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Indiana University

Address: Indiana University

Description Indiana University

Indiana University (Indiana University) is a non-profit, public educational institution, as well as a major research center. IUB is the largest university in the United States of America, located in the state of Indiana, founded in 1820.

Innovation, creativity and academic freedom are the hallmarks of a world-class university that unites students from 140 countries around the world. The educational institution includes dozens of colleges and schools, including business schools, pedagogy, computer science, jurisprudence, optometry, dentistry, medicine, as well as the famous Jacobs music school.

Strengths of education in IUB are manifested in such areas as computer science, natural sciences, art, chemistry, ethnic music, geology, economics, psychology, medicine, media, genetics, entrepreneurship and finance.

Academic programs are broad, deep and interdisciplinary, and many of them are unique in their kind. Students can create their own individual curriculum, through which it will be possible to combine different directions, and there are more than three hundred of them. For bachelors and masters, more than one hundred and fifty specialties are available.

Along with obtaining world-class education in various fields, students can participate in scientific communities, as well as in recreational activities outside classrooms.

More than 48,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students study at Bloomington University, including 7,000 foreign students (10%).

IUB offers international exchange programs for almost every program. In addition to studying the culture of other countries, the student has the opportunity to improve their language skills, to undergo education in the best universities in the world, to participate in international conferences and research activities. Exchange programs also work for the teaching staff.

Interesting facts about Indiana University

Like many other universities, Indiana University has its own traditions, which give it uniqueness and uniqueness. One of such traditions is a kind of initiation into the students for the enrolled girls. According to legend, the newly-made student is not considered such until she kisses a young man in the pavilion of the Rose-Well-House campus, which is called a place for kisses of first-year students. Year after year, students strictly follow this custom.

One of the annual charity events was a dance marathon. In November of each year, all interested students dance for 36 hours. All the money collected as a result of the action is sent for the needs of the students hospital. This action originates from 1991, with its help over this time was collected more than 7 million dollars.

University of Indiana is famous for its supercomputer (unique in its kind). And also the find of the ship of the famous pirate Kidd.

Light and truth (light and truth) is the motto of the university and the entire educational process in it is built on this principle, bringing light to students who chose Indiana University as their alma mater.

Programs, courses and tuition/boarding fees, prices in Indiana University

Program name

Information on the program can be found on the official website of the school.

Information on the program can be found on the official website of the school.


Research activities of students, masters, doctors and university teachers are conducted in different directions. Significant results have been achieved in the direction of genetic and medical research:

  • In the laboratories of the University, a unique technique for gene repair before conception was developed. Eliminated in this way, genetic malfunctions, contribute to the birth of healthy students, excluding the emergence of complex genetic diseases.
  • As a result of medical research, a method for reconstructing blood vessels has been developed, and a molecule has been found that allows the patient to be relieved of heart failure.
  • Pharmacological studies have shown that conventional aspirin can activate blood stem cells.
  • A project approved by NASA was created within the university laboratory. Rechargeable batteries will be used for space vehicles.

Researchers of the university conduct scientific works, covering various disciplines and affecting the whole range of scientific, technical and creative activities. Since 1997, the educational institution has an advanced visualization laboratory, which helps researchers and students of all campuses to work in virtual and augmented reality.

It is also worth noting that throughout its work, namely - over two centuries - the university initiates research activities in all corners of the globe

Famous graduates of the University of Indiana

At different times, famous scholars, actors, journalists, scientists have been educated in the educational institution. Among them, we can identify the following individuals, whose names are somehow connected with the University of Indiana:

  • Jimmy Wales is the creator of Wikipedia;
  • Theodore Dreiser is a famous American writer;
  • Director of the CIA - Robert Michael Gates;
  • Meryl Streep is a famous American actress, she finished her doctorate;
  • Michael Uslan is a university graduate, who became the executive producer of films about Batman;
  • Leader Jamie Heinemann is the "destroyer of legends";
  • Kevin Kline is a famous actor who graduated from Indiana University;
  • Writer Ryan Murphy.

Equipment Indiana University

A classical campus is located in Bloomington. It combines the atmosphere of a small city with a convenient infrastructure: grocery stores, restaurants with kitchens from around the world and ethnic festivals, libraries, research centers, laboratories, informal learning spaces, gyms, reading rooms. The leadership of the university pays much attention to the development of sports. There are 24 sports teams. Also, students can attend more than 700 clubs by interests.

From the campus, you can easily reach major cities such as Indianapolis, Louisville, Cincinnati and Chicago. Indiana University Bloomington is the flagship campus among the eight university campuses of Indiana. The main campus is a unique architectural complex, built of white limestone in the middle of the XIX century. Around the educational buildings are green park areas with century-old trees, fountains, gazebos, rotundas and sculptural groups. That's why the campus is called one of the most beautiful in the US. The rest of the campuses are located in the neighboring cities of Indiana.

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- MBA requires completed higher education, work experience preferably at least 2-3 years, etc.
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