuba diving;
    • Mountain biking.


  • Robert Land Academy offers a physical activity program that promotes healthy habits and personal growth. Teamwork develops social skills.
  • The vast majority of students improve their academic performance already during the first semester.
  • Students enrolled in modified academic programs expand the opportunities for post-secondary education.
  • Over the past decade, 100% of RLA alumni who applied have been accepted to a university or college.
  • The use of a military theme in school ensures consistency in the application of rules and roles, promotes physical fitness, openly rewards and recognizes effort and achievement, and provides incentives through promotion.
  • The military system provides opportunities for leadership, facilitates team building, communication with others, and emphasizes the discipline and effort required for academic success.

Equipment Robert Land Academy, Robert Land Academy

The Robert Land Academy campus is nestled in 168 acres of countryside in the heart of the historic Niagara Peninsula, about 50 minutes from the US-Canada border at Niagara Falls and an hour's drive from Toronto, Ontario (near Wellandport). This isolated setting provides an environment free of harmful distractions and influences that can often lead to academic failure or confusion about priorities for children.

Amenities include an administration building, an academic building with classrooms and laboratories, a library, air-conditioned barracks-style dormitories, a canteen, a fully equipped sports complex with a gym and even a boxing ring, and an indoor climbing wall.

The campus includes several outdoor training areas, playgrounds, village houses, a paintball course, and mountain biking trails. All the surrounding area is ideal for a variety of adventure activities such as:

  • Scuba diving;
  • Parachuting;
  • Canoeing.

An isolated setting and structured curriculum keep students focused, while extensive sports and adventure opportunities stimulate the development of young people.

Term dates, timetable and extra fees

The duration of the academic year is 10 months, from September to June.

List of services to pay additionally to tuition fee:

  • Initial registration fee (one-time);
  • Contribution for international students (not from Canada and the USA);
  • Health insurance;
  • Admission interview.

For detailed information about tuition fee and extra charges international students can contact to SMAPSE manager.

Entry requirements, assessment and extra fees, how to apply, what is required to enrol, conditions, entry tests and exams

The interview is conducted with the parent and the child by phone, Skype or Zoom. Copies of academic transcripts, reports for the previous two years, a written statement are required. Acceptance depends on whether international student is eligible for the program, whether his potential demonstrated in the interview process is sufficient.

Stages of admission:

  • Take an introductory interview;
  • Submit completed medical forms;
  • After acceptance, check the registration package, pre-deposit and other payments;
  • Apply for a student visa (for international students only).

Map, location

Insurance, flights, residence permits, citizenship and other services

Robert Land Academy, Robert Land Academy reviews

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