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2022-06-14 21:57:37

How to stop being distracted and make everything to the end

How to stop being distracted and make everything to the end

We often encounter a problem when an easily started project is very difficult to complete. While working on something, we may lose the desire, motivation or strength to bring the work to completion. It is especially difficult to finish your own project when there are no strict deadlines or external pressure from the employer, teacher or colleague.

There are many tips that will help to facilitate the task and find an opportunity to finish the desired task!

No need to spend too much time planning

Any business should be carefully planned if you want it to be marked by success. However, you should not devote too many hours to the planning and preparation stage. If you spend too much of your time creating a plan and thinking through every little thing, you may not have enough time and energy to get to work, and all the energy spent will be wasted, without achieving the desired result. The main thing in any business is its successful implementation and outcome, so careful planning should be a tool for achieving the result, and not a way of procrastination and the cause of stagnation in work.

The absence of a structured action plan should not be passed off as the reason for the inability to start work - you need to start working immediately after the plan has acquired the foundation and logical chain.

Measure the time for each of the tasks

It is very difficult to be a perfectionist, it is especially difficult during work. When we want to perform our part of the work perfectly, without flaws, while having third-party affairs and tasks, we risk doing nothing, trying to bring the first item from the list to an impeccable state. There is no limit to perfection, and in any work you can finish and improve something, spending precious time on it.

But this aspiration should not be realized: it is possible to start performing another task after reaching the proper level in the previous one.

In order not to spend a lot of time on a separate case, without finding the strength for subsequent work, you should set a deadline, after which you need to leave the work at the achieved level and start working in another area. In the development of technology will help alarm clock in the phone. Before working with the project, you should calculate how long it will take to bring it to mind without excessive idealization, detect the right number of hours - and after the signal proceed to the next task.

Adhere to the "40% rule"

The Navy SEALs, one of the strongest and most powerful army units in the world, have a moral attitude called the "forty percent rule." Its essence lies in the fact that a person who thinks that he has reached his maximum and is no longer able to work, in fact, is only at the mark of 40% of his maximum abilities. The human body and mind are much stronger than they seem, and even with fatigue, we have a large reserve of energy. Memorizing this rule, which is justified by the scientific method, will help a person find the strength for further work if the strength and energy have run out.

The pain of inactivity is worse than the pain of work

When a person gets tired of his work, in addition to money, it also begins to bring pain, which can slow down the pace or even stop everything for an indefinite period. We often see more pain in the fact that we work, rather than in what inaction will bring us.

Having a voluminous work, the implementation of which will bring good money and pleasure, it is still difficult for us to overcome the pain of the work performed. If we look at the situation from a different perspective, it can change dramatically! The more difficult the task and the more pleasant the reward from its implementation, the worse inaction and non-fulfillment of work will make us, because we will lose the very "fee" that we could have had if we had brought the matter to an end.

The secret of successful work lies in the ability to use pain and satisfaction for your own purposes, reaching new heights with the help of these sensations, controlling life. If these two senses control us, they will control our lives.

No need to always look for inspiration

Inspiration is a phenomenon that can visit us regularly or vice versa, once every six months "jump" for a couple of hours. To work successfully and productively, you do not need to wait forever for the arrival of inspiration, entailing a working attitude and strength. In search of the "right" state, you can abandon all the desired projects and spend a lot of precious time on empty expectations, devoid of results.

To be able to work independently of inspiration in the soul, you need not to reduce your activity and create an environment in which inspiration will appear from actions and results. The sequence of actions and the appearance of the first results serves as a good way to "challenge" the enduring inspiration and productivity.

Sitting down to work every day at the same time, we "accustom" the brain to the fact that this time is working, and for this period it is activated, adjusted to the working mood and gives out an increased amount of energy and strength. The process can be supplemented with a ritual action in the form of a drunk cup of coffee at the table or, for example, turning on a table lamp.

Prepare yourself for the worst outcome (yes, yes!)

Increased enthusiasm and expectations from the results of work can play a cruel joke in the implementation of the project, and when the first difficulties arise, all the mood and motivation to continue the activity may disappear. Any deviation from the plan can deprive us of strength, and we will no longer want to waste time on something that initially went wrong.

In order not to abandon every case when the first obstacles appear, you need to prepare yourself for the fact that difficulties on the way can always arise, but to achieve the result they will have to be overcome. To increase the chance of bringing the case to a successful conclusion, you can try to predict and predict all the difficulties and obstacles that may form and knock us off the intended course. After that, you need to assume what tools will help to deal with the difficulty and what pleasant sensations will be if it is possible to deal with it in time, bringing success closer.

Realizing that there are no problems can become more prepared for them (and, if there are real risks of failure, more likely to deal with them). The real difficulties may turn out to be even more serious than we predicted, which can also temporarily knock you out of balance, however, if the obstacle arose completely unexpectedly, it would be more energy-consuming to cope.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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