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INSEEC School of Management in Chambery, INSEEC Graduate School of Management in Chambéry

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Description of INSEEC School of Management in Chambery, INSEEC Graduate School of Management in Chambéry

  • Location: Chambéry, France,
  • Established: 1975,
  • Language of instruction: English, French,
  • Type: mixed.

The Institute of Higher Studies in Economics and Commerce (INSEEC) in Chambery is an institution that offers programs in business, economics, and management and has six campuses in France. The institute is part of the OMNES Education large network, which includes such strong educational institutions as ECE, ESCE, IUM and others. INSEEC is also part of the French Conférence des grandes écoles (CGE), equivalent to the Ivy League and the C9 League.

The name INSEEC was abolished in 2019, although outside of official circles, the school is still known by this name.

The institution offers students programs, at the end of which you can get a diploma of Grande Ecole, bachelor's or master's degree, MBA or PhD. On the campus in Chambéry, students can also take master's programs.

Educational process

Many programs offer students international internships, internships on the platform of partner organizations, and exchange study trips. Thanks to a wide network of cooperation with universities in different countries, INSEEC students have the opportunity to gain experience in studying in Russia, China, Japan, France, the USA, Canada and other countries.

Faculties and colleges

INSEEC has created several extensive areas of faculties:

  • Finance
  • Real estate
  • Marketing
  • Business
  • Communication
  • Human Resources and Healthcare,
  • Digital Science and Data Management,
  • Wine production, luxury and cosmetic products,
  • International Relations,
  • Sports Sciences.

Scientific achievements

Twice a year, students of master's programs in the field of geopolitics and management, as well as their supervisors, are invited to a conference held in English and French. It reveals the topics of the latest methods and trends of management, the latest developments in geopolitics at the international level, the impact of management on society and the interdependence of academic disciplines. The main speakers are working professionals in the fields of finance, sports management, marketing, experts in these fields.

Things to know about

For students of some programs, a week-long intensive military education is held annually, organized at the National School of Active Non-Commissioned Officers.

Programs and prices, tuition fees in INSEEC School of Management in Chambery, INSEEC Graduate School of Management in Chambéry

Program name
Ask for calculation
All year round
from 9550.00 € / year
from 9550.00 € / year
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year

Accommodation, meals, prices

Students need to find accommodation on their own, as there are no places for accommodation on campus.

There are several large dining rooms in the educational building, which are open to the public in between classes and after their completion.

Activities INSEEC School of Management in Chambery, INSEEC Graduate School of Management in Chambéry

The location of the campus offers many opportunities for tourism, water and mountain sports thanks to the numerous ski resorts and lake recreation centers. The city of Chambéry is known for its architecture, and its historic center stands out for its location at the foot of a large-scale castle.

Like many French Grande Ecoles schools, INSEEC brings together more than 30 student associations on campus, which cover a wide range of areas: charity, cooking and nutrition, sports, art, digital media, debate, video games and much more. All student associations are built around three main communities: BDE, BDS, BDA.  They are responsible for most of the activities in both sports and art, keeping the connection between students and management.

Sports activities at INSEEC include rugby league, sailing lessons, cruises and cooperative games for students of OMNES Education schools, volleyball and many other team and singles sports. Art specializations provide students with the opportunity to discover their talents at concerts, when visiting museums and cinemas, theater performance classes and dance studios.

As usual in most Grande Ecole schools, once a school year there is a gala evening with awards for students, dancing and performances. Also, the annual large-scale event is the graduation party - at the end of the school year.

INSEEC has its own media channel that publishes videos on business, economics, political science, sociology and pedagogy, in which invited experts and senior students of the institute participate.


  • More than 1000 partner organizations, universities in the United States, Japan, China, France and other countries,
  • The opportunity to undergo education  on an online platform,
  • More than 300 international students on all INSEEC campuses,
  • Individual approach to each student,
  • No. 7 among 60 institutions in France in the rating of the consulting company Canévet & Associates: employment of graduates in the TOP-25 leading companies in the country,
  • No. 21 among the best business schools in France from 2008 to 2022,
  • 77% of teachers are outstanding specialists, scientists.

Facilities and equipment at INSEEC School of Management in Chambery, INSEEC Graduate School of Management in Chambéry

The city of Chambéry is close to Switzerland, Italy and Germany, the campus is located between the mountains and one of the largest lakes, at the foot of the Alps. The American-style study area provides a variety of amenities available to all students, including those with disabilities. There are several open spaces in the building that allow you to organize friendly collaboration on projects or individual - for self-study and recreation.  More recently, a "room of the future" was equipped here, which gives students the opportunity to use new teaching methods thanks to a large innovative interactive Screen.

The Chambéry campus is equipped with a computer development room, modern and bright classrooms. Students have access to a café-restaurant, numerous dining rooms, walking areas with green spaces, private parking, a barbecue area and a volleyball court.  The study area has equipment for special students, adapted to their needs and abilities.

Admission dates and extra charges

Students study in semesters, regularly pass tests in the format of session weeks. The school year lasts from early autumn to mid-summer, the longest holidays fall on New Year's Eve and two summer months: July and August.

The list of additional expenses during the year includes:

  • Off-campus accommodation,
  • Meals in canteens and outside the area,
  • Public transport
  • Participation in student clubs,
  • Health insurance and services,
  • Some books and supplies,
  • Personal expenses.

Enrolment process

To enter the institute, you must:

  • Fill out the registration application and provide documents,
  • Wait for an invitation to campus or pass an interview, online testing,
  • Get the official result of admission,
  • Arrive at the school to register for the course.

The application must be made in advance, as a large amount of time will be spent on obtaining a visa and health insurance, searching for housing. Also, before the trip, you should make sure that the passport is long enough.

Enrolment statistics

National competitive exams screen out almost 90% of applicants, as their principle is based on a sample of the best of the best. There are no bad results in testing - a candidate can study well enough, but not successfully score points in comparison with other applicants.


The number of former students at INSEEC outweighs tens of thousands: according to Linkedln statistics, more than 40,000 graduates, and according to ADI, more than 100,000  people. In September 2016, the school ranked sixth among similar institutions thanks to a large network of graduating students. The potential of students graduating from INSEEC is rated as 4 points out of 5 in the L'Etudiant rating.

The largest employers in 2022 were Cresit Agricole, BNP Paribas and AHA.

Entry requirements, how to apply, what is required to enrol

One of the criteria for admission to INSEEC is the selection of applicants through national competitive examinations. Only those students who scored the most points in comparison with the rest are enrolled, while the number of maximum points may vary from year to year. In case of failure, the student can retake the exam an unlimited number of times, but admission will only be in the subsequent set.

To enroll, applicants must provide personal information and academic achievements:

  • Diploma of the previous level of education and transcripts of the last two academic years,
  • Letters of recommendation from professors and supervisors,
  • Motivation letter explaining the desire to study at INSEEC,
  • Resume with individual achievements in sports, creativity, social life,
  • Certificate of English proficiency: TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge,
  • Passport, medical insurance, visa or residence permit.

Some programs require work experience in the student's field of study.

Scholarships INSEEC School of Management in Chambery, INSEEC Graduate School of Management in Chambéry

Students have the opportunity to receive scholarships from the institute and its partners based on achievements: academic success, sports, creativity or social activities. Also, students have access to state aid, loans and loans, the percentage of which will be significantly lower if you apply through school staff.

Institution on the map

Residence permits, citizenship and other services

  • Guardianship services during the studies
  • Student supervision

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