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Northwestern University

Address: 633 Clark St, Evanston, IL 60208, USA

Description Northwestern University

There are a lot of successful universities in the USA; one of the most prominent representatives of such universities is Northwestern University. This school is considered to be a multi-disciplinary, but Northwestern University gained fame due to its activity in the research field, as well as high quality teaching. In particular, the schools of management, business and journalism deserve special attention. But such disciplines as medicine, chemistry and economics, achievements in the field of which are visible at the international level, are not far behind.

The starting point in the history of Northwestern University is 1851, when the university was founded by the efforts of nine representatives of businessmen and lawyers. One of the most prominent founders is John Evans, after whom the city of Evanston was named, some time after the university began to function. The founders planned to create a high-level educational institution where residents of several states could receive a decent education, whose territoriality corresponds to modern ones:

  • Michigan;
  • Ohio;
  • Illinois;
  • Indiana;
  • Wisconsin and part of Minnesota.

Creating a campus also has its own, no less fascinating story. For its location, we chose a territory spread over 379 acres of scenic land near Lake Michigan. The acquisition of the land plot occurred in 1853, and already 2 years after this event, a building was built here, now known as the Old College. In 1855, a few months after the completion of construction and repair work, classes began. At that time, only a dozen people (together with teachers) were in the ranks of the then still unknown educational institution.

The systematic development of the North-West University was marked by the opening of schools of legal and commercial orientation. They were founded in 1891 and 1908, respectively. In 1909 an engineering college was opened, which became the starting point for the rapid development of the university. Even then, the glory of the leadership of the institution to combine fundamental education with the necessary research activities, which at that time was most valued, went all over the country. Finding more and more popularity, the institution became necessary to build additional buildings and organize the educational process in new schools. Campuses were also built in Chicago and Doha.

Programs, courses and tuition/boarding fees, prices in Northwestern University

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Specify information on the program on the official site of an educational institution.

Accommodation, housing and food

Students at Northwestern University can use student residences to stay. In this case, the student is offered three accommodation options:

  • regular hostel;
  • residential college;
  • residence of graduate students.

The main differences between the forms of housing conditions are based on the number of residents, the degree of comfort and the level of control of students' life on the part of the administration. We will analyze the conditions of all housing options.

As for the hostels, there are 13 buildings on campus at Northwestern University. The number of residents in each building ranges from 25 people to five hundred. Each building has distinctive architectural features. In ordinary rooms there are bunk beds, bedside tables, chairs, air conditioning, etc. Kitchen and bathroom are located on the floor. The price of living in a dormitory standard - 12 000 dollars per academic year.

Next come the cottages. These are eleven buildings that can accommodate from 40 to three hundred people. The main difference from the hostels is in the order of settlement. That is, students of the same faculty are concentrated in each building. This enables closer contact with classmates, general preparation for seminars and communication with like-minded people.

Separately located residence, where masters and graduate students live. Living conditions here are much better. In principle, this apartment with one or two rooms. There are also studios. Each apartment is equipped with a sanitary unit, kitchen and bathroom. The price for renting such a room varies from $ 14,000 to $ 21,000. for one year stay.


Each solid educational institution is proud of its achievements, as well as those students and professors, thanks to whom they were implemented. Northwestern University is no exception. Here you can trace the really important achievements in terms of science and development, namely:

  • University scientists discovered the substance “pregabalin”, which is widely used in our time as an antiepileptic drug. The culprit of the discovery was Richard Silverman - a famous scientist, professor of chemistry. The drug, which included pregabalin, soon received the trade name "Lyrics" and was patented as an invention born in the walls of Northwestern University.
  • In the economic field, Professor NU Dale Mortensen was awarded the Nobel Prize with Peter Diamond and Christopher Pissarid. The prize was awarded to scientists for achievements in analyzing markets with search deviations. It is authentically known that Dale Mortensen conducted his research in the walls of the university.
  • An unusual discovery in the field of child development also happened at the walls of Northwestern University. In the course of the research, scientists were able to establish some connection between the weight of the newborn and his academic performance in the subsequent education. So, babies who were born larger and larger in terms of weight, sometimes showed themselves better in terms of learning, having an innate advantage in perception and processing of information.
  • Diagnosis of a new non-invasive method of the infamous Alzheimer's disease has also been developed within the walls of Northwestern University. The method made it possible to determine the signs and symptoms of the disease at an early stage, which made it possible to slow down its development.
  • Within the walls of the university, a new method was developed that allows a considerable saving in the production of fuel cells through the use of such a material, which is also used for 3D printing.
  • Blu-Ray is a technology that has received a new direction for use, manifested in the possibility of increasing the efficiency of solar cells.
  • Brain research conducted by NU scientists has shown an interconnection with the study of new languages. According to research, at the time of learning a new language, there is a surge of brain activity that contributes to its development.
  • An interesting discovery can also be called research in the field of sleep disorders. So, a person, gaining extra pounds, can fall asleep badly, due to the fact that the body, burning calories, is awake at night.
  • The interdependence of back pain with smoking has also been investigated within the walls of this institution. Proved that heavy smokers are three times more likely to suffer from back pain than people who are not dependent on nicotine.
  • A significant achievement in the field of studying the work of the cardiovascular system, was another invention - a compact in size sensor attached to the skin. It captures changes in the work of the heart, as reported by a special device.

