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Residence permit in Spain, how to get a residence permit in Spain without the right to work: registration, buy

Spain is a sunny and alluring country. At any time of the year it is cozy to be here due to comfortable climate, high living standards. In addition, there are hundreds of TOP educational institutions where you can get high-quality European education. All this makes Spain very attractive country, not only as a place for rest, but also as a place for permanent residence, as well as for education on long-term programs.

Residence permit in Spain: how to get?

Of course, this country is quite expensive, because people with sufficient income can afford residence, studying and rest here. In fact, the residence in this country will allow a lot: to freely move around the European Union and get an education. The main restriction in this type of residence registration is visible from the title: foreigners do not have the right to carry out entrepreneurial and labor activities.

This type of residence is available for:

  • Applicants for a residence permit with a large amount of legal financial capital
  • Citizens engaged in professional activity remotely (confirm income with the help of 2-NDFL over the past 3 years)
  • Retired people with sufficient savings for living in Spain

7 conditions for obtaining a residence permit without the right to work

  1. Real estate: a foreigner must have property or real estate in the long term prospect
  2. Financial capital: savings must be confirmed by an official certificate from a Spanish bank
  3. No violation of visa regime
  4. Income must be at least 2130 euros
  5. No dangerous diseases
  6. No criminal record
  7. All documents must be translated and legalized

One of the most important conditions for obtaining a visa of this type is proof of income. 

  • If you are an entrepreneur, the income is confirmed by a certificate in the form of 3-NDFL for the last three years
  • An employed person confirms income with a 2-NDFL declaration for the last three years.
  • Those who have a business in Spain must submit a Spanish tax return.
  • Those who have a profit from the rental of real estate, provide a contract for the rental of premises, sometimes a declaration on taxes paid.

All documents must be translated into Spanish. Availability of funds is confirmed by extracts from bank accounts in Spain and other countries.

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