The list of achievements in various fields is not limited to those listed in the list. During its long history of existence, students and professors of this university made a lot of discoveries, received many patents for their inventions, which affects the impeccable reputation of the university.

Reasons to enroll in NU

In addition to research success, this old university is famous for its education system, as well as the quality of teaching and a number of other advantages that bring it to a high international level. First of all, it is worth noting a few facts:

  • An impressive library is located on campus, containing about 5,000,000 textbooks, as well as more than 1,000,000 scientific journals, notes and periodicals.
  • Huge amounts are allocated by the university for research. For example, in 2014 alone, the budget allocated for research amounted to $ 550 million. This is a large amount even for the USA.
  • In addition to success in almost all directions, one of the most famous in the states is a business school operating at the university.
  • Sports in this school is not the last place. In total, the university has 19 teams representing different sports. All of them are included in the conference Big Ten.
  • For research there are about 1500 laboratories. Most of them are in the public domain for university students.
  • The scenic nature of one of the Great Lakes (Michigan) is fascinating. There are many hiking and cycling trails, places for recreation. There are also public transport stops, which makes it comfortable to travel around the country.
  • Special attention is paid to the development of common interest clubs. In this institution they number about 250 units.
  • Established by the brothers Frederick and Erwin Nimmers, the prize, named in their honor, is awarded every two years for achievements in the field of economics and mathematics. For these purposes, the founders have created a special fund, the size of which was 14 ml dollars.

Scholarships and grants at Northwestern University

In the education system of the North-West University, students are encouraged for academic performance and achievement. This allows 45% of students to study for free, besides receiving not a small sponsorship from the university. Material support is carried out in several ways:

  • Scholarship can be assigned depending on the material needs and student performance. So, if a student is talented, but is not able to pay for education, he will receive support, measured by scholarship payments in the amount of $ 250–40,000.
  • As you know, in the US, education is quite expensive, and therefore, students often have to take a loan for education (and banks are willing to meet students). But within the walls of the university there is a special scholarship, which was called "Without a loan and collateral." The amount of assistance to a student, so that he can graduate from a university without debts, is calculated individually, based on the financial possibilities of the student. The size of such scholarships ranges from 300 to 9.5 thousand dollars a year.
  • Another way to get a scholarship is to prove yourself in the field of academic progress, as well as in the field of research. In this case, the student gets the opportunity to become a member of the Founders scholarship program. Its size is on average 13,200 dollars a year.

Faculties of Northwestern University


The university differs from standard universities by its structure, as it consists of eleven schools. The differences are based on the teaching process: in some schools only graduate students and graduate students are educated, while others are designed for the simultaneous educartion of bachelors and masters. Also, each school has its own faculties and areas of education. We list the most prestigious specialties, which applicants are trying to get:

  • Learning technology and engineering.
  • Faculty of computer technology.
  • Education of specialists in the field of social sciences.
  • Direction of management and business.
  • Journalism.

In total, the university can get a bachelor's degree in 124 specialties. As for the masters, the postgraduate education takes place in 145 specialties.

Curious Facts About Northwestern University

  • The charter of a higher education institution was finally approved at the end of the 19th century. It has a point on banning the sale of alcoholic beverages within a radius of 4 miles from the campus.
  • Once, when a sinking ship crashed on Lake Michigan, a student at Northwestern University was able to save 17 lives.
  • Every year a charity marathon of dances is held at Northwestern University. Throughout its history, this event has raised $ 13,000,000 for children's institutions.
  • Every year, the university traditionally hosts a music festival. For 45 years, this festival is considered the largest event of its kind on the planet.

Pride of the university

Future students, politicians, models, singers and actors studied in this educational institution.

Among the most eminent graduates of Northwestern University:

  • C. Heston - an actor who received an Oscar. He headed the Screen Actors Guild for many years.
  • P. Neil also received an Oscar in the 60s of the last century.
  • S. Bellow - the Nobel Prize in literature.
  • D. Schwimmer - director, famous for the TV series "Friends."
  • D. Martin - one of the most famous American writers and screenwriters. According to his story, the cult series "Game of Thrones" was shot.
  • M. Grivers is a multiple Olympic champion in swimming.

Equipment Northwestern University

Currently there are three campuses in the possession of the university. Two large located on the shores of Lake Michigan. The largest is located on 240 acres of land in the town of Evanston, the other is located on 25 acres of land in the famous city of Chicago, and the third is in the capital of Qatar - in the city of Doha.

At Evanston’s campus, students are offered an extensive infrastructure. In addition to the Dearborn Observatory located here, the laboratory of nanomaterials and molecular biology, the territory has an art museum, concert halls and much more. It also does not hurt to mention the numerous student cafes and restaurants, located within walking distance from educational buildings. Another remarkable fact is that in these cafes students are offered benefits.

Medical and law schools are located on campus in the city of Chicago. Along with a developed educational system, activities related to research discoveries, here you can also take special courses open to those who do not have the opportunity to study during the daytime. Evening courses are quite popular among working people, including the elderly.

The campus in Doha is small, and bachelor’s degrees in journalism and communication are taught on its territory. In addition to the standard elements of the campus infrastructure (reading rooms, pharmacies, shops, cafes, and so on), there are also sports facilities. The sections are visited by students of Northwestern University, and sporting achievements for the university are important, but because the sport is developed quite well.

